Chainsaw Man Chapter 109, The Easy Way to Stop Bullying Review: They Finally Meet.

Going into Chapter 109 of Chainsaw Man, “The Easy Way to Stop Bullying”, I was excited to see what Fujimoto would do with the new devil (either Death or Famine) he introduced last chapter.
It was for this reason that I was slightly disappointed to see that this devil had mysteriously vanished.
That said, what we got in this chapter was still quite good, and it is not as if Fujimoto is dropping this character he literally just introduced.
I just need to be a bit more paitient for him to reveal more about the new character.
“The Easy Way to Stop Bullying” begins with the now resurrected and overpowered Yuko destroying the school in the hopes to put an end to bullying once and for all.
Nobody tell Yuko that bullying can also take place outside of school.
Yuko’s attack is temporarily halted by the recently arrived Devil Hunters who were definitley not prepared for a devil this strong, as Yuko easily kills them, declaring them bullies.
She is clearly way too far gone, at this point.
That being said, Yuko still does have some sympathetic qualities, as she becomes concerned when she sees Asa unconcious on the floor.
Despite her sense of justice being entirely warped, some human part of Yuko cares for her friend.
Unfortunately, this results in violence as she finally finds the last of Asa’s bullies and prepares to kill her.
A good thing that Chainsaw Man is here to save the day because Denji emerges and puts on his heroic act, before finally revealing himself as Chainsaw Man and saving the girl.
Predictably, Yuko is not prepared at all to fight him, even though she recently had a power-up.
Yuko does have one ace up her sleeve, however: her mind reading ability.
But, Denji being Denji, he is not thinking about the fight at all.
No, instead he is thinking about how to naturally expose his secret identity.
Honestly, I’m not sure if this is unintentional genius on Denji’s part or just his stupidity saving him again.
Either way, it’s incredibly funny.
As for Denji himself, though, I do want to briefly touch upon his physical appearance.
There has been a theory flying around about him being depressed and I buy this theory more with every chapter I see him.
In Part Two, Fujimoto has drawn Denji to look rather tired, with bags under his eyes.
He is probably under a lot of pressure, caring for Nayuta, Meowy and Makima’s dogs.
This could be why he is so desperate to expose himself as Chainsaw Man so he can get a girlfriend, as it’s just to make himself feel better about his life.
Quite sympathetic if this is the case.
After Denji concludes his fight with Yuko, Asa wakes up, only to look up and see Chainsaw Man.
Yoru then takes over and we finally get our first confrontation between the two, which has been hyped up right from the beginning of Part Two.
The chapter then ends with the two staring each other down as Denji stands over Yuko’s body… head?
As for the cliffhanger, it would not surprise me if it had some kind of comedic follow up.
Yoru is half naked after all and Denji being Denji I would not be surprised if he became distracted during their confrontation because of this.
Also, Yuko is almost definitley dead now so Asa is clearly not going to be happy about that.
One thing that also interests me just as much as the first confrontation between Denji and Yoru is the fate of the girl Yuko almost killed.
As far as we know, she is still alive and she definitley saw Denji transform, unlike Asa who was unconcious.
So, either this girl is going to die to preserve Denji’s identity, exposes him, or she will stay quiet about it.
If she lives, I wonder if this will make her a recurring character?
There are quite a few ways this could all be followed up on in Chapter 110 and I am interested to see what Fujimoto goes with.
“The Easy Way to Stop Bullying” is another good Chainsaw Man chapter, which ends on an exciting cliffhanger for next week.

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