Westworld Delivers Another Fantastic Episode at its Midway Point.

5 stars
I swear, every time Dolores becomes my favourite character Maeve just has to do something that overtakes her.
It is like a constant tug of war between the two, where one minute Dolores is my favourite the next it is Maeve.
Well, once again, Maeve has been reinstated as my favourite Westworld character with season two episode five, Akane No Mai.
The halfway point of the second season delivered another fantastic episode here, with most of it taking place in the newly introduced Shogun World, which had a lot of interesting surprises.
The first of these surprises came as Maeve and her group are marched into a village and encounter a very similar scenario before they realise that the hosts who have them captured are actually plagiarized versions of themselves.
Maeve’s version is Akane, played by Rinko Kikuchi, and Hector’s is Musashi, played by Hiroyuki Sanada.
Both these new additions to the cast did fantastic jobs, especially Kikuchi as Akane and watching the robbery scene from Westworld play out in Shogun World fashion was fun to watch.

Rinko Kikuchi did an excellent job this episode as Akane and I hope she joins the main cast.

After this we get the most important revelation of the episode when Maeve learns she can control hosts with her mind, using her new powers to force a ninja to kill himself.
This all culminates in a thrilling sequence where, after Akane brutally murders the Shogun for killing her world’s version of Clementine, Maeve forces the Shogun’s men to kill each other with her mind.
The episode ends on an exciting cliffhanger as Maeve prepares to take control of the entire Shogun army.
These moments, along with a few close moments she had with Akane, made Maeve my favourite Westworld character once again.

Maeve’s actions this episode made her my favourite character over Dolores again.

Aside from this, we also got some interesting moments with Dolores and Teddy.
Throughout all of their interactions this episode I had the sense that Dolores was probably going to do something terrible to Teddy and, after all the build up in previous episodes, this came to fruition.
After sharing an intimate moment with him, Dolores has one of the captive technicians change Teddy’s code because she knows he will not make it in the coming war.
Hopefully, what she did to Teddy will make him  more interesting because I have honestly never really been attached to him.
Akane No Mai was another fantastic episode that introduced us to Shogun World and made Maeve my favourite character again.
It was not as good as Riddle of the Sphinx but it was still excellent.

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