Chainsaw Man Chapter 105, Red Hot Review: I Should Have Expected the Unexpected.

While reading Chapter 105 of Chainsaw Man, “Red Hot”, there was a single word I kept shouting in the last half.
Honestly, I should never have gone into this chapter expecting something simple.
Every time I do, Fujimoto brings out some completley crazy twist, which leaves me stumped.
“Red Hot” begins in the aftermath of Denji revealing to Asa that he is Chainsaw Man.
In my review of the previous chapter, I speculated that Asa might have been acting like she did not believe Denji when she actually did.
Turns out that this theory was wrong but, on the other hand, Yoru believes Denji’s claim entirely.
Asa shuts this down, however, saying Denji is not Chainsaw Man because it would stupid of him to reveal his identity.
Little does Asa know that Denji actually is stupid enough to do that.
Yoru’s main take away from this, though, is Asa calling her stupid, causing her to shout out that she isn’t.
It is once again quite funny to see the War Devil throwing a temper tantrum like a child.
However, this is the point where I have to talk about my one issue with the chapter, which is a small continuity error.
When Yoru first appears in this scene, shouting at Asa that Denji just admitted he was Chainsaw Man, she has no scar on her face, which is her defining feature.
Her scar is present in other panels but here it is strangely missing.
I wonder if this will be fixed later, in the volume release perhaps?
Even if it is not, though, this is not a huge issue.
After school, Yoru wants to continue hunting devils so Asa can get into the devil club to continue their hunt for Chainsaw Man.
Asa wants to go see Yuko instead and distracts Yoru, by telling her to think of a plan to draw a devil to school so they can force Chainsaw Man to reveal himself.
Yoru begins to think while Asa wonders if she can tame the War Devil, both completley unaware that the chance to lure a devil to the school is about to fall right into their laps in the most shocking way imaginable.
Asa goes to see Yuko, who is recuperating at home.
Yuko calls her Chainsaw Woman for saving her, which may also be a potential hint from Fujimoto about more scenes between Denji and Asa in the future.
The two sit togethor but an awkward silence quickly follows.
Yuko resolves this by suggesting they share secrets so Asa shares an embarrassing story about how she peed herself in class and acted like it was sweat.
Asa admitting this embarrassing secret results in the endearing moment of Yuko laughing so hard, she keeps accidentally hurting her broken leg.
However, this wholesome moment quickly turns disturbing when it becomes Yuko’s turn to tell Asa her secret.
Out of absolutley nowhere, Yuko admits to Asa that she murdered her neighbour because of his gambling habit.
This resulted in my first audible “What?!” of the chapter, as I tried to figure out if Yuko was joking or not.
A series of panels then follow of Asa awkwardly playing off Yuko’s confession as a joke, before it slowly dawna on her that she is serious, and we get a full page spread of the two sitting togethor in a grim silence, a door placed between them, resembling the one hiding Denji’s secret in the first part of Chainsaw Man.
After a disturbingly cheery encounter with another of Yuko’s neighbours, Asa questions Yuko further, asking if she was really serious about murdering someone, to which Yuko offers to show Asa the body.
An awkward refusal from Asa follows but this does not ruin Yuko’s demeanour, with her declaring that they are “besties”, now that they have both shared their secrets.
Yuko consoles Asa by telling her that she will not tell anyone that she peed her pants… or that she knows Yoru is possessing her and killed her teacher and the class president.
Cue my second “What?!” as I am left shocked, wondering how the hell Yuko knows about that.
Asa too questions this, resulting in my third audible “What?!” when Yuko admits to making a contract with the Justice Devil and can now read people’s mind to see if their “crimes” deserve punishment.
She made this contract so she can protect Asa from her bullies, telling her, “Don’t come to school tomorrow”, ending the chapter.
Well, not only has this chapter unexpectedly revealed that Yuko is a complete psycho in contract with the Justice Devil, but it has also revealed that she is planning to attack the school, killing all of Asa’s bullies.
This implication makes it difficult to not immediately think of the mind numbing amount of tragedies in America, with school shootings happening there so often.
I hope Fujimoto portrays this right, if it is what he is going for.
As for what this means for Yuko’s character, it will be interesting to see if she was always this crazy or if her contract with the Justice Devil warped her somehow?
Maybe the price for the contract was her sanity?
If not, it certainly paints a darker picture of her statement in Chapter 104, where she said, “Even if my actions turn out to be a mistake, if my heart is in the right place, that’s all that matters to me!”
Then there is Asa and Yoru’s situation.
They did not even need to find a way to lure a devil to the school because now Yuko is going to bring the Justice Devil there herself.
This should undoubtedly lead to a confrontation with Chainsaw Man but I wonder how Asa will deal with everything?
She has the power to turn Yuko into a weapon with Yoru’s power, which could stop a large amount of bloodshed, but will she have the strength to do so?
This could be a defining moment for Asa’s character, along with leading to her learning that Denji really is Chainsaw Man, which I am sure Yoru will rub in her face.
Overall, “Red Hot” is another great Chainsaw Man chapter.
I started reading, expecting a simple, plot building chapter and finished it with my mind blown at the story’s latest twists.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, Spoiler Review: Funniest Chapter in Part Two Yet.

One thing I love about Tatsuki Fujimoto’s writing is his style of humor.
I can recall multiple times when I have burst out into laughter reading his one shots, Fire Punch and, of course, Chainsaw Man. 
Well, Fujimoto delivered on the humor again this week, with Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, “Spoiler”, being the funniest chapter of Part Two so far.
The beginning of the chapter itself is quite humorous, as it opens with Yoru jumping on Asa’s bed, repeatedly punching a pillow and then screaming into it, all from the shame of being saved by her enemy: Chainsaw Man.
Seeing the War Devil act like a teenage girl, as well as looking like one, is a pretty funny concept, one which does not amuse Asa, who is busy trying to sleep.
Yoru’s anger prompts Asa to ask her why she hates Chainsaw Man so much and Yoru talks about the fight she had alongside other devils with him, which Makima mentioned in the final arc of Part One.
Chainsaw Man apparently ate a part of Yoru during their battle, severely weakening her, to the point that there are no more wars and people are less afraid of her.
Yoru then tiredly mumbles that she hates Chainsaw Man because he may very well be responsible for everyone forgetting her entirely.
Asa responds by asking if Yoru is afraid of being forgotten, something I actually had not expected.
When the first chapter of Part Two revealed that Yoru wanted to make Chainsaw Man “vomit nuclear weapons back up”, I thought this was simply a means for her to regain her lost power and influence as a devil.
Well, Fujimoto seems to be hinting here that Yoru’s motives for wanting Chainsaw Man dead are a much more human one: being forgotten; a fear many of us can sympathise with.
Before this can be elaborated on further, Asa realises that Yoru has fallen asleep.
She then goes on to have her own thoughts about Chainsaw Man and we can see that they have changed somewhat.
While Asa once did not care if she lived or died, following the death of Bucky, now she is glad to be alive, seemingly because of Yuko’s friendship, so she is thankful to Chainsaw Man for saving her.
And what is Asa’s hero doing the next day at school?
Well, using himself as a chair for a girl, of course.
This is interrupted when Yoshida sends a fellow student to retrieve him and the two have another discussion outside the classroom.
Yoshida came to give Denji his ID card back, which Denji purposefully left at the sight of his fight with the Cockroach Devil, so people would realize he is Chainsaw Man.
Before giving it back, however, Yoshida asks Denji why he was acting as a chair in class.
Denji explains he did it for ten yen, which makes sense, since he is raising Nayuta now so would need money, even if ten yen is not much.
Also, I am sure that a girl sitting on him is an added benefit for Denji.
Hearing his explanation, Yoshida decides to pay Denji to be his chair, so he can have the time to convince him not to reveal his identity.
Denji refuses, not wanting a guy to sit on him.
Then, in the next big laugh of the chapter, Yoshida offers him a lot more money and the next panel shows Denji acting as his chair.
Denji insists he will reveal his identity as Chainsaw Man so he can get a girlfriend.
To remedy this problem, Yoshida decides to become Denji’s wingman, hoping that him getting a girlfriend will stop him from trying to reveal himself.
Denji says his type is a girl who is desperate for a boyfriend.
If only Yoshida knew a girl who practically threw herself at him when they first met.
Oh, wait.
Sure enough, the next page shows that Denji and Yoshida are now eating with Asa on the roof.
Although this is another funny transition, I do have slightly mixed feelings about it.
On the one hand, the settup for this being how Asa meets Denji was fantastic.
Of course, Denji was desperate for a girlfriend; so, of course, Yoshida would try to pair Denji up with the girl who seemed desperate for a boyfriend.
On the other hand, it is weird that Yoshida would try to hook up Denji with Asa, when he probably suspects her of being possessed by a devil.
Then again, I may have been overestimating Yoshida’s intellect when he first Asa, so maybe he does not know about Yoru, which would explain it.
Either way, the first interaction between Denji and Asa is expectedly hilarious.
As soon as Yoshida says Denji is a fan of Chainsaw Man, Asa pulls a face but Denji, being the loveable moron that he is, fails to pick up on it.
What follows is an argument between the two, as Asa constantly criticizes Chainsaw Man, while Denji angrily defends him, with lots of great humor.
For example, Asa says Chainsaw Man is a horny creep for only saving women, causing Denji to defensively hit back that he has a pure heart.
Then, there is the moment when Asa gets sick of Denji defending Chainsaw Man so yells at him, “Chainsaw Man superfans will defend him over anything! I hate that too!”
It really felt like Fujimoto throwing shade at the readers but in a good natured way.
However, the joke that got the biggest laugh out of me during this argument, was when Asa said that Chainsaw Man probably eats people, to which Denji denies… “Okay, even if he did, it was just the one time!”
This reference to when Denji ate Makima at the end of Part One was absolutley hilarious and had me laughing my head off.
Throughout the argument, Asa keeps saying that Denji’s defensive statements about Chainsaw Man are things he cannot even know about.
Her constantly saying this drives Denji to his breaking point, resulting in him revealing to her that he is Chainsaw Man, only for her to call him a loser and storm off, seemingly not believing him.
Yoshida appears to help her come to this conclusion, by pulling a posture that looks embarrassed on Denji’s behalf, which Asa notices.
If this was Yoshida trying to subtly influence Asa’s conclusion about Denji’s claim, then it was a very smart play from him.
The chapter then ends on a frustrated Denji shouting that he really is Chainsaw Man, while Asa walks down the stairs from the roof, a blank expression on her face.
This expression makes me wonder if Asa really does not believe Denji.
After all, she knows from Yoru that Chainsaw Man goes to her school.
Maybe her calling him a loser and storming off was her way of covering up that she knows, or at the very least suspects that Denji is telling the truth.
It will also be interesting to see what Yoru thinks about all this.
If she also believes Denji is Chainsaw Man, then it will be full steam ahead for her war against him.
In the end, we will have to wait two weeks to find out if Asa and Yoru believe Denji.
Chapter 104 is a fantastic chapter of Chainsaw Man, delivering the best laughs of Part Two.
It made me excited for the future moments of hilarity that Fujimoto will bring to his story.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 103, Denji Dream Review: Chainsaw Meets Octopus.

After two weeks of waiting, Tatsuki Fujimoto delivered what feels like the shortest chapter of Chainsaw Man Part Two yet, Chapter 103, “Denji Dream.”
However, “Denji Dream” being a short chapter does not mean it was uneventful.
Far from it because we finally got to see Denji in his human form, interacting with other characters.
In previous reviews, I theorized that we would only be seeing him as Chainsaw Man for a while, until Asa eventually meets Denji at school.
This chapter proved that theory wrong, with the opening scene building up to Denji’s reintroduction quite well.
Chapter 103 begins by showing the impact Chainsaw Man has had on the world.
The first few panels show off people wearing T-Shirts of him, using his likeness as a mascot for second-hand clothing, and there is even a blimp attempting to warn people about him by stating, “Chainsaw Man is a Man-Eating Devil.”
This conflicting public perception of seeing Denji as a saviour and a monster is reflected in the following TV interview panels, where numerous people give their opinions on Chainsaw Man.
Among these are some pretty humorous takes, like one man who believes Chainsaw Man is just American propaganda, a teenage girl who wants Chainsaw-Man’s number, and finally an elderly woman who believes he ate the cat that he saved in the previous chapter.
So, of course, the first panel on the following page is Denji looking offended at this old woman’s claim.
He then proceeds to defend his secret identity, before attempting to give Chainsaw Man’s number so the girl who spoke earlier would call him.
However, he is cut off by the cameraman who says he can’t give his phone number on television.
It’s funny that this cameraman is smart enough to know Denji is giving his own number so the girl will call him, yet is completley unaware of him being Chainsaw Man.
Next, the TV reporter has a crowd of Chainsaw Man supporters stand togethor and chant his name in support for the cameras, which Denji looks on at in pride, putting his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest.
Way to be subtle about being Chainsaw Man, Denji.
Thankfully, before Denji can expose his identity, Yoshida shows up and we get our first encounter between Chainsaw Man and the contractor of the Octopus Devil since the International Assassins Arc… which Denji humourously acts like he does not remember.
Yoshida treats him anyway, taking him to a cafe where Denji orders an absurd amount of food.
Yoshida acts as if meeting Denji was a coincidence but Denji quickly deduces that he has been following him.
It’s interesting that, even though Denji is an idiot, he has quite a few moments of brilliance.
Yoshida comes clean, confessing that he is part of an organization that wants to keep an eye on Denji, who does not seem too bothered about his identity potentially being discovered.
Realizing this, Yoshida attempts to blackmail Denji into keeping his identity secret, threatening to withhold the utensils Denji needs to eat his cake.
Cue Denji having another moment of genius idiocy, as he uses his hand as a knife to cut the cake and then eat it.
Yoshida then attempts to use logic to dissuade Denji from risking his secret identity as Chainsaw Man by continuing to fight Devils, saying he does not seem the altruistic type, but Denji says he actually wants people to learn he is Chainsaw Man.
After this statement, the waitress comes back with the drinks the two ordered, and comedically seems to falter when she notices Denji eating with his hands, although Fujimoto does not show their face, so this is a subtle bit of humor.
When the waitress leaves, Yoshida questions why Denji wants his identity discovered and Denji declares that it is because then the ladies will be all over him.
Classic Denji.
Yoshida attempts to argue with this but stops mid-sentence, as if he realized Denji is sort of right about this.
The final panel then shows Yoshida staring at Denji, stumped at how to proceed, with Denji just continuing to eat his cake, a photo of a caged bird hung between them.
What the caged bird symbolises, I can only guess.
Usually, it would be some kind of representation for how the characters are trapped.
I am not sure how this would apply to Yoshida but maybe Fujimoto means to suggest that Denji is somehow caged by his antics as Chainsaw Man?
Or maybe the bird is symbolising Asa and Yoru, with Yoru’s devil form being that of a bird before she possessed Asa?
This could be hinting at them coming into Denji’s life.
Or maybe the photo of a bird is just a photo of a bird and I am reading too much into this?
As for Asa, however, I do think this chapter opens up a chance for her and Yoru to meet Denji.
Yoshida now knows Denji is looking for a girlfriend and Yoru did proposition him as Asa in Chapter 99, so maybe he could try to set the two up to get a leash on Denji?
Although, Yoshida seemed to notice that Asa was possessed by a devil when they met, so I don’t know why he would want to try and get her and Denji togethor, when he wants Denji far away from devils so he doesn’t expose his identity.
As for the unnamed secret organization Yoshida now works with, maybe this could be how we meet other characters who survived Part One, like Kishibe and Kobeni?
With Denji back, we also might see Nayuta soon as well and learn what their relationship is like.
Either way, it is good to have Denji back and I look forward to seeing how he will eventually meet and undoubtedly come into conflict with Asa and Yoru.
We might have to wait a bit though because it seems that Fujimoto is now sticking to a two week release schedule for Part Two, which makes sense, since he should not overwork himself.