Wonder not only shows the perspective of its lead character but those around him as well.

4 and a half stars
“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out,” Izabela Vidovic, who plays Olivia “Via” Pullman in Wonder, says.
Well, ahmen to that because Wonder is a great film that teaches us its OK to stand out.
The film is based off the bestselling novel of the same name, by R.J Palacio.
Jacob Tremblay stars as August “Auggie” Pullman a boy born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a condition that has affected him his entire life.
Because his parents, played by Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, are afraid of how other kids will treat him, Auggie has been home schooled for most of his life.
The film centers around Auggie entering the fifth grade and the struggles he and his family encounter because of this.
Wonder is a touching movie that had me smiling at how sweet of a character Auggie was, which was helped due to Tremblay’s great performance.
Tremblay truly is one of the best child actors out there today.
There is also the practical work that was done to make Tremblay look like a kid who had Treacher Collins Syndrome.
It is highly realistic looking, which helps the film a lot.

Jacob Tremblay as Auggie

Along with feeling happy however, the movie also made me feel angry when I saw how some people treated his character.
I was practically astonished when, in one scene, even one of the bullies’ own mother showed disgust towards Auggie.
It really did open my eyes to show that it is not just kids that treat people like Auggie badly, anyone can.
Thankfully, the bullying in Wonder is handled realistically and this does feel like a real world situation.
But this film is not just about how Auggie struggles but how he triumphs as well.
I was left grinning from ear to ear when I saw this kid succeed and make friends, even though he had to go through some tough times to get there.
Wonder could also be incredibly funny at times.
There were quite a few pop culture jokes about Star Wars that left me in tears of laughter and there is even one particularly funny adult joke for older viewers (Don’t worry, the kids will not get it though!).
Another thing I really liked about this movie was we not only got to see how Auggie was dealing with his entrance into fifth grade but those around them as well.
Any other film would have only shown Auggie’s perspective but seeing how everyone else dealt with it was really refreshing.
We got to see his parents, Auggie’s new friends and even the bullies’ perspective on things.

owen and julia
Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as Auggie’s parents.

We even got another storyline with Auggie’s sister Via.
Although, this storyline was not as good as Auggie’s one and did not really end correctly.
The end to Via’s story just felt really rushed, in my opinion.
Other than that though, this was a really good movie.
It has tonnes of heart and left me feeling happy, angry and sad at multiple times and really did teach me a few things.

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