Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, Spoiler Review: Funniest Chapter in Part Two Yet.

One thing I love about Tatsuki Fujimoto’s writing is his style of humor.
I can recall multiple times when I have burst out into laughter reading his one shots, Fire Punch and, of course, Chainsaw Man. 
Well, Fujimoto delivered on the humor again this week, with Chainsaw Man Chapter 104, “Spoiler”, being the funniest chapter of Part Two so far.
The beginning of the chapter itself is quite humorous, as it opens with Yoru jumping on Asa’s bed, repeatedly punching a pillow and then screaming into it, all from the shame of being saved by her enemy: Chainsaw Man.
Seeing the War Devil act like a teenage girl, as well as looking like one, is a pretty funny concept, one which does not amuse Asa, who is busy trying to sleep.
Yoru’s anger prompts Asa to ask her why she hates Chainsaw Man so much and Yoru talks about the fight she had alongside other devils with him, which Makima mentioned in the final arc of Part One.
Chainsaw Man apparently ate a part of Yoru during their battle, severely weakening her, to the point that there are no more wars and people are less afraid of her.
Yoru then tiredly mumbles that she hates Chainsaw Man because he may very well be responsible for everyone forgetting her entirely.
Asa responds by asking if Yoru is afraid of being forgotten, something I actually had not expected.
When the first chapter of Part Two revealed that Yoru wanted to make Chainsaw Man “vomit nuclear weapons back up”, I thought this was simply a means for her to regain her lost power and influence as a devil.
Well, Fujimoto seems to be hinting here that Yoru’s motives for wanting Chainsaw Man dead are a much more human one: being forgotten; a fear many of us can sympathise with.
Before this can be elaborated on further, Asa realises that Yoru has fallen asleep.
She then goes on to have her own thoughts about Chainsaw Man and we can see that they have changed somewhat.
While Asa once did not care if she lived or died, following the death of Bucky, now she is glad to be alive, seemingly because of Yuko’s friendship, so she is thankful to Chainsaw Man for saving her.
And what is Asa’s hero doing the next day at school?
Well, using himself as a chair for a girl, of course.
This is interrupted when Yoshida sends a fellow student to retrieve him and the two have another discussion outside the classroom.
Yoshida came to give Denji his ID card back, which Denji purposefully left at the sight of his fight with the Cockroach Devil, so people would realize he is Chainsaw Man.
Before giving it back, however, Yoshida asks Denji why he was acting as a chair in class.
Denji explains he did it for ten yen, which makes sense, since he is raising Nayuta now so would need money, even if ten yen is not much.
Also, I am sure that a girl sitting on him is an added benefit for Denji.
Hearing his explanation, Yoshida decides to pay Denji to be his chair, so he can have the time to convince him not to reveal his identity.
Denji refuses, not wanting a guy to sit on him.
Then, in the next big laugh of the chapter, Yoshida offers him a lot more money and the next panel shows Denji acting as his chair.
Denji insists he will reveal his identity as Chainsaw Man so he can get a girlfriend.
To remedy this problem, Yoshida decides to become Denji’s wingman, hoping that him getting a girlfriend will stop him from trying to reveal himself.
Denji says his type is a girl who is desperate for a boyfriend.
If only Yoshida knew a girl who practically threw herself at him when they first met.
Oh, wait.
Sure enough, the next page shows that Denji and Yoshida are now eating with Asa on the roof.
Although this is another funny transition, I do have slightly mixed feelings about it.
On the one hand, the settup for this being how Asa meets Denji was fantastic.
Of course, Denji was desperate for a girlfriend; so, of course, Yoshida would try to pair Denji up with the girl who seemed desperate for a boyfriend.
On the other hand, it is weird that Yoshida would try to hook up Denji with Asa, when he probably suspects her of being possessed by a devil.
Then again, I may have been overestimating Yoshida’s intellect when he first Asa, so maybe he does not know about Yoru, which would explain it.
Either way, the first interaction between Denji and Asa is expectedly hilarious.
As soon as Yoshida says Denji is a fan of Chainsaw Man, Asa pulls a face but Denji, being the loveable moron that he is, fails to pick up on it.
What follows is an argument between the two, as Asa constantly criticizes Chainsaw Man, while Denji angrily defends him, with lots of great humor.
For example, Asa says Chainsaw Man is a horny creep for only saving women, causing Denji to defensively hit back that he has a pure heart.
Then, there is the moment when Asa gets sick of Denji defending Chainsaw Man so yells at him, “Chainsaw Man superfans will defend him over anything! I hate that too!”
It really felt like Fujimoto throwing shade at the readers but in a good natured way.
However, the joke that got the biggest laugh out of me during this argument, was when Asa said that Chainsaw Man probably eats people, to which Denji denies… “Okay, even if he did, it was just the one time!”
This reference to when Denji ate Makima at the end of Part One was absolutley hilarious and had me laughing my head off.
Throughout the argument, Asa keeps saying that Denji’s defensive statements about Chainsaw Man are things he cannot even know about.
Her constantly saying this drives Denji to his breaking point, resulting in him revealing to her that he is Chainsaw Man, only for her to call him a loser and storm off, seemingly not believing him.
Yoshida appears to help her come to this conclusion, by pulling a posture that looks embarrassed on Denji’s behalf, which Asa notices.
If this was Yoshida trying to subtly influence Asa’s conclusion about Denji’s claim, then it was a very smart play from him.
The chapter then ends on a frustrated Denji shouting that he really is Chainsaw Man, while Asa walks down the stairs from the roof, a blank expression on her face.
This expression makes me wonder if Asa really does not believe Denji.
After all, she knows from Yoru that Chainsaw Man goes to her school.
Maybe her calling him a loser and storming off was her way of covering up that she knows, or at the very least suspects that Denji is telling the truth.
It will also be interesting to see what Yoru thinks about all this.
If she also believes Denji is Chainsaw Man, then it will be full steam ahead for her war against him.
In the end, we will have to wait two weeks to find out if Asa and Yoru believe Denji.
Chapter 104 is a fantastic chapter of Chainsaw Man, delivering the best laughs of Part Two.
It made me excited for the future moments of hilarity that Fujimoto will bring to his story.

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