Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Make you Smile… but Also Roll Your Eyes.

3 and a half stars
There seems to be a lot of varying opinions about Solo: A Star Wars Story.
I have heard people say they hate it, I have heard people say they love it and I have heard people say it is good but with some bad moments.
If anything I think I fall into the final category because when watching Solo: A Star Wars Story I found myself grinning at its brilliant moments and rolling my eyes at it stupid moments.
Directed by Ron Howard, the film is actually very different from every Star Wars movie so far because, instead of it being about galactic space battles and the Force, it is a heist movie that centers around the origins of Han Solo and his friendship with Chewbaca.
That last thing I mentioned is something the film absolutely nails.
I loved how Han and Chewie met in the film and how they became such close friends.

Han and Chewbaca
Han and Chewbaca’s relationship is one of the best things about this movie.

As for Han Solo himself, the actor they got to play him, Alden Ehrenreich, does a good job with what he is given.
I had heard rumors, while the film was being made, that he was turning in a terrible performance but this was not true at all.
The problem I had with Han was more due to the writing because sometimes it did not really feel like our main character was a young Han Solo.
On some occasions it certainly did feel like him but, more often than not, he felt different.
However, what the film got wrong with Han, it made up for with Lando Calrissian, played by Donald Glover.
This was perfect casting and Glover did an absolutely fantastic job at portraying the charismatic, previous owner of the Millennium Falcon.

Donald Glover does an absolutely fantastic job as Lando, he was the perfect casting choice.

As for the other actors, like Ehrenreich, they do a good job with what they have given but, aside from Glover, there are no other fantastic performances.
Like I said though, Solo: A Star Wars Story had moments that made me grin at its brilliance, like when Han and Chewie met or when Han acquires the Millennium Falcon.
However, like I said, the movie does have some very stupid moments.
For example, the film actually explains how Han got his last name and the explanation was so dumb I literally facepalmed myself.
This movie also has a twist that had no purpose in the story and feels like it was used solely for fan service, rather than betterment of the story, and left me very confused.
This was an example of how not to do a twist.
Overall, Solo: A Star Wars Story had some truly excellent moments like the meeting between Han and Chewie and Glover’s portrayal of Lando, however it also had its colossally stupid moments that brought the movie down for me.
It is enjoyable but you will probably roll your eyes a bit in the theater.

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