Deadpool 2: Hilarious From Start to Finish to Mid-Credits

4 stars
Tell me if you have heard this one, a time traveling Cyborg goes to the past to kill a kid before he can commit horrible crimes in the future.
Yeah it sounds a lot like the plot to a Terminator film doesn’t it?
However, what Deadpool 2 has but a Terminator film never could was everybody’s favourite merc with the mouth to make fun of the similarities.
Directed by David Leitch, Deadpool 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Deadpool, the surprise hit that took Deadpool from his embarrassing debut in X Men Origins: Wolverine to his lovable, foul mouthed, fourth-wall breaking self that we know and love.
And there is definitely plenty of fourth wall breaking to be had in Deadpool 2, with Ryan Reynolds killing it as the titular hero.
No one can deny it at this point that Reynolds was born to play this character.
As I stated, the film features Cable, the time traveling cyborg who is played by Josh Brolin, going to kill a kid named Russel, the kid who will commit horrible crimes and is played by Julian Dennison.
However, due to a both tragic and hilarious series of events, Deadpool gets thrown into the mix and fights to protect Russel by forming a new “derivative” superhero team, known as X-Force.

Deadpool and X-Force
Deadpool forms the X-Force to help Russel…. oh boy (If you have seen the movie you know what I mean by that).

Deadpool 2 is a blast of comedy from start to finish, with hilarious meta jokes and entertaining action sequences, with more than a few surprises along the way.
Reynolds is not the only excellent actor in this as Brolin and Dennison also do great jobs in their roles and are funny when they need to be.
As for returning characters Collosus, played by Stephen Kapicic, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand, it was good to see them again.
Although, I will admit I was a bit disappointed with how Negasonic and her newly introduced girlfriend Yukio, played by Shioli Kutsuna, were utilized because these two characters felt very underused.
The real standout new character though was Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, whose superpower of luck was very cinematic, no matter what Deadpool says.

Domino proves once and for all that luck can be cinematic.

As for the comedy, it was spot on and had me laughing numerous times to the point that it hurt.
Numerous films were referenced and parodied from Logan, to Batman V Superman, to even Basic Instict.
Probably the funniest moment of the entire movie was the mid-credits sequence, which is probably the best one ever done so make sure to stick around for it.
However, although most of the jokes were hilarious there was one right at the end that went on way longer than it should have.
Overall Deadpool 2 was a blast to watch.
Is it better than the first one?
I am unsure at this point but it definitely depends on how you view the first film on whether you will like this one or not.

Westworld: The Riddle of the Sphinx, Best Episode Ever?

5 stars
For the first three episodes of Westworld season two I would have said they were great but were not really living up to the level of intrigue I was having for the first season.
But then The Riddle of the Sphinx had to come along and potentially be Westworld’s best episode so far.
I loved this episode.
It was a great watch from start to finish that had many memorable moments.
For starters, it was revealed that Elsie Hughes, played by Shannon Woodward, is actually alive, having been chained up rather than killed by Bernard, on Ford’s orders.
Now, even though Elsie being alive was spoiled for me, (thanks a lot Simon Quarterman) I was still glad to see her come because I enjoyed her character last season.
Although, I do wonder why Ford ordered Bernard to keep her alive because he did not seem to have a problem disposing of people who got in his way in the first season, like he did with Theresa.
So, maybe Ford kept Elsie alive for some special reason.
We will just have to wait and see.

Elsie returns
Elsie’s return was spoiled for me but it is good to see her back.

The real star of this episode though was William who went through a large amount of change both in the past and present timelines this episode.
We first see William talking with Delos, who is confined to a room and being experimented on somehow.
It is later revealed in the episode that Delos died of a disease and they transferred his consciousness into a host.
This slow realization that Delos had been turned into a host was great to see play out, along with William’s changing mindset over the years.
At the beginning of the experiment, William is shown to be hopeful at creating immortality for Delos but as the years go by and he turns into the William we all sorta hate and sorta love he becomes disillusioned with the idea.
This led to a great scene between the older William and Delos, where William revealed his wife Juliet’s death to her father.
This scene had terrific performances from both Ed Helms, as William, and Peter Mullan, as Delos, who breaks down after learning of his daughter’s death, only to be found by Bernard and Elsie in the future timeline, which was a great twist by the way.
Speaking of this future timeline, William’s story here was also a standout as it is revealed he actually does have conscience, who knew?
We get to see this when, remembering Juliet’s death, he decides to save Lawrence and his family from the Confederado Major Craddock.
This was a great sequence and really gave us insight into William’s mindset.
Back in season one, when William murdered Lawrence’s family, he did not have a problem with it because they were not real and could not actually die in his eyes.
Now, however, they can die permanently and this, combined with memories of the past, made him decide to do the right thing, basically telling Craddock that he was death himself.

William’s character development this episode was absolutely fantastic.

However, as Ford points out through Lawrence’s daughter, this does not redeem William entirely because of just how many atrocities he may have committed on hosts previously.
But hey, maybe William could potentially redeem himself more this season, especially after encountering his daughter.
That’s right, you heard me because in this episode the theory of Grace being Emily, William’s daughter, turned out to be correct in the final moment of the episode.
This has some interesting implications for the future because Emily has been said to blame William for her mother’s death.
William’s arc this episode was just fantastic as we got to see him at his worst, with Delos, and at his best, when he saves Lawrence’s family.
Speaking of Lawrence, who is played by Clifton Collins Jr, he also seems to be showing signs of consciousness because he remembers that William once told him about Emily.
I also wonder if Delos achieved at least some form of consciousness by the time he was discovered by Bernard and Elsie, since it has been established that hosts gain consciousness through suffering.

crazy Delos
Delos was really shown to have lost it by the end of the episode.

In this facility though, Bernard also discovers there was a new consciousness that he was supposed to put into a host body.
There has been much speculation as to who this could be, like Ford.
The most likely though is probably Arnold and it is him we are actually seeing in the future timeline instead of Bernard.
Overall, this episode was fantastic from start to finish.
It had great twists with the Delos scenes and the reveal of Emily, brought Elsie back and had a fantastic character arc for William.
This may be the best episode Westworld has ever had.


Westworld, Season Two Episode Three: More Reunions Than in Reunion.

4 and a half stars

Warning: major spoilers for the episode

Westworld delivers its best episode of season two yet with its third episode, Virtu e Fortuna, which honestly had more reunions than the previous episode that was actually titled Reunion, but we will get to that later.
This episode actually started out, rather surprisingly, in another park, however, not in Shogun World but in a British Colonial India style park.
It is here where we meet a mysterious women named Grace, played by Katja Herbers, who looks to be pretty important in the series going forward.
I have heard numerous theories that this woman may be The Man in Black’s daughter but I personally think this character has some relation to Theresa, considering when we first saw her she was smoking the same was Theresa did before her death.
When the episode opened with her I actually thought the woman was Theresa in the past, due to her smoking.

Grace really reminded me of Theresa in the opening moments of this episode.

It was through Grace that we learned how the host tiger ended up on the beach in the season premiere as she fell off a cliff with it before being captured by Ghost Nation.
As for the main storylines with Dolores, Bernard and Maeve, there were plenty of great moments.
For starters, Bernard meets up with Charlotte again in the future timeline and is it just me or does Charlotte know Bernard is a host?
She was acting really suspicious of him.
Cutting back to the past timeline, Bernard and Charlotte attempted to capture host Peter Abernathy, played by Louis Herthum.
This lead to a hilarious scene where Bernard reprogrammed the host Rebus, played by Stephen Ogg, to be the most chivalrous gunslinger in the west.
This also has a rather sad implication because Bernard watched Rebus get shot trying to protect a host in the season premiere.
After this, both Bernard and Peter were captured by Dolores’ army, leading to the best scene of the episode where Dolores reunites with her father.
This was a very emotional moment and both Evan Rachel Wood and Herthum gave excellent performances as the two reconciled briefly before Peter began jumping between multiple Westworld identities again.

Dolores and Peter
Dolores and Peter Abernathy reunite in a very emotional scene.

Then came the battle at the Confederate fort, where Dolores and the Confederados faced off against Delos Security.
Dolores, however, betrayed the Confederados, leaving them to die and later ordered Teddy to kill the surviving Confederado Major Craddock, played by Jonathon Tucker.
However, Teddy lets him live, which will undoubtedly cause problems in the future.
I am confused as to why Dolores let all the Confederados die though.
Wouldn’t she need them for her army?
Also, the reason she let them die is kind of weird, saying they did not deserve to make it.
The Confederados had been programmed to act cruel, just as every other cruel host in Westworld so they are just as much victims as the other hosts.
Finally, there is Maeve’s storyline where, as I said earlier, there were more reunions than in the previous episode.
Maeve’s group met up with Armistice, played by Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Felix, played by Leondardo Nam, and Sylvester, played by Ptomley Slocum.
This lead to the funniest moment of the episode though, when Hector saw Armistice burn someone to death with a flamethrower and states in amazement “she has a dragon!”

Maeve and Hector
Hector had one of the funniest moments in the entire episode.

It is with these characters that the final moments of the episode play out with them being ambushed by a Samurai.
Overall, Virtu E Fortuna was the best episode of season two so far.
It had great action sequences and even better character interactions.

The Walking Dead Issue 179: Not a lot of Excitement but that’s not a Bad Thing.

3 stars
Warning: This review will contain major spoilers for the issue.

In terms of action, not much happened in Issue 179 of The Walking Dead, New World Order Part 5.
This issue mainly serves the purpose of bridging the gap between the previous issue and the next one.
However, even though some people might find this lack of action boring, it is necessary for the story to have issues like this to build character and avoid abrupt shifts in the story.
For example, if they had put Michonne deciding to stay in the previous issue and then had the characters immediately returning to Alexandria, we would have got barely any time to see them interacting with The Commonwealth community and set up each of their beliefs on how it is run.
But, just because we did not get any action this Issue does not mean there was nothing interesting happening because we did get development for some characters like Magna.
In one particular scene, the final nail was driven into the coffin and it was confirmed that The Commonwealth works on a class based system with the upper class class in charge.
Surprisingly though, almost all the characters seem to believe a system like this is a good thing.
This is strange because, if you think about it, they came from a society that was almost a Utopia.
Rick built a system in Alexandria where everyone is equal and it does not matter who you were before.
If you remove all the zombies and outside groups, like The Whisperers, trying to kill them, then Rick’s society would be the perfect one so it is strange to see characters like Eugene seeing the upside¬† to a class system.
It does make sense for Michonne, since she was a lawyer beforehand but for the others it was a bit odd, especially when they had just watched a member of the upper class assault someone and get away with it because of their status.
However, thankfully Magna comes in and, in a nice piece of development, seems to be the only one offended by this idea, no longer wanting anything to do with The Commonwealth.
After this, we get various small moments of the characters, escorted by Stephanie and Elodie, exploring The Commonwealth.
This was important because it allowed us to see the characters associate with those in The Commonwealth and get a feeling of how it works.
We even learn there are other communities out there that are part of The Commonwealth, like Greenville.
Afterwards, the group depart to Alexandria, with Michonne understandably staying behind to be with her daughter.
However, she does give her sword to Eugene, a decision I think she will come to regret because she may need it in the future, what with the problems of the class system.
Then, just like when exploring The Commonwealth, we get a series of scenes presented with single panels to show the passage of time as the characters return to Alexandria along with Pamela, Maxwell, Mercer and their soldiers in tow.
During these scenes we get a real sense of how bad the class system in The Commonwealth is.
Pamela sleeps in a big tent forcing the others to sleep outside and when she finally sees Alexandria she is very disapproving, declaring it “a s#*t hole.”
These scenes prove just how large Pamela’s ego is because she thinks of herself above everyone else.
The issue ends with Eugene and Magna riding ahead to warn Rick about The Commonwealth’s arrival and Eugene declaring they had better be as nice as they seem, “for their sake.”
I unfortunately found this cliffhanger to be rather pointless because, even if The Commonwealth does turn out to be bad, there does not seem to be a lot that the survivors would be able to do since the community has over 50,000 people.
They massively outnumber all of Rick’s communities combined.
This issue did have a few strange moments, like everyone agreeing about the class system having its advantages and the cliffhanger but, overall, I think it was a good one.
There may not have been a lot of action but it bridged the gap to the next Issue where we will finally have Rick meeting the new Governor.

Westworld Season Two, Episode Two Reunion had Multiple Timelines That Worked.


Warning: Contains Major Spoilers

Westworld once again delved into multiple timelines in the second episode of season two, Reunion, only unlike the season premiere, I could actually get behind this.
The way multiple timelines were utilized, with it constantly jumping from Dolores’ rebellion to William’s creation of his greatest mistake, and potential weapon for Dolores, was great to watch.
The episode opens with Dolores in the real world with Arnold before his son’s death.
It was in this timeline that we also got to see how Delos first became involved in Westworld, with Logan, played by Ben Barnes, being shown how realistic the hosts are.
As for Arnold and Dolores, we got a sense of how Arnold was already very connected to Dolores before his son died because he seems to keep her away from Logan’s voracious appetite (ew).
The next timeline seen chronologically is after a young William, played by Jimmi Simpson, and Logan first visited Westworld and William is showing Logan’s father James Delos, played by Peter Mullan, the potential of the park.
This and later scenes really showed me how good Simpson is at portraying William’s dark side.
I was not sure if he could do this because, in the first season, William seemed like such a nice character that after the reveal that he was really the Man in Black I was not sure if he could pull it off but he proved me wrong this episode.

evil william
Jimmi Simpson does a great job portraying William’s darker side.

Other interesting things to note about this past timeline were that Delos seemed to be getting sick at his retirement party and Logan survived the events at the park and seems to regret ever investing in it.
It seems like he knows something we do not.
We also got to meet William’s wife and daughter this episode, which makes me wonder if we will ever see his daughter in the future timeline, because we know she is still alive.
As for the future timeline itself, it was here that the best moments happened.
We had Dolores proving to Teddy about the actions of the Westworld staff and then them going to gather a confederado army.
Once again, Evan Rachel Wood gives an absolutely fantastic performance as Dolores.

Dolores real world
Evan Rachel Wood is excellent at playing Delores both at her most innocent and most sinister.

She once again might surpass Maeve as my favourite character.
Speaking of Maeve, she reunited with Dolores briefly this episode with an interesting confrontation between the two.
Dolores tried to recruit Maeve to her army but is unable to do so because of Maeve’s mission to find her daughter and their conflicting beliefs on revenge.
It seems the two might come to find one another as obstacles in the future of the show.
But Dolores and Maeve were not the only reunions we got this episode.
There was past William and Dolores and future William and Lawrence.
This final reunion led to my favourite moment of the episode, where the two went to Pariah to get help from the new El Lazo who, in a surprise cameo, was played by Giancarlo Espisito.
Espisito was enthralling in this scene but it appears to be just a cameo so I doubt we will get more of him in the future sadly.

Giancarlo Espisito’s cameo was on of the highlights of the episode.

Still, this scene really was great, with Ford having programmed the hosts to kill themselves if William interferes with their storyline.
Overall, Reunions was definitely a step up from the season premiere Journey Into Night.
It had great character moments, reunions and it dealt with the multiple timelines much better.


Avengers: Infinity War, an emotional gut punch… until the next movie.

Warning: Potential spoilers. I do not go into specific details but you may get some hints about what happens in the movie from my comments.
Avengers: Infinity War, directed by the Russo brothers, was pitched to us as the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with stakes the likes of which we had never seen in a Marvel film.
However, was that really what was delivered?
Well, yes in some way it was.
The stakes of this movie are incredibly high, with some gut wrenching moments but at the end of the movie I quickly went from wondering what was going to happen next to just wondering how everything set up here would be reversed in the next movie.
This train of thought kind of lessened the movie’s impact for me, which was a shame because Avengers: Infinity War is still a fantastic movie.
Picking up immediately after Thor: Ragnarok, the film has multiple characters from the MCU desperately attempting to stop Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, from claiming all six Infinity Stones, which have the power to shape the universe.
Forget the heroes though because Thanos is the main character of this movie and surprisingly manages to be both sympathetic and detestable at the same time.
Brolin gives an amazing performance as Thanos and the CGI for him was perfect.

Josh Brolin gives a terrific performance as Thanos, delivering one of the best villains the MCU has ever had. 

As for the MCU heroes, there were so many but the ones who really stood out to me in this movie were Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Dr Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Vision (Paul Bettany), and Gamora (Zoe Saldana).

Chris Hemsworth as Thor was especially good in this movie and had some great moments.

Other than them the rest of the heroes are mostly resorted to background characters but since they have already been established in previous movies it works.
Avengers: Infinity War may not have much of a story other than stop Thanos but it makes up for it by setting the stakes and going through with them, although how long these consequences will last remains to be seen.
I will admit, however, I nearly cried a couple of times in the movie.
These stakes the movie presents are amplified by the constant, thrilling action sequences that make the film even more exciting.
However, there were some negatives.
I have already spoken about how the film’s impact was slightly lessened because I believe the ending will be reversed in Avengers Four, but there are other problems as well.
For example, even though the CGI on Thanos looked great, for other characters like Proxima Midnight, played by Carrie Coon, it looked pretty bad and really drew me out of the moment.

Proxima Midnight
Proxima Midnight’s CGI was the most distracting in the film, which is a shame since she is played by Carrie Coon, who was nominated for an Emmy.

Also, some of the characters like Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, were significantly underused.
Other than that though, Avengers: Infinity War truly felt like the culmination of the MCU.
It had emotional gut punches, exciting action sequences, a great villain and stakes.
Let’s just hope these stakes are not reversed entirely when Avengers Four comes out.

Attack on Titan Season Three Trailer: Thoughts

The Attack on Titan season three trailer is finally here!
Attack on Titan has quickly become my favourite anime and I have eagerly been anticipating any news about the third season so I was thrilled to learn about this trailer.
Before I get into specific details about what I loved about this trailer though, I have to say, the animation for this season looks absolutely stunning.
I was in awe from just watching the trailer.
Now for the interesting things, which for starters was our first look at a new character, named Kenny, who has a connection with Levi.
I have been spoiled on who Kenny is to Levi but I am not going to ruin it for you.
Season three looks to cover the Uprising Arc from the manga, which I have heard is very different from the rest of the series because it is more political and deals with human threats rather than Titans.
From the look of the trailer, this appears to be true, with numerous instances of human battles, including an epic shot where Levi slices right through two people with a look of absolute rage on his face.
If this trailer has had made anything apparent it is that Levi is going to be very important this season, which is great because I really want to see why people love him to the extent that they do.
It also looks like Historia will be important this season as well because, for some reason, it appears Kenny’s group wants both her and Eren handed over to them.
Historia really grew on me last season so I am glad to see her get more development and it looks like she will also be hanging out with Eren a bit.
Speaking of Eren, did anyone else think his Titan form looked a little strange in the trailer?
Eren’s titan form looks a lot skinnier here, especially in the arms, to the point that I wondered if it was a different Titan for a few moments.
Who knows, maybe it is just a redesign?
Also if you look at one particular shot of Eren’s Titan form, it looks like someone is hanging onto his back while Eren tries to shake him off, which is interesting.
We got a few shots of Hange and Pastor Nick, Mikasa beating up some guys, and another new character who is sitting on a throne.
If I were to take a guess I would say this is the king, since it was established in the first season that there was some sort of monarch.
The one who really takes the spotlight in this trailer though, is Levi, with the trailer ending when he screams Kenny’s name in fury.
Overall, this trailer was great and has me very excited for season three.
Hopefully I will not get spoiled any more than I already have about events that are to come.
Unfortunately though, many surprises in season three, including character deaths, may not thrill me as much because I have already been spoiled about it.
Still, this does not change the fact that I am excited and cannot wait to see what season three holds for the future of Attack on Titan.

Journey Into Westworld Again for the Season Two Premiere.

Warning: Contains Major Spoilers

4 stars
Westworld is back after almost two years of waiting with its season premiere Journey Into Night.
I have been anticipating season two for a while now after the great cliffhanger that The Bicameral Mind left us with.
I could not wait to see the aftermath of the massacre Delores’ committed at Ford’s party and what the consequences of it would be… only for me not to get that, at least not in its entirety.
Because, rather than picking up immediately where season one left off it picks up a few weeks later and delves into multiple timelines, just like in season one.
I do not know why I did not see this coming because so much of the first season was about the multiple timelines so it is only natural that the writers would continue this.
However, that being said, I do have a problem with the multiple timelines this episode but I will get to those later.
For now, let’s talk about the positives.
For starters the opening sequence is great with a conversation between Arnold and Dolores in the past.
This scene not only looks to be setting up future events but also, interestingly enough, is shot in a different aspect ratio, which made for a nice touch.
My favourite scene of the episode though, had to be Dolores hanging the three guests because of how many amazing callbacks she made, including, “you’re in my dream,” “these violent delights have violent ends”, and my personal favourite, “it doesn’t look like anything to me.”
I have also got to say Evan Rachel Wood gave an absolutely fantastic performance this episode as Dolores this episode.
She pulled off the chilling nature of Wyatt and the innocence of the homesteader’s daughter very nicely.

evil dolores
Dolores is out for vengeance this season.

Then there is Maeve, my favourite character from season one, who meets up with Sizemore and Hector, which leads to some pretty comedic moments, although dark ones at that.
But if Westworld is good at anything it is certainly dark humor.
We have William going off on a new adventure to find the door, whatever that is, and Bernard discovering Drone hosts that store guest DNA for a reason yet to be determined.
The episode also ends on an interesting cliffhanger where it looks like Bernard somehow flooded an area of the park, drowning numerous hosts including Teddy.
Don’t worry though, Teddy will come back, this is only like the hundredth time he has died, no biggie.
Now however, we have to get into my big negative with the episode.
After the Arnold and Dolores sequence at the beginning, Bernard is seen waking up on the beach weeks after the host revolt started and meets up with Stubbs and newcomer Karl Strand, played by Gustaf Skarsgard, who is a representative of Delos.
Strand looks to be an interesting character but we do not know that much about him yet and as for Stubbs it kind of feels anti-climatic with him just showing up after the cliffhanger of him being attacked by Ghost Nation in season one.

karl strand
Karl Strand looks to be an interesting addition to the cast.

This is where my problems with the multiple timelines come in.
First, it is disappointing not to see what happened to characters like Dolores and Stubbs initially after season one, with so much hype surrounding it.
On top of that, however, there is a worse problem.
In season one the multiple timelines were a twist so we were still afraid for characters when they got in danger, like William because we did not know we were already seeing him as The Man in Black in the future.
Because we see characters like Dolores, Bernard and Stubbs alive in the future timeline we are not going to feel scared when they get in danger during the past timeline because we know they survive, creating a complete lack of tension.
Hopefully, this problem will not continue to the other episodes though.
Other than that, this was a great opening for season two with a lot of other interesting moments and hints towards the future.

Rampage Review

I remember playing the video game Rampage: Total Destruction on the PlayStation 2 when I was a kid and having a pretty good time with it.
From I can remember, it was a fun enough game to just shut your brain off and go and create carnage for about an hour.
Now, I will admit, it took me a while to realise Rampage was actually an adaptation of this video game series because, if I recall correctly, the game did not have animals turning into giant monsters but people.

rampage total destruction
I can remember playing Rampage: Total Destruction on the PS2, as kid.

Going into Rampage I expected to have fun with it as just a big dumb action movie.
What I did not expect, however, was to get a big dumb action movie with with a lack of satisfying action.
But that is exactly what I got.
Directed by Brad Peyton, Rampage stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as primatologist Davis Okoye who looks after the gorilla George.
However, when George is infected with a genetic editing virus and grows to monstrous size, along with a wolf named Ralph and a crocodile named Lizzie, Davis has to find a way to save his friend.
To this movie’s credit, it does have enjoyable moments.
Rampage can be pretty funny at times and the final action sequence is enjoyable, for the first 10 minutes at least.
Then there is Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan-oh, I’m sorry, I meant Agent Harvey Russel.
Seriously though, they might as well have just named this character Negan because Morgan is giving the exact same performance he gives in The Walking Dead.
That is not to say this is a bad thing though, since Morgan delivers a lot of the exposition in this film and his charisma makes what should have been boring scenes a lot more entertaining.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan might as well be playing Negan from The Walking Dead, but this does play to the movie’s advantage.

Apart from this however, the movie is a slog to get through.
The characters, except for Morgan’s, are boring and one dimensional, especially the villains who were so comically evil just for the sake of it.
The movie also requires a huge suspension of disbelief since the characters survive some of the most un-survivable things.
Characters surviving impossible things is a common cliche in action films but in Rampage they take this cliche to ridiculous extremes.
Then there is the action, which, let’s face it, is probably the reason most people are going to see this film.
Unfortunately, the action sequences do get very predictable, with one sequence having a jump scare that I knew was coming a full ten seconds beforehand.
I never thought I would get tired of giant monsters fighting each other but it felt like the final fight should have been cut by at least five to ten minutes, as well.
Overall, Rampage is just another video game movie, that meaning not very good.
It does have its moments of exciting action and good character moments, when Morgan is in the scene at least, but other than that it does not deliver that much of a punch.

The Walking Dead Season Eight: All Out War or All Out Bore?

3 and a half stars
Warning: Contains major spoilers for this season.

I currently have mixed opinions about The Walking Dead TV show.
I was in denial for the first half of season 8 as, after looking back, I saw the episodes were not as good as I said they were in my reviews because I was just holding them to the expectations of what the show was currently producing.
So I decided to hold back on my reviews until the season ended so I could just gather my overall thoughts on season eight as a whole.
Anyway, after the painfully slow season seven the show finally delivered the All Out Story arc from the comics in season eight… only for the first half to be a disappointment.
Don’t get me wrong, there were some great moments in this part of the season, like the episodes The Big Scary U and Time For After but a lot of it was very lackluster.

Negan and Gabriel
The Big Scary U was one of the better episodes of the first half of season eight.

What really brought the first half of season eight down was its scope and the way it filmed action scenes, which made it all seem kind of boring.
Even though this was supposed to be a big explosive war, the battles always felt relatively small and a lot of the time the way the action was shot left me with little investment in what was happening and a little bored.
In the mid-season finale How It’s Gotta Be, Alexandria gets blown up by the Saviours but I just did not care because of the way it was shot and a lack of investment in what was happening.
Then there were the downright stupid decisions they made this season, like killing off Carl, which has to be, without a doubt, the absolute worst deviation they have ever made from the comics.
Carl was the future of The Walking Dead and is very important in the story going forward in the comics.
Who is going to replace him with now, Henry?

carl's death
Carl’s death was a massive mistake, especially since it looks like his role in future storylines will be replaced with a minor character, Henry.

However, I will admit that the second half of this season was significantly better than the first half.
There were only two bad episodes out of eight in the second half and the good episodes felt like The Walking Dead was finally getting back on track.
That does not mean I did not have problems with these episodes but they were still very enjoyable compared to what had come before.
All around I felt the acting from everyone was good, some actors like Chandler Riggs, as Carl, gave great performances in some episodes.
However, even though the performances were good the characters these actors played were very inconstant at times.
For example Negan, (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kept changing from wanting to send a message to the rebelling communities to just wanting to kill everyone at the drop of a hat.
The main problem with this season though was how drawn-out it was.
It felt like the show should have just dealt with Negan in one season instead of putting the conflict with him into two.
They should have just had the first half of season seven deal with the build up to All Out War and the second half feature the entire war.
That would have allowed the story to be much more streamlined and cohesive.
Overall, season eight was good but it did have quite a few failings, especially in that first half.
Although, the second half did a really good job of redeeming the season.
Despite the fact that I think the Walking Dead has been in a decline of quality even since the season six finale, I believe the show can still go back to its glory days and maybe be even better than that because season nine will feature the New Beginning story arc.

bearded rick
The New Beginning story arc will give the show a chance to get back to its former glory.

This story arc will allow The Walking Dead to have a fresh start and draw in more of an audience, including the ones it lost because of the more recent seasons.
We will just have to wait and see if this happens though.
Season eight was a good season but the show really needs to get a handle on its issues if it even wants to get back to the glory days of seasons four and five.