Chainsaw Man Chapter 117, Penguin and Weapon Review: Damn it, Yoru!

The cliffhanger for Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man raised a lot of questions about what would happen next.
Well, the cliffhanger for Chapter 117 “Penguin and Weapon” just topped that with the best cliffhanger for Part Two of the manga so far.
“Penguin and Weapon” begins with, well, a penguin.
While Asa uses the one million yen to buy the endless aquarium in her mind, Deni begins to have an internal debate, remembering that he decided to stop mindlessly obeying girls, yet still pondering continuing to do so because Asa offered him anything he wanted.
However, Denji is distracted from his inner thoughts when he sees a penguin and grabs it just as Asa transforms the aquarium into a weapon, freeing her and the rest of the captives from the Eternity Devil’s hold.
What follows is an epic panel of Asa facing off against the enraged Eternity Devil who calls her a moron for thinking she could buy an aquarium with just a million yen.
He then goes to attack her, while cursing Fami, only for Yoshida to interfere with the Octopus Devil, giving Yoru enough time to take control of Asa’s body.
Yoru then  proceeds to give the aquarium back to the Eternity Devil, chucking her weapon at it, which launches a whole school of fish and sharks through the Eternity Devil’s stomach, killing it.
As Yoru revels in her victory, we get some interesting reactions from two of the other characters.
The first of these is Haruka, who seems to recognise Asa and Yoru’s power.
This would make sense if he knows about Fami being a Devil.
Much more interesting, however, is Yoshida, who spies Fami looking down at Asa in disappointment.
Yoshida and Fami then have a brief stare down.
So Yoshida definitley knows who Fami is.
This and his mention of the Death Devil in a previous chapter make him the most suspicious character in the manga, right now.
I am incredibly curious to see exactly what he knows and what his motives are.
In the aftermath of their escape, Denji is sadly forced to part ways with his penguin before walking Asa home.
Denji then decides what he wants from Asa; another date, as he will teach her how to have great ones.
Of course, in typical Fujimoto fashion, this wholesome moment is interrupted by something screwed up.
Yoru appears and senses that Asa now has feelings for Denji and proceeds with her plan, taking control of Asa’s body, placing a hand on Denji’s head and saying, “Denji spinal cord sword.”
Damn it, Yoru; they were having a moment!
The chapter then ends on this massive cliffhanger of Yoru trying to weaponize Denji, like she did Asa’s teacher.
Just like with the Chapter 116 cliffhanger, the question is, “will this work?”
It would be pretty awkward for nothing to happen, as Denji just stands there thinking Asa’s weird.
However, I think it will work, and Yoru will make a weapon out of Denji’s decaptiated head and spinal cord.
That being said, Denji is definitley not dying.
We have seen that he is pretty much immortal in Part One of the manga.
I think only removing Pochita’s heart can truly kill him.
So next chapter, I would not be surprised to see Yoru boasting about having a new weapon, while Asa freaks out, only for Denji’s decapitated head to also start freaking out, this causing Yoru to join Asa in freaking out.
In one promotional image for the manga, we saw Asa holding a chainsaw, and I think this was symbolising her and Yoru weaponizing Denji’s chainsaw abilities while he is still alive due to his immortality.
Once this whole debacle is over with, I can definitley see Denji, Asa and Yoru working togethor to fight Fami, and maybe Yoshida if he turns out to be against them.
This is all assuming that Yoru’s attempt to weaponize Denji works, though.
Maybe Fujimoto has something else planned.
After the cliffhanger, I am eager to see what will happen in Chapter 118.

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