Chainsaw Man Chapter 103, Denji Dream Review: Chainsaw Meets Octopus.

After two weeks of waiting, Tatsuki Fujimoto delivered what feels like the shortest chapter of Chainsaw Man Part Two yet, Chapter 103, “Denji Dream.”
However, “Denji Dream” being a short chapter does not mean it was uneventful.
Far from it because we finally got to see Denji in his human form, interacting with other characters.
In previous reviews, I theorized that we would only be seeing him as Chainsaw Man for a while, until Asa eventually meets Denji at school.
This chapter proved that theory wrong, with the opening scene building up to Denji’s reintroduction quite well.
Chapter 103 begins by showing the impact Chainsaw Man has had on the world.
The first few panels show off people wearing T-Shirts of him, using his likeness as a mascot for second-hand clothing, and there is even a blimp attempting to warn people about him by stating, “Chainsaw Man is a Man-Eating Devil.”
This conflicting public perception of seeing Denji as a saviour and a monster is reflected in the following TV interview panels, where numerous people give their opinions on Chainsaw Man.
Among these are some pretty humorous takes, like one man who believes Chainsaw Man is just American propaganda, a teenage girl who wants Chainsaw-Man’s number, and finally an elderly woman who believes he ate the cat that he saved in the previous chapter.
So, of course, the first panel on the following page is Denji looking offended at this old woman’s claim.
He then proceeds to defend his secret identity, before attempting to give Chainsaw Man’s number so the girl who spoke earlier would call him.
However, he is cut off by the cameraman who says he can’t give his phone number on television.
It’s funny that this cameraman is smart enough to know Denji is giving his own number so the girl will call him, yet is completley unaware of him being Chainsaw Man.
Next, the TV reporter has a crowd of Chainsaw Man supporters stand togethor and chant his name in support for the cameras, which Denji looks on at in pride, putting his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest.
Way to be subtle about being Chainsaw Man, Denji.
Thankfully, before Denji can expose his identity, Yoshida shows up and we get our first encounter between Chainsaw Man and the contractor of the Octopus Devil since the International Assassins Arc… which Denji humourously acts like he does not remember.
Yoshida treats him anyway, taking him to a cafe where Denji orders an absurd amount of food.
Yoshida acts as if meeting Denji was a coincidence but Denji quickly deduces that he has been following him.
It’s interesting that, even though Denji is an idiot, he has quite a few moments of brilliance.
Yoshida comes clean, confessing that he is part of an organization that wants to keep an eye on Denji, who does not seem too bothered about his identity potentially being discovered.
Realizing this, Yoshida attempts to blackmail Denji into keeping his identity secret, threatening to withhold the utensils Denji needs to eat his cake.
Cue Denji having another moment of genius idiocy, as he uses his hand as a knife to cut the cake and then eat it.
Yoshida then attempts to use logic to dissuade Denji from risking his secret identity as Chainsaw Man by continuing to fight Devils, saying he does not seem the altruistic type, but Denji says he actually wants people to learn he is Chainsaw Man.
After this statement, the waitress comes back with the drinks the two ordered, and comedically seems to falter when she notices Denji eating with his hands, although Fujimoto does not show their face, so this is a subtle bit of humor.
When the waitress leaves, Yoshida questions why Denji wants his identity discovered and Denji declares that it is because then the ladies will be all over him.
Classic Denji.
Yoshida attempts to argue with this but stops mid-sentence, as if he realized Denji is sort of right about this.
The final panel then shows Yoshida staring at Denji, stumped at how to proceed, with Denji just continuing to eat his cake, a photo of a caged bird hung between them.
What the caged bird symbolises, I can only guess.
Usually, it would be some kind of representation for how the characters are trapped.
I am not sure how this would apply to Yoshida but maybe Fujimoto means to suggest that Denji is somehow caged by his antics as Chainsaw Man?
Or maybe the bird is symbolising Asa and Yoru, with Yoru’s devil form being that of a bird before she possessed Asa?
This could be hinting at them coming into Denji’s life.
Or maybe the photo of a bird is just a photo of a bird and I am reading too much into this?
As for Asa, however, I do think this chapter opens up a chance for her and Yoru to meet Denji.
Yoshida now knows Denji is looking for a girlfriend and Yoru did proposition him as Asa in Chapter 99, so maybe he could try to set the two up to get a leash on Denji?
Although, Yoshida seemed to notice that Asa was possessed by a devil when they met, so I don’t know why he would want to try and get her and Denji togethor, when he wants Denji far away from devils so he doesn’t expose his identity.
As for the unnamed secret organization Yoshida now works with, maybe this could be how we meet other characters who survived Part One, like Kishibe and Kobeni?
With Denji back, we also might see Nayuta soon as well and learn what their relationship is like.
Either way, it is good to have Denji back and I look forward to seeing how he will eventually meet and undoubtedly come into conflict with Asa and Yoru.
We might have to wait a bit though because it seems that Fujimoto is now sticking to a two week release schedule for Part Two, which makes sense, since he should not overwork himself.

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