Attack on Titan’s Spoiler Fueled Community is a Problem.

This is a rant.
I love Attack on Titan but I really dislike the community that is its fandom.
This is because the Attack on Titan fandom is one of the most spoiler fueled I have ever seen.
Never before have I been spoiled again and again before a twist was revealed or a character died.
I have been thinking about making a post about this problem for a while but I always held back because I did not want to feel like I was unnecessarily complaining about a few bad eggs.
However, I just had a “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment today when I looked at a comment on my review of Attack on Titan season three, episode 10, “Friends”.
In my review, I spoke about my curiosity as to who the Beast Titan could be, however, when I looked at that comment the huge reveal  surrounding his identity was spoiled for me.
The person who commented on my review was a troll who sought to spoil me and anyone who just so happened to read the review as they spoiled the Beast Titan’s identity.
This is not an isolated incident either because I have seen numerous instances of trolls trying to ruin future reveals and deaths in Attack on Titan by spoiling them for anime only fans.
One such case involved a troll posting a comment that contained major spoilers five times in the comment section of one YouTube video.
The reason I am so sick of this is because this is just one of many upcoming reveals I have been spoiled on.
This is the reason why I plan to read the manga after season three finishes.
To give you an idea on how bad this is, here is a list of all the major upcoming events in Attack on Titan I have been spoiled on.


  1. Bertholdt dies and Armin becomes the Colossal Titan.
  2. Ymir dies.
  3. There will be a four year time skip.
  4. Sasha dies.
  5. Historia gets pregnant.
  6. And the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, the Beast Titan is actually Eren’s brother… thanks a lot elia for spoiling that for me.

I am not saying that every single time I got spoiled here was because there was a troll trying to ruin the fun because sometimes it was due to a mistake or my own fault.
However, that being said, the number of trolls spoiling it for people is more numerous than any fandom I have come across.
I personally find it pretty pathetic that someone has to find fun in ruining the experience of the show for people but this is not going to stop me from enjoying the show.
Even though I have been spoiled on a lot of future reveals, I still do not know how these will play out and there are still many more reveals I have not been spoiled on.
I am going to enjoy Attack on Titan, spoilers be damned.
However, I would advise any fan of the anime, not currently caught up with the manga like me, to avoid the Attack on Titan community until they have done so because, with the state things are in, you will inevitably be spoiled.

Attack on Titan: Season 3, episode 10, Friends review – What a cliffhanger!

4 and a half stars

Spoiler Free Review:

Attack on Titan is killing it this season with the latest episode, “Friends”, being another in a long line of great episodes.
“Friends” details the backstory of Kenny in a way that makes his character much more interesting and goes even further by expanding the world of the Reiss family.
This flashback is easily one of the series’ best, delivering great emotional scenes and character development.
The friendship the episode is named for, between Kenny and another character, provides some excellent level of depth.
The animation especially helps expand these scenes, with the level of details in the eyes really standing out compared to animation of the previous seasons.
However, although I did love this this flashback sequence, I will admit it did raise a plot hole for me about what a certain character was trying to accomplish.
This did not ruin the flashback for me, as I stated it is one of the series’ best, but it was still very noticeable.
After this flashback the rest of the episode is just as good, with plenty of emotional and funny moments and one scene that had me literally applauding.
The best part of this episode though, is undoubtedly its ending, which delivers what I believe to be the best cliffhanger of the entire series so far.
It has me eagerly excited for what is coming in the upcoming Beast Titan arc.
Overall, Friends was another fantastic episode of Attack on Titan. 
My only big problem with it was the plot hole it generated.
It is my third favourite episode of season three, behind “Wish” and “Pain”.

Spoiler Review:

If you are very quiet, you can hear Attack on Titan fans the world over shouting, “Oh my god! They killed Kenny!”
South Park references aside, I was saddened by the death of Kenny this episode.
He is a very entertaining character and I wish he had been given more.
I wanted to see him interact with other characters like Mikasa since they come from the same family.
However, even so, I still found his death to be rather poignant and was a great way for his arc to end.
The flashback that establishes his motives before his death was very well handled, especially when it came to his friendship with Uri Reiss.
Watching how Kenny went from trying to assassinate Uri to becoming close friends with him was very interesting to see and added a new level of depth to Kenny.
It was their friendship that led Kenny to want to try and obtain the Founding Titan’s powers, not just so he could be a king, but also out of interest of how it would change him.
Then there was his history with Levi, which was also explained.
Kenny rescued Levi from starving to death after his mother died and taught him how to survive, before abandoning him to fend for himself.
This is where I found a plot hole in the story because this does not explain why Kenny wanted to kill Levi so much.
He seemed eager to kill him in previous episodes and yet, after learning their entire history, this does not make sense.
Kenny clearly cared for Levi, otherwise he would not have given him the skills to survive, so it does not make sense for him to want to kill him.
This did not kill the flashback for me but it stuck out like a sore thumb.
However, although I did not like this plot hole I loved the scene where Kenny and Levi first meet.
Kenny learns that Kuchel did not give Levi the last name of Ackermann because she did not want him to be persecuted so Kenny continues her wish and does not reveal their last name or their connection.
It was another fantastic moment of development for him before his death.
Speaking of, as I stated his death was rather poignant and what I believe to be a perfect way for him to go out, with him and Levi almost having some form of reconciliation.
After this, Historia was finally crowned queen in a very powerful scene that had me clapping with joy.
My applause turned to laughter in the following scene where Historia tried to punch Levi, only for it to not even hurt him, which does not stop her friends from looking amazed anyway.
We even got a great moment from Levi here because he smiled for the first time in the series, if you do not count the OVAs that is.
But then we got the best scene of the episode, the cliffhanger.
And what a cliffhanger it was.
We see Reiner and Bertholdt in Shiganshina where it looks like Reiner was training with the Beast Titan for the coming battle.
This scene proved just how much of a threat the Beast Titan is because he managed to beat Reiner supposedly very easily.
Along with this we also got a pretty good look at the Beast Titan’s controller himself.
I do not know who he is but he looks to be a very intriguing villain and I cannot wait to see how he plays into the next arc.
This is, in my opinion, the best cliffhanger of the series because it sets up the next arc very well and also has me excited for what the Beast Titan will be doing in the future.
Along with this, it was good to see Reiner and Bertholdt again.
One of the big problems I have with Attack on Titan is disappearing characters.
So many characters have had to leave the story for plot reasons and some of these characters are gone way too long.
The worst offender by far is Annie, who has been gone so long I do not really care about her anymore.
I do not fault any of the episodes for this, this is just a problem I am having with the series overall.
Thankfully Reiner and Bertholdt have returned and hopefully Ymir will be back soon as well.
Friends was another amazing episode of Attack on Titan.
If it had not been for the plot hole it would have been perfect.


  1. Kenny gave Levi the Titan serum in his final moments and I am certain that this will come back in some important way. Maybe in the next arc.
  2. It looks like we will be learning more about Grisha next episode, which should be exciting. We see a younger version of himself in the preview.
  3. The preview explicitly states that Grisha’s story will come from somebody else and I am pretty sure it will be Keith Shadis, the instructor of the 104th Cadet Corps from season one, because the first shot of the preview is of him and you can see him briefly when Eren experiences Grisha’s memories in Sin.

Avatar: The Last Airbender getting live-action Netflix adaptation. Yip-yip-YIPEE!

Around 10 months ago, I created a post titled “11 ways to make a good Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation.”
In that post I detailed everything I felt 2010’s The Last Airbender did wrong, in comparison with the fantastic Nickelodeon cartoon it was based on, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and how to fix these problems in a new adaptation.
I stated my hope that one day the series would get another live-action adaptation but found it to be highly unlikely, based on the tremendous disaster that was M. Night Shyamalan’s adaptation.
However, today I learned, much to my shock and excitement, that I was 100% wrong in that statement.
This is because it has been revealed that Netflix will be adapting Avatar: The Last Airbender in live action with the original show’s creators, Michael DiMartino and Brian Konietzko, at the helm as executive producers.
When I heard this I was literally cheering because not only does it appear that Avatar: The Last Airbender may finally get the treatment it deserves in live-action, but it also appears that DiMartino and Konietzko are aiming to fix the numerous problems we all had with The Last Airbender. 
Many of the things I mentioned that had to be fixed in my “11 ways to make a good Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation” post seem to be top priorities for the creators as well.
Three of the big points I raised in that post about what a new adaptation would need in order to be good were that it had to be a series and not a movie, had to be helmed by people who respect the original series and the adaptation had to stay true to the character’s races and cultures.
Well, not only is the adaption going to be a series on Netflix that is being made by the original creators who obviously respect the show, but it also looks like they will fix the whitewashing seen in Shyamalan’s adaptation.
The pair addressed this head on stating, “we can’t wait to realize Aang’s world as cinematically as we always imagined it to be, and with a culturally appropriate, non-whitewashed cast. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build upon everyone’s great work on the original animated series and go even deeper into the characters, story, action, and world-building.”
This quote from the pair has very positive implications towards where this new adaption is heading.
Not only will it aim to represent the characters accurately but it also aims to build upon the show, hopefully in ways that do not contradict the original in a negative way.
It has also been revealed that the show will begin production in 2019 and when it will actually air on Netflix is anyone’s guess.
While some people are skeptical about this, I for one remain hopeful and very optimistic towards its quality.
That is not to say that I wholeheartedly believe this show will be good because its release date is very far off and a lot could go wrong between now and then.
But it will be a series, the right people are behind the project and they are aiming to fix the mistakes of the past.
I cannot wait to see the adventures of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Iroh and all the others, in live-action.

Attack on Titan: Season three, episode nine, Ruler of the Walls review – Prepare to vomit.

4 and a half stars

Spoiler Free Review:

Another day, another fantastic Attack on Titan episode.
Season three has been killing it so far with numerous great episodes and the latest one “Ruler of the Walls” is no exception.
It had intense action, great character moments and by far the most disgusting scene of the entire series so far.
Seriously, do not watch this episode after eating lunch or prepare to vomit.
As for the intense action it was truly great to see the characters go up against Rod Reiss’ massive Titan.
This intensity was helped exponentially with the fantastic blend of CGI and hand drawn animation.
Not only this but the fantastic character moments also helped to improve the action, with Eren and Historia once again being the standouts.
Eren sure has grown a lot in season one and I am loving it.
I actually hated his character in that first season but looking at how he has grown I can see how his portrayal there really worked to build up his arc for the past two seasons.
Historia also had another great scene where she proved her worth both as a soldier and queen.
She is officially in my top five favourite characters now.
Then there was the music, which as per usual was amazing.
One particular score that was of note was a revamped version of “Barricades”, which stood out in a great way.
As for the ending, “Ruler of the Walls” ends on a typical Attack on Titan cliffhanger but one that has me intrigued for what has to come, especially with the preview for the next episode.
“Ruler of the Walls” was an almost perfect episode, but there were a few things that held it back for me.
There was one scene that did feel a bit out of place as it should have been shown earlier.
Along with this, during the climactic action sequence it felt like some of the characters were lacking urgency and too calm about things, which given the situation is pretty ridiculous.
But this does not change the fact that “Ruler of the Walls” is another fantastic episode for the series.

Spoiler Review:

“Ruler of the Walls” kicks off with Erwin and Hange’s plan to stop Rod’s massive Titan form from destroying Orvud District.
From there the story exploded into absolute insanity as the climactic final battle between Rod and the army began.
The extremely disgusting imagery that might cause people to vomit I mentioned in the spoiler free review came with the way Rod’s Titan form looked.
Due to this Titan being so massive, it could only drag itself along the ground causing it to rip its face off and belly open, exposing its brain and intestines.
While, this was incredibly disgusting, it also led to a great call back to the first episode of the series, “To you in 2000 Years”.
This was where three kids watched in horror as Rod’s Titan appeared, just like Eren, Mikasa and Armin did when the Colossal Titan first showed up.
However, as Eren pointed out, this was completely different because this time they had soldiers to protect them.
Speaking of Eren, I loved his growth this episode.
I particularly liked how he brought up that he had no problem realizing he could become a Titan in the first season.
This was one of the big problems I had with Eren in that season because he had no problem being a Titan, despite hating them.
However, this episode resolved that with Eren explaining he did not question it because he felt he was special but has since grown from that and accepted his true role.
This showed the extent to Eren’s growth from that first episode and I loved it.
Then there was Historia, who delivered the final blow to Rod, killing her own father.
This moment was not only beautifully shot but really showed who Rod was because Historia seemed to temporarily view some of his memories.
I really liked this because it shows that Rod was not a bad person, he was just doing what he thought was right… even though what he was doing was the complete opposite.
The episode ends with Levi confronting the fatally injured Kenny, who has stolen some Titan serum.
I really hope Kenny does not die because he is already such an intriguing character and very entertaining.
As for the negative aspect of the episode, I felt like the flashback where Eren tried to control Rod with his Coordinate power should have come in the previous episode rather than this one.
Still, “Ruler of the Walls” was a fantastic episode and potentially in the top ten best.


  1. Next episode it looks like we will finally get into the backstory of Levi and Kenny’s connection, which I have wanted to see when Kenny was introduced.
  2. It looks like the main focus though, will be on the friendship between Kenny and Uri Reiss, Rod’s brother. Based on Kenny’s flashback in this episode this looks to be very interesting because it looks like Kenny was trying to kill Uri because he had a knife in his hand.

The Predator: Good one minute, atrocious the next.

two stars
is a fantastic 80s action film and its two follow ups, while nothing spectacular, were solid and enjoyable for what they were.
2018’s The Predator, however, not so much.
The film stars Boyd Holbrook as Quinn McKenna, a soldier who encounters a Predator, which results in him and his family being targeted by both the Predators and shady government organization.
He then enlists a ragtag team of crazed soldiers to save his family and stop the Predators.
You would think since this film was directed by Shane Black, who played Hawkins in the first film and thus has knowledge of how a Predator movie should be, that The Predator would be in good hands.
Well, based on the first half hour of the film, it would seem so.
I was genuinely enjoying The Predator for what it is, a cheesy action flick, during this time.
However, when the huge Predator is introduced, the film quickly goes downhill and never recovers.

CG Predator
As soon as the big Predator appears with his terrible CGI the film goes from enjoyable to awful. 

Everything from that point onwards was atrocious.
The only good thing about the movie were a few jokes that got a chuckle out of me and the audience but, otherwise, this movie was a mess.
The film goes at an incredibly fast pace giving you no time to care about the characters, and the CGI for the large Predator and its dogs were awful.
Worst of all is how undeniably bad the story gets.
It goes from the good kind of cheesy with the first half hour of the film, to facepalming levels of bad.
The portrayal of the Predator dogs were new levels of embarrassing.

terrible predator dudes.jpg
the Predator dogs not only looks awful but are terribly integrated into the story. 

Then there was the way the Predators themselves are treated, which is especially bad because it over complicates them.
The thing that made the Predators scary in the older movies was that they hunted humans for sport, which showed how little we were to them.
The Predator, however, changes their reasoning, demystifying them.
Characters motivations are vague at best, the action has no tension because we do not care about anyone, and the heights this movie goes to are borderline ridiculous.
This all culminates in an absolutely awful ending, reminiscent of Independence Day: Resurgence, an ending that should never be strived for.
If there were any good things about The Predator, it would once again be that first half hour.
It is nothing special, but is enjoyable and delivers some interesting action and a few laughs.
Everything after that fails on every level.
This is one reboot that should have been deactivated.

The Walking Dead deals with real world politics in Issue 183.

4 stars

WARNING: Major spoilers for the issue.

The Walking Dead goes to interesting places both figuratively and literally in the latest Issue 183, titled “And Michonne Without her Sword”.
The issue sees Michonne witness police brutality at the hands of the Commonwealth soldiers, which results in the death of a civilian.
The Walking Dead has been going for a political storyline since the Commonwealth was introduced but this is the first time it has brought up a current, real world, political issue.
I cannot claim to know much about the subject but from the news I have seen police brutality is a very controversial subject in America so to see this being implemented into The Walking Dead is certainly interesting.
It makes this most recent issue all the more relevant, although I do feel like some of the events went by too fast.
It went from witnessing the police brutality, to a peaceful protest, to a riot in just a few pages, which was very abrupt.
I wish this had been established in previous issues and this one just built off that but that does not mean what we got was not good.
I think Robert Kirkman handled the subject very well and it offered even more insight into the flawed political system of The Commonwealth.
Lance orders Michonne to defend the soldiers because he does not want their system to be undermined.
In a real world scenario, this would be a rather disgusting thing to order, considering a man died but since this is the apocalypse and the collapse of The Commonwealth’s political system could be disastrous it makes the situation more complex.
The other interesting event of the issue saw Michonne and Elodie go to the community of Greenville.
There they met its leader Cloris, who definitely looks to be on Pamela’s side when it comes to political ideas because she criticizes Michonne for giving expensive food to poorer people.
The discussion of political topics in this issue was very well done and it being current certainly made it more interesting than previous issues.
One criticism I do have is the scene where Michonne and Elodie are on their way to Greenville with the soldier Jerome, the one who would later beat the man, Anthony Keith, to death.
In this scene, Jerome is surrounded by zombies, forcing Michonne to save him.
My problem here lies in how Jerome got surrounded as it seemed very contrived and just another way to put in some pointless action.
Otherwise though, “And Michonne Without her Sword” was a really good issue that looks to have some interesting implications for the future because it ends with Rick arriving at the Commonwealth just as the riot begins.
I cannot wait to see what his reaction will be.

Attack on Titan: Season three, episode eight, Outside the Walls of Orvud District review – Provides funniest moment of the entire series.

4 stars

Spoiler Free Review:

This week’s episode of Attack on Titan, Outside the Walls of Orvud District, picks up from the previous episode’s explosive cliffhanger and builds up to what looks to be an action packed episode next time.
Although I did feel that this episode was build up for the next one, that does not mean it was not a good episode.
Outside the Walls of Orvud District had a lot of really great scenes and character moments from both Eren and Historia.
And, while Eren’s growth may have had more implications for the show going forward, it is Historia who truly shines in this episode.
I love what this series has done for her character, turning her from a very forgettable one into one of the show’s best and I cannot wait to see what they do with her next.
Like most of the previous episodes of the third season, Outside the Walls of Orvud District also sets up more questions for the series to answer and gives hints to a few of these.
The episode once again has fantastic music and a good use of CGI that was much better than what we got in season two.
On top of this, the episode gives us what I believe to be the funniest moment of the entire series.
I laughed so hard because it was a brilliant moment of self mockery.
However, all that being said, there were a few things I did not like about the episode, like how convenient a lot of the events felt and there was scene that I felt had some pacing issues.
Otherwise, Outside the Walls of Orvud District was another good episode that provided solid character development, hilarious moments, and appears to be building up to an exciting episode for next week.

Spoiler Review:

Outside the Walls of Orvud District kicked right off from last week’s episode, with Rod Reiss’ transformation into a massive Titan that is twice the size of the Colossal Titan.
This led to the Levi Squad rescuing Eren and, although it is an emotional moment of growth for Eren, this scene felt a little too convenient and the pacing also felt off.
The characters were busy talking while Rod was transforming and it went on for too long as they should have been crushed by the time they finished this conversation.
Then there was Eren gaining the ability to harden his skin, which felt pretty convenient, considering the bottle that he drank to gain this ability just so happened to be sitting right next to him.
I will say, however, I did like this growth for Eren because his new technique can be used to plug up Wall Maria so they can reach the basement.
This all lead to the funniest moment of the the entire series so far.
“What basement? Oh, that whole thing? You mean it’s actually important?”
With that one line from Sasha I burst into uncontrollable laughter for a solid minute.
Getting to the basement was established as a central goal in season one and yet it has been so long that many people may have felt like it was not important anymore so having Sasha state the line like this was having her speak for the audience.
It was a brilliant moment of self deprecation on the writer’s part.
This episode was also another highlight for Historia because she also went through a lot of growth.
First she stated how she would protect those who did not feel needed, showing how Ymir has influenced her, then she admitted she considered eating Eren to gain her father’s love, and finally she agreed to be Queen to find her way in life.
Historia went through so much growth in this one episode and I loved it.
This episode also established numerous things like that the first king somehow brain washes all those who take on the power of the Founding Titan and that Eren’s father probably took this power to stop that from happening.
This means Grisha was not completely bad as he may have been doing this terrible thing for the right reasons.
I do wonder though, what is the difference between the Founding Titan and the Coordinate?
Are they the same thing, just different names?
Another thing I want to talk about is Rod’s Titan form, which is computer generated and, I have got to say, Attack on Titan has really improved its CGI since the second season.
Rod’s CGI Titan certainly looked better than the CGI Colossal Titan from season two.
The episode ends with Erwin declaring they will not evacuate Orvud District before Rod gets there, which is strange but I am sure Erwin has a reason for it.
Either way, I cannot wait for next episode because it looks to be exciting.


  1. Hopefully we will get an explanation as to why Rod’s Titan form is so huge and Eren was able to utilize the hardening ability by drinking the bottle. I think the answers to these questions may be linked though because it may not just be Titans Shifters who can get powers but regular Titans like Rod as well.
  2. I do not think Kenny and his squad died in the cave-in caused by Rod’s transformation. Kenny’s assistant Caven may have but Kenny is definitely not dead because they still have to reveal what happened between him and Levi.
  3. Next episode it looks like Eren and the others will be battling Rod’s huge Titan form and Historia also looks to be taking a pivotal role as she is taking part and seen arguing with Erwin the preview.



The Happytime Murders: Its selling point is also its downfall.

It would seem that the bad word of mouth that The Happytime Murders has been getting spread pretty far because I was literally the only person in the theater when this movie was screened.
The reason for this bad word of mouth was made pretty clear when the film started.
Directed by Brian Henson, The Happytime Murders is set in a world where humans and puppets coexist in vulgarity… and there is certainly a lot of vulgarity in this movie.
Puppets doing vulgar things was pretty much the selling point for The Happytime Murders but it is also its downfall because they take it way too far.
The majority of the jokes are just shock value for what disgusting things these puppets will do next but, while they are funny the first few times they happen, they get old very quickly.

dirty puppets.png
The dirty jokes about the puppets are funny the first few times but get old fast and go on to become downright annoying. 

This means the only jokes left in the film are just of characters awkwardly arguing, which never land.
Credit where it is due though, The Happy Time Murders does have superb puppet work.
Along with this, the mystery of the film is intriguing and there is actual good character development from the lead puppet, private detective Phil Phillips, voiced by Bill Barretta.
However, the jokes and certain plot points in this story almost ruin all of that.
The story does not hold up under scrutiny because there are numerous plot holes and subplots are dropped at the tip of a hat.
Melissa McCarthy’s character, Detective Connie Edwards, has a minor subplot about drug addiction that is quickly forgotten about.
This is a shame because I can see that with the intriguing mystery and actual good development for Phil, a puppet of all things, there was potential for The Happytime Murders to be a good movie.

Phil puppet
Phil’s story of growth could have made The Happytime Murders a good film if there was not so much weighing it down. 

However, the tiresome shock value jokes and inconsistencies in the story really drag the film down.
A happy time The Happytime Murders is not.

Attack on Titan: Season three, episode seven, Wish- Spoiler free and spoiler review: Three brilliant character arcs.

5 stars

Spoiler Free Review:

Attack on Titan just delivered its best episode of the season and one of its best episodes ever with its 44th, Wish.
This was an absolutely fantastic episode, with a brilliant action sequence and incredible character arcs. 
The character arcs were the features that stuck out the most to me, with there being three standouts of the episode, Eren, Historia and Kenny’s. 
These three characters’ arcs during this episode are definitely defining moments for all of them and series highlights.
As for the action sequence, it is another one of the series’ best, definitely paying off the intense cliffhanger of the previous episode.
Then there was the music, which was absolutely off the charts.
I have stated already that Attack on Titan has my favourite soundtrack of any show and the music of this episode once again shows why.
It really draws you into the scene and makes the big moments of the episode have an even bigger emotional impact.
This episode had everything, intense action, great character moments and even more explosive reveals.
It made me cheer, cry and feel horrified at some of its events.
If I had one criticism it would be that the midway title card tells us information before a character reveals it but that is avoidable if you do not read the cards.
Overall, Wish was an incredible episode and definitely in the top 10 best episodes of Attack on Titan for me.

Spoiler Review:

Right from the get-go Wish starts off exciting, picking up from the promise of action given in the previous episode, Sin.
Here we got to see the Levi Squad go up against Kenny and his goons for the second time, with a lot more dire results.
This is because it looks like Hange may have died this episode at the hands of Kenny’s assistant.
Granted, we do not actually get conformation on her death, she may just be injured (I hope) but this was a very shocking moment nonetheless.
Hange’s apparent death was not the only big moment of this action scene, however, because we got another great face off between Kenny and Levi, and the rest of the Levi Squad finally got their hands dirty.
Watching Jean, Sasha and Connie being forced to take members of the Interior Squad’s lives was a real moment of growth for them.
The best character growth, however, came from Eren, Historia and Kenny, as I mentioned.
First there is Kenny, who is revealed to have wanted to steal the Reiss family power for himself but realizes he cannot properly wield it.
Angered by this, Kenny decides to even the score by cutting Eren, giving him the opportunity to turn into a Titan.
This revealed Kenny to be a very layered and complex character who could do a lot more in the future.
As for Eren, we got to see his reaction to what his father was revealed to have done last episode and, man, is it heartbreaking.
He breaks down into tears, listing off all the lives that were lost because of his father’s actions and then begs Historia to eat him and save humanity.
This was a very touching and sad moment from him that made me cry, the third time I have done so watching Attack on Titan. 
Finally, there was Historia who, inspired by Ymir’s words to her in the second season, finally chose to live for herself and refused to eat Eren and went on to free him.
This was such a powerful scene that made me cheer as Historia showed her true strength.
She is definitely becoming one of my favourite characters of the series.
The music chosen to accompany this scene was, as I stated, absolutely incredible and really drew me into the emotional scene.
This all led up to the massive cliffhanger, when Rod licked up the Titan serum from the broken injection that Historia had smashed, causing him to transform into a humongous Titan.
Along with being epic, this cliffhanger also leaves me with a number of questions as to how Rod, now supposedly just an ordinary Titan, could be so huge.
This episode also delivered some nice reveals, with the revelations that the walls were built by this “Founding Titan” that most likely made the Titans stand where the walls were and encase themselves in hardened skin.
There was also the reveal that this Founding Titan is the one with the ability to remove and alter memories.
But, the reveal I found to be the most interesting was that Rod and the members of the church view the one with this power as God.
This means that all the times we heard Pastor Nick and the other Wallist priests talk about God they were not referring to some big guy in the sky, rather they were referring to the one with the Founding Titan power.
This particular revelation shows what I love about Attack on Titan. 
If you re-watch episodes after new ones, things you saw in them can take on a completely different meaning because they were hinting at something you did not even know was going to be a future revelation.
Wish was an absolutely incredible episode that has me excited for the rest of the Uprising Arc and the season.


  1. Rod says in this episode, “I must not become a Titan myself.” I wonder if this has to do with why his Titan form is so huge. Maybe this will be revealed in the next episode.
  2. It is revealed that Rod’s brother Uri, was the holder of the Titan power before Freida. It is also revealed that Kenny knew him and takes offense to Rod insulting him, suggesting the two were close. What exactly was Kenny and Uri’s relationship and how does this tie into the story? Hopefully this will be revealed later.
  3. In the preview, the narrator says Eren will have to make a decision in order to save his friends from a cave in, mostly likely caused by Rod’s transformation. What could this decision be?
  4. When Historia frees Eren she tells him that she now hates humanity and is probably its biggest enemy. What did this mean? Is Historia going to turn into a villain? I hope not because what we have seen of her in season three has definitely put her in my top ten favourite characters.


Disenchantment, Season One review: meh.

3 stars

Matt Groening has returned with his latest animated sitcom Disenchantment, which parodies various fantasy movies and shows.
Set in the magical world of Dreamland, the series follows the adventures of Princess Tiabeanie, otherwise known as Bean (Abbi Jacobson), and her friends, Elfo the, well… elf (Nat Faxon), and Luci the demon (Eric Andre).
Coming in to Disenchantment I was expecting it to feel a lot like Futurama but in a fantasy setting instead of a sci-fi one and that is certainly what I got.
However, this does not mean the show was great or anything.
It has been a couple of days since I finished watching Disenchantment and I honestly do not think I will remember any specifics about it in a week or so.
That does not mean I am saying the show is bad because I do remember chuckling at about half of the jokes.
What I am saying, however, is that Disenchantment is an average show that is pretty forgettable, for the most part.
The characters are nothing special, with Bean being a stereotypical drunk and Luci having almost no character other than being a complete jerk.
Elfo is probably the only one of the trio that I found myself liking but even he had his annoying moments.

disenchantment trio
Although I did enjoy this trio’s antics, Elfo was the only one among them I actually liked.

The best character of the show would have to Bean’s father King Zog (John DiMaggio) who, although not a good person, did have plenty of funny moments.
Speaking of which, some of the comedy really did work in Disenchantment,
my favourite of which being a meta joke that stated how the magic of the show worked was not very clear.
However, while I did get a few chuckles out of it the humor never had me roaring with laughter or anything like that.
The story structure is also pretty clumsy, with a few plot points sticking out like a sour thumb, the worst of which would have to be in the final episode for me.
In the ninth episode there was actually a good twist but they followed this up in the final, tenth episode with one of the most obvious twists I have ever seen.
I was literally screaming at the screen for the show to get on with it and reveal the twist because I had called what it was as soon as it had been set up.

episode ten Bean.jpg
The final episode’s big twist is incredibly obvious and dragged down the episode with how drawn out it is until the reveal.

But by far the worst aspect of Disenchantment for me, had to be with its animation and sound design.
The sound design is particularly abysmal with sounds like footsteps, doors slamming and fighting being completely left out sometimes, drawing me out of the moment.
As for the animation, it was not bad but it did often feel like there was something off about it and there were plenty of clunky moments, one of which produced the most off-putting moment of the show, for me.
This came in the first episode when Elfo is eating dinner with a group of people he met.
The animation of Elfo eating is so clunky and terrible that I had to rewatch it three times to make sure I was seeing it correctly.
I know it may seem nit-picky to criticize the animation of a character eating food but just watch the scene and you will know what I mean.
It must seem like I am bagging on Disenchantment a lot, but, once again, I will state that it is not a bad show.
It does have some funny moments, one decent twist and a few likeable characters that save it.
However, I probably will have forgotten about this show in a while.
Give it a watch but do not expect anything special.