Chainsaw Man Chapter 108, Something Important to Asa Review: Death or Famine?

Tatsuki Fujimoto is, without a dobut, the most unpredictable writer whose work I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
Almost every single time I think I know where one of his stories is going, he turns it in a completley different direction.
This unpredictable style continues in Chapter 108 of Chainsaw Man, “Something Important to Asa”, which ends with a character introduction I never saw coming.
The chapter begins by picking up from the cliffhanger of Chapter 107, where Yuko screamed at Asa that she must absolutley not do what she is planning.
Going into Chapter 108, I thought Asa’s plan might be something that involves endangering her life, which would upset Yuko, since she wants to protect her.
Instead, we got something much more humorous.
Asa’s actual plan is to turn her school uniform into a weapon, which she does, turning it into a sword, and leaving her only in her bra and underwear.
It turns out that Yuko was so horrified because she just wanted to protect her friend’s modesty.
Now looking like a Kill la Kill character with her uniform weapon, Asa threatens to slice Yuko up if she does not stop her rampage.
However, Yuko uses the justification that if she kills Asa’s bullies then this will scare other bullies into stopping their torment across Japan, making her “a symbol of justice… like Chainsaw Man.”
This once again shows the negative impact of Denji’s actions, since Yuko was unintentionally influenced by him to start this attack.
Asa is taken aback by this expanation for a moment, which does make me wonder if this will be another reason for her to hate Chainsaw Man after this fight is over.
Could she end up blaming him for his unintentional role in inspiring Yuko?
Following this, we do get a curious moment where Yoru questions Yuko about what she got in exchange for the Justice Devil’s power.
Yuko responds, “There was no ‘give.’ I only recieved.”
This is interesting because pretty much all devils recieve something from their human hosts when they lend them their power.
So, is the Justice Devil unique, or is this a new trend emerging among the devils?
We do not have to ponder on this for long, though, because Yuko attempts to go and kill Asa’s last bully, only for Asa to lunge at her with her uniform sword, which Yuko easily deflects.
Yoru calls her weak and Yuko tells Asa that any attack on her pointless.
Yet, as Yuko says this very line, we see a slight split in her neck.
The very next page is a full spread of Yuko being sliced to pieces in some kind of delayed attack from Asa’s sword.
Now covered in the blood of her friend, Asa is horrified, while Yoru is impressed by the strength of her weapon.
Asa explains that it is because the uniform she used as a weapon was something her mother gave her before she died, making “Something Important to Asa” a pretty fitting title.
This also seems to indicate that when Asa creates a weapon using the War Devil’s power, it will be much more powerful that Yoru.
Asa is still horrified by the carnage, which causes her to remember Bucky’s death and the guilt she experienced from that, only for her mental state to worsen when Yuko dies in front of her from her injuries.
And then we get the surprise character introduction of the chapter.
A random girl leaning against a doorway suddenly asks Asa if she wants to save Yuko because she can do it.
Asa nervously replies yes and the strange girl seems to slump, as if being taken over.
Then, when she next looks down on Asa, we see her eyes are the same spirals as Yoru and Makima.
“Anything for my little sister,” the girl says.
While this is happening, the Devil Hunters finally arrive to deal with Yuko, only for her to crash right out of the building, fully revived and way, way bigger, bringing an end to the chapter.
So, who is the random girl who just revived Yuko?
Well, it is pretty obvious that she is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, just like Makima and Yoru.
We know this because she has the same eyes as the two and also calls Asa “sister,” although she is likely refurring to Yoru here.
The girl slumping over briefly before approaching Asa also seems to indicate that this horseman is sharing the body of a student, just like Yoru is sharing Asa’s body.
So, now that we know the girl is a horseman, the question is which one?
Makima was Conquest and Yoru is War, so that leaves Death and Famine.
To me, Death seems like the most obvious Horseman because she did just literally revive Yuko from the dead.
However, I do not want to entirely discount Famine because other readers have pointed out that her earrings are the “scales of balance”, something related to Famine apparently.
Although, I do not know how Famine could revive Yuko, so Death seems much more likely to me.
Either way, I am highly intrigued to see what this horseman’s role in the story is and what they are doing at Asa’s school.
Did they come here searching for Yoru or Chainsaw Man?
Did Yoru know about them beforehand, or did she just learn they were here?
There are so many possibilities with the introduction of this latest horseman, making me even more excited for the next chapter.
Overall, “Something Important to Asa” is another fantastic Chainsaw Man chapter, which once again showcases Fujimoto’s unpredictable style as a writer through his sudden introduction of one of the four horsemen.

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