Vinland Saga Chapter 191, The Day Review: One of Vinland Saga’s Best Chapters.

It has been a frew months since Vinland Saga Chapter 191, “The Day”, came out but in that time I have thought of it so often to the point that I just had to do a review of it.
I thought it was one of the best chapters of the manga when I first read and I still think the same thing months later.
“The Day” begins simple enough, with a now 27-year-old Thorfinn working the field in his settlement of Arnheid’s Town in Vinland.
A narration says that “the day has come” for him.
At first, this seems to mean something simple, with Thorfinn seeing the fruits of everyone’s labour, as Hild has designed a machine that helps process the wheat, so that the settlers can make bread much faster.
This is not only good for Thorfinn’s new settlement but also for Hild, who is praised endlessly for her invention, much to her embarrassment, although one older settler humously declares her invention witchcraft and runs off.
While the other settlers humor the old man, someone who should not be humored is Ivar, who still believes Thorfinn must pick up a sword to be a true leader.
I understand where he is coming from but he very well may set the settlers on a course of destruction against the Native Americans who, for now, seem to be getting on well with the settlers, as Bug Eyes continues to teach Nisqua their language, even getting her to call Gudrid an idiot when she annoys him.
Seeing the settlers get on so well with the natives provides hope for Thorfinn and Einar, which is further heightened when Gudrid, Karli and Hild bring them their first batch of bread.
Einar agrees with Thorfinn’s sentiment of how far they have come, before the panel cuts to another one below of the Arnheid bust, named after the woman Einar loved who unfortunately did not live to see this day: A day which brings further joy as Gudrid informs Thorfinn that she is pregnant.
This, of course, causes Karli to ask where babies come from, to which his adoptive parents are understandably reluctant to get into.
So, in the end, what is the big event of this titular “day” that the chapter title is referring to for Thorfinn?
Is it the day that he finally saw the fruits of their labour, or the day that he learned he would be a father again?
Well, I think it is both, but most of all it is the day where he earns the forgiveness of the one he wronged all those years ago: Hild.
Finally seeing that Thorfinn has truly redeemed himself and created the peaceful land he wished to, Hild decides that holding onto her revenge is pointless and removes her headband, turning to Thorfinn and telling her that she forgives him in a beautiful panel.
This was quite the surprising moment for me because I expected Hild’s forgiveness of Thorfinn to come during a big moment but the forgiveness itself is the big moment.
It subverted my expectations in the best way possible.
Thorfinn understandably breaks down at Hild’s declaration, as she comforts him and declares he is a “true warrior” for fighting so hard for his redemption.
Einar and Gudrid are likewise brought to tears and young Karli is happy that his father and Hild made up, not understanding the context of this beautiful moment.
Chapter 191  then ends on another fantastic, full page panel of Hild comforting Thorfinn, following her forgiveness.
This was such a beautiful moment and one of Vinland Saga’s best scenes, in my opinion.
Not only is the artwork stellar but the character writing is as well, with Hild’s forgiveness being brilliantly simple.
“The Day” is a chapter where Thorfinn sees the fruits of labour, love and forgiveness and it is easily one of Vinland Saga’s greatest chapters for the beautiful ending alone.  

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