The Walking Dead Issue 178: Sebastian, The Walking Dead’s version of Joffrey?

3 and a half stars
It seems like Game of Thrones may have influenced The Walking Dead in issue 178, or at least that is what everyone else is saying about the character of Sebastian.
This issue really showed how much of a jerk he was and naturally this, combined with his spoiled upbringing, has caused many people to compare him to the hundreds-of-people-praying-for-him-to-die character, Joffrey from Game of Thrones.
Sebastian certainly is an entitled jerk of a character, as can bee seen in the final moments of the issue when he starts a fight by assaulting Yumiko, Magna and Elodie just because Yumiko would not go on a private tour with him (shudder).
This scene did have the best moments of the issue though, with Princess showing off her skills by beating up a bunch of Commonwealth soldiers after they tried to defend Sebastian.
As someone who did not like Princess previously, it was nice to see her fighting those soldiers for her friends because it made her more likeable.
On top of this, the reveal that came afterwards, at the end of the issue, also had a lot of great implications.
I predicted in my review of Issue 176 that The Commonwealth was built on a class system and Elodie’s comment that, “it’s important we know our place,” basically confirmed this prediction.
Despite the fact that Sebastian just assaulted three people he will not get arrested because he is Governor Milton’s son, while Princess probably will be arrested for trying to defend her friends.
This is an interesting turn of events because, as I mentioned in my review of Issue 176, this probably means Governor Milton sees herself as above everyone else and will want to take over Alexandria and the other communities.
These final moments of the Issue were really entertaining and had some great revelations.
Another great moment in the issue was a touching scene between Michonne and Elodie, where Michonne reconnects with her and assures her that, even if Elodie hates her, she will always be there for her.
This was a great part because of Elodie’s constant changing expression across the different panels as Michonne assured her that she would be there.
However, in comparison to these moments the rest of the issue was lacking.
It was revealed in the beginning of the issue that Mercer and George were just letting off steam when Siddiq overheard them talking about overthrowing Milton, which makes the previous cliffhanger feel very misleading.
Then there was the part when Sophia confronted her mother about Dante, which I did not like at all.
It had the potential to be a good scene but it was ruined by how over-the-top Sophia was.
Yes, Sophia did have justifiable reasons to be angry about Maggie and Dante’s relationship but she went too far by calling Maggie a f*#@ing w!*#e .
This over-the-top reaction was made worse when Sophia seemed to be completely over it and jokes about it with Maggie minutes later.
There was also a weird inconsistency this issue with Stephanie.
When she was first introduced in Issue 176, Stephanie was Caucasian but in this issue she is African-American and this was a little odd to see.
Overall though, this issue was still good, despite the weird inconsistency and the over-the-top Sophia scene.
It certainly has me intrigued about what Governor Milton will do when she reaches Alexandria two issues from now.

Issue 174 of The Walking Dead brings us the moment we have all been waiting for since Issue 100.

5 stars
Finally after 74 issues, we finally got the scene we all wanted to see in The Walking Dead.
Going into Issue 174, A Solitary Life, I was actually pretty concerned.
So far, this story arc of The Walking Dead was not really doing it for me.
The conflict between Rick and Dwight seemed unnecessary and tedious, The Princess character was annoying and Beta met a hugely unsatisfying end.
I was really concerned that Issue 174 would suffer the same fate Issue 173 did, by giving us an unsatisfying death, that death being Negan’s.
I actually thought there was a high possibility Negan could die in A Solitary Life because I did not really think he had a place going forward in the story.
Thankfully though, he does have a place because Negan survives… for now at least.
The Issue starts with, well, Negan being Negan.
He is picking a flower to put on Lucille’s grave, while talking to it with his usual profanity of constant F bombs.
Negan remains a delight to watch and I really am surprised how much I have come to like him as a character, despite what he has done.
When we meet The Governor he was a character I loved to hate but Negan has become a character I hate to love.
He is just fascinating to watch and I really liked his arc in this Issue.
As the Issue goes along, we see Negan find another baseball bat and, after some debate, decides to create a Lucille 2.0.
However, he is then interrupted by Maggie holding him at gunpoint.
This is something we have wanted to see since Issue 100, when Negan killed Glenn, Maggie confronting him about it.
This scene was really moving and was obviously major turning points for both Maggie and Negan.
I particularly like how Maggie says all she can remember of Glenn is him with his bashed in skull, screaming her name in agony.
It is a chilling moment and really illustrates how much Glenn’s death still weighs on Maggie.
Negan’s reaction also surprised me.
I knew he regretted what he had done but I never thought he actually felt guilty about it.
Negan has said he has not felt emotions since his wife’s death so I felt it would be unrealistic if he was guilty about killing Glenn, however Kirkman handled this extremely well.
Negan compares Glenn to Lucille and feels guilty because he took someone’s Lucille away, when he lost his own.
It really brought you into Negan’s perspective.
Negan even wanted Maggie to kill him but Maggie refused, saying he is not worth it.
After this, it is clear that Maggie and Negan’s confrontation has changed the both of them for the better.
Maggie is able to seemingly put Glenn’s death behind her when she kisses Dante, who is hilariously left stunned by this and Negan has also seemed to put Lucille’s death behind him as well because he burns the second Lucille he had built.
This was a fantastic Issue.
It was great to see such an excellent issue, after the last few have been mediocre at best.
Negan was fun to watch, as always, and watching Maggie confront Negan about Glenn’s death and how they both grew from this confrontation was so satisfying.
It made me wonder where both characters would go in the future.

The Walking Dead delivers its weakest episode of season eight so far.

3 stars
The Walking Dead season eight has been pretty good so far.
There have been no standout episodes but every episode has been above average and often great.
This changes with the sixth episode, The King, The Widow and Rick.
I do not think this is a bad episode but it is average, at best.
Compared to the rest of the season, there is not much happening in this episode.
The biggest event of the episode was Rick being captured by the, oh so annoying, trash people, although it is obvious he will not be a captive for long.
Rick’s storyline was the shortest in the episode, as it only had a few scenes.
It opened moments before Rick arrived at the Junkyard, with Jadis constructing ornaments naked… for some reason.
Then Rick arrives and, one intro later, Jadis greets him, having put on her clothes in record time.
Seriously, how did she put on her clothes so fast?
Anyway, we finally learn why Rick was taking Polaroids of their victories against the Saviours, when he uses this as proof of their failures.
Jadis, however, locks Rick up anyway.
Although, it is obvious that Jadis will eventually join Rick, it is good that she said no because it would have been highly unrealistic had she said yes.
rick and jadis
Meanwhile we get a scene with Rosita and Michonne, trying to stop two Saviours from delivering a truck playing Opera music that will lead the Walkers at the Sanctuary away.
During this scene, Rosita blows up one of the Saviours with an RPG, which I found to be incredibly stupid.
They then meet up with Daryl and Tara and go to attack The Sanctuary, going against Rick’s plan.
I know they want revenge but this is a really stupid idea.
Why would they go against Rick’s plan when it is clearly working?
I hate it when the characters make stupid decisions just to advance the plot, when there were clearly other ways of doing so.
This storyline was by far the weakest of the episode.
Speaking of characters doing stupid things, Carl helps Siddiq kill some Walkers, when there is no reason to do so and nearly gets himself killed.
It felt like a gimmick to increase the tension of the episode, when really it just made me roll my eyes.
Although, Siddiq does seem like an interesting character.
I thought the character was someone else, other than Siddiq, but I was wrong about that.
I really did like how he remembers almost every single Walker he has killed, it was pretty funny.
carl and siddiq stupid
Meanwhile with the king storyline, we see how the deaths of Ezekiel’s people and Shiva is affecting him.
We get a very moving scene between Ezekiel and Carol that makes it seems like they will get together after all.
However, the writers seem to be forgetting that Carol was already in a relationship with Tobin so hopefully they resolve that and do not make it just a forgotten plot thread.
Besides, The music in this scene was excellent and perfectly reflected what was happening.
Despite the episode being the weakest of the season, for me, it definitely had the best music.
Finally we get the widow storyline, with Maggie deciding what to do with the Saviour prisoners.
This was my favourite part of the episode because we got more of a sense of who some of the Saviours are and it possibly hinted at a future storyline.
I like that we are seeing good Saviours as well as bad ones.
The Saviour Dillon looks to be an interesting character going forward, due to his reluctance to fight and risk everyone’s lives.
He is a great contrast to Jared, in that regard because the two are polar opposites.
Gregory being locked up with The Saviours is also interesting because it raises the possibility of Gregory’s storyline happening much earlier than it does in the comics.
However, other than that, there really was not that much interesting happening in this episode.
Michonne and Rosita’s storyline felt more like filler to get them to join up with Daryl and Tara so they could go to The Sanctuary.
Rick’s storyline was very brief and offered so surprises because we saw that he got captured in the trailer and, although Siddiq seems like an interesting character, the scene with him and Carl killing Walkers was stupid.
The storylines at The Hilltop and The Kingdom were the only interesting ones but The Kingdom’s storyline was really short.
Then there was the fact of how stupid many of the characters were being just for plot convenience.
Overall a very average episode, with nothing exciting happening.
Hopefully we will get more next episode.