Issue 174 of The Walking Dead brings us the moment we have all been waiting for since Issue 100.

5 stars
Finally after 74 issues, we finally got the scene we all wanted to see in The Walking Dead.
Going into Issue 174, A Solitary Life, I was actually pretty concerned.
So far, this story arc of The Walking Dead was not really doing it for me.
The conflict between Rick and Dwight seemed unnecessary and tedious, The Princess character was annoying and Beta met a hugely unsatisfying end.
I was really concerned that Issue 174 would suffer the same fate Issue 173 did, by giving us an unsatisfying death, that death being Negan’s.
I actually thought there was a high possibility Negan could die in A Solitary Life because I did not really think he had a place going forward in the story.
Thankfully though, he does have a place because Negan survives… for now at least.
The Issue starts with, well, Negan being Negan.
He is picking a flower to put on Lucille’s grave, while talking to it with his usual profanity of constant F bombs.
Negan remains a delight to watch and I really am surprised how much I have come to like him as a character, despite what he has done.
When we meet The Governor he was a character I loved to hate but Negan has become a character I hate to love.
He is just fascinating to watch and I really liked his arc in this Issue.
As the Issue goes along, we see Negan find another baseball bat and, after some debate, decides to create a Lucille 2.0.
However, he is then interrupted by Maggie holding him at gunpoint.
This is something we have wanted to see since Issue 100, when Negan killed Glenn, Maggie confronting him about it.
This scene was really moving and was obviously major turning points for both Maggie and Negan.
I particularly like how Maggie says all she can remember of Glenn is him with his bashed in skull, screaming her name in agony.
It is a chilling moment and really illustrates how much Glenn’s death still weighs on Maggie.
Negan’s reaction also surprised me.
I knew he regretted what he had done but I never thought he actually felt guilty about it.
Negan has said he has not felt emotions since his wife’s death so I felt it would be unrealistic if he was guilty about killing Glenn, however Kirkman handled this extremely well.
Negan compares Glenn to Lucille and feels guilty because he took someone’s Lucille away, when he lost his own.
It really brought you into Negan’s perspective.
Negan even wanted Maggie to kill him but Maggie refused, saying he is not worth it.
After this, it is clear that Maggie and Negan’s confrontation has changed the both of them for the better.
Maggie is able to seemingly put Glenn’s death behind her when she kisses Dante, who is hilariously left stunned by this and Negan has also seemed to put Lucille’s death behind him as well because he burns the second Lucille he had built.
This was a fantastic Issue.
It was great to see such an excellent issue, after the last few have been mediocre at best.
Negan was fun to watch, as always, and watching Maggie confront Negan about Glenn’s death and how they both grew from this confrontation was so satisfying.
It made me wonder where both characters would go in the future.

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