Psycho-Pass: The Movie – This Should Have Been Season Two.

3 and a half stars
I love the first season of Psycho-Pass.
It is an intense cyberpunk anime with great characters and thought provoking material.
Psycho-Pass 2, on the other hand, is a complete mess with terrible new characters and incredibly dumb storytelling that has numerous plot holes.
As a result of this disappointing sequel series, I was put off watching Psycho-Pass: The Movie but I finally got around to watching it the other day.
Coming into the film, I was both hopeful and concerned.
Hopeful because the directors of the original season, Katsuyuki Motohiro and Naoyoshi Shiotani, were returning.
Concerned because this would be a follow up of the second season.
So, how did Psycho-Pass: The Movie deal with the terrible story telling from its predecessor?
Why by completely ignoring it, thank god!
This time around, the story sees Akane Tsunemori travel from Japan to the Southeast Asia Union, meaning the events of Psycho-Pass 2 are barely acknowledged.
And while the terrible character of  Mika Shimotsuki is still there, she mercifully gets barely any screen time.
No, that screen time goes to Akane and Shinya Kogami, who it was great to see return.

Kogami and Akane
It was fun to see Akane and Kogami working together again, especially after Kogami’s absence in Psycho Pass 2.

Both remain great characters with a lot of depth and the crime they are investigating is just as interesting, along with its commentary.
I was very intrigued to see how the Sybil System was being implemented in other countries and the implications of this.
Although, I will say, it does feel a little rushed.
It would have been better if this was a series rather than a movie because there would have been a lot more time to flesh out the story and villains.
Honestly, I wish this had been the second season and Psycho-Pass 2 never existed.
However, despite the rushed quality, I was still intrigued by the commentary and the action is decent enough to keep viewers engaged.
This results in an entertaining film that, while nowhere near as brilliant as the first Psycho-Pass season, feels like a nice return to form.
I do have to advise you to watch the English Dub though.
I prefer the Subs when watching the series but the Dub is definitely better when watching the film.
This is because many of the characters speak English and, since they are voiced by Japanese voice actors, their pronunciation is pretty laughable.

The Sub is often hilariously terrible, due to the awful English.

If you want to take the movie seriously then you should watch the English Dub first, before watching the Sub to get a good laugh.
Psycho-Pass: The Movie is a definite step up from the second season, and gives me hope for more good things to come in the Psycho-Pass universe.
Especially with a third season coming soon, which I am very eager to see how it will turn out.


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