The Legend of Korra finds its groove with Book Three: Change.

5 stars
Finally, Book Three of The Legend of Korra has lived up to the show’s potential.
When watching the first two seasons of The Legend of Korra, although I liked it for the most part, I felt like the show was missing something that would make it truly great.
But Book Three finally cracked that code because this season is just as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender.
After the mixed bag that was Book Two, this was an immensely welcome change of pace for the series.
Book Three centers around Korra, Tenzin and their friends searching the world for Air Benders after Korra’s actions during Harmonic Convergence at the end of Book Two jump-started the Air Bender population.
However, while this is happening, a man named Zaheer escapes from prison after gaining Air Bending and, after freeing three of his allies P’Li, Ming-Hua and Ghazan, sets out to capture Korra.
The story for this season is certainly much more thrilling than the previous one by introducing the concept of more Air Benders.

Bringing new Air Benders to the show was a good direction for the show to take.

We have not really seen that many Air Benders throughout the series, only Aang and his family so having a new resurgence of them was a good idea.
What helps this story is how the characters are utilized.
Thankfully, most of the problems I had with the characters last season were removed.
Korra and Mako were reverted to their usual, likable selves.
The one exception to this was Bolin, who I still found to be quite annoying but the rest of the characters are done so well that they make up for it.
Asami and Lin were also vastly improved from the last season.
In Book Two we did not see enough of them, especially Lin but here they get the screen time they deserve.
Lin not only had a point this season but her background was also explored through her half-sister Suyin, which was very interesting to watch play out.
I also loved how the show expanded on Korra and Asami’s friendship.
We get a lot of scenes with them bonding and helping one another out of tough situations.
And guess what?
There is no love triangle anymore, rejoice!
The love triangle was by far the biggest problem I had with the previous seasons so having it not featured definitely improved the story, for me.
We also got to meet various interesting new characters as well, like Suyin and her family.
But by far the best additions were Zaheer and his gang.

Zaheer, the big villain of Book Three.

These four characters are the best villains the Avatar series has had since Azula.
Zaheer is a really complex villain with interesting motivations and a curious outlook on life, and his fellow villains are just as interesting and entertaining.
As for the animation and music, it is just as great as it was in the last two seasons.
Another thing I really liked about this season was how a lot of the events mirrored what happened in Avatar: The Last Airbender in a respectful manner.
The events in Ba Sing Se felt like an homage to what happened in Book Two of Avatar and the final battle between Korra and Zaheer felt very similar to the final battle between Aang and Ozai at the end of the series but in a good way.
Speaking of the final battle, the final episode of this season, Venom of The Red Lotus, was incredible.
The ending left me feeling both happy and sad at the same time.
It is a very bitter sweet ending that left me tearing up, something that has not happened when watching the Avatar series since the original show.

korra is a wheelchair
The ending of Book Three is the saddest moment The Legend of Korra has given us.

Book Three of The Legend of Korra is just fantastic.
It is by far the best season so far with a great story and character development and a fantastic ending that left me eager to see what would happen in the final season Book 4.

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