Attack on Titan 2 Video Game: Enjoyable but very repetitive.

3 stars
I have become a big fan of Attack on Titan so when I learnt there was a game I was very excited to play it.
I wanted to see what it would be like to be a member of the Survey Corps and fly over buildings and trees with the omni-directional mobility gear and, I have to say, it was really fun.
The first few hours of this game are very enjoyable because you actually do feel like you are in the anime as you fly around slaughtering Titans.
However, if you have played the first couple of hours, then you have basically played the entire thing gameplay wise.
There are almost no new additions to the gameplay after those fist two hours and it gets old rather quickly.
To combat this, I tried to raise the difficulty from easy to normal so I could at least have a fun challenge.
However, this also alerted me to another problem with the game, which is its difficulty settings.
There are absurd variations between the difficulty settings in Attack on Titan 2.
Easy mode offers almost no challenge, normal is frustratingly difficult and good luck beating the game on hard mode.
There needed to be less variation between the difficulty settings so there was one that provided fun yet challenging gameplay.

Gameplay AOT2
The gameplay’s repetitive nature and huge difference in difficulty settings were by far the worst attributes of Attack on Titan 2. 

Unfortunately, it is not just the combat elements of gameplay that get repetitive but the social elements as well.
Since you design your own character for this game, you can make friends with the characters of the anime and doing so will heighten your skill set.
Like the combat, this is fun for the first few hours but, after that, it gets stale quickly.
It is very easy to guess what you have to say for each character and it got to the point that I was just skipping the conversations, stopping only to click a dialogue option.
This is not helped by the fact that the character you construct has little to no personality whatsoever and made me wish I could play as characters from the anime instead.
The final big problem I had with this game was the frame rate, which acted up a few times.
However, the game was not all bad.
As I said, the first few hours of combat are incredibly fun and, even though what follows is very repetitive, it still offers an occasional moment of fun.
Another thing I really liked was the cinematics, which are often played from your character’s point of view.
Watching events like the colossal twist of Warrior and others like it in first person was very interesting and I wish this first person style had been implemented into the gameplay as well, but I understand there probably was not a budget for that.
Finally, there was the final mission of the game.
Attack on Titan 2 covers the first two seasons of the anime but once that is over the game is not finished yet.
There is a final non-canon level where you face off against the Beast Titan, Armoured Titan and Colossal Titan and this final level was very enjoyable and a great way to end the game.

Ending AOT2
The final mission of Attack on Titan 2 is definitely its best with great combat and ending.

Overall, Attack on Titan is an enjoyable game, especially for those who are fans of the anime and manga, however you do have to wade through a lot of repetitive gameplay to get find it.

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