The Legend of Korra, Book Two: Just as bad as it is good.

3 stars
Book One of the Legend of Korra was a great start to the show.
The only big problem I had with it was the annoying love triangle but I felt if the show dropped this then it could actually turn out to be good as Avatar: The Last Airbender.
However, after watching Book Two, I do have some doubts about the show going forward.
Book Two really showed me why people do not like The Legend of Korra because this season was a mixed bag in its entirety.
I found there was as much stuff I did not like as I did.
This season picks up six months after the previous and angry spirits are coming into the world and attacking people so it is up to Korra and her friends to figure out why.
To see why this season was a mixed bag you need only look at the structure of the story.
The first six episodes of this season are rather slow and disjointed.
It was hard to get invested in what is happening in these first six episodes.
However, from episode seven onwards, the show takes a massive step in the right direction.
This is especially apparent with episode seven and eight, titled Beginnings: Part One and Two.
These two episodes delve into the story of the first Avatar, named Wan, and are just fantastic.

Avatar Wan
Avatar Wan, the first Avatar, from the episodes Beginnings Part One and Two.

They are some of the best episodes in the entire Avatar series.
However, although I did think the second half of Book Two was far better than the first, it still had its problems, most notably in the finale.
Because, even though I was enjoying what was happening in the finale, a lot of it made absolutely no sense to me.
On top of that, it did feel pretty ridiculous at times.
It really did feel like the show had jumped the shark with the finale.
Another thing I did not like about Book Two was how it treated its characters.
For example, Korra was my favourite character in Book One but for the first six episodes of the season she is completely unlikable.
Bolin is annoying for most of the season and Mako’s treatment towards Korra and Asami in the back half of the season left me hating him by the end.
The only one of the four main characters who came out still completely likable was Asami but she does not get enough screen time.
Speaking of which, there are so many characters who were important in the first season and yet are barely in this one.
The worst offender of this is easily Lin.
She was my second favourite character next to Korra in Book One, yet here you could remove her from the story entirely and nothing would change.
But, although I did not like what they did with a lot of the old characters I did really like the new characters they introduced this season.
Korra’s parents were really likable and her cousins Eska and Desna were also a welcome edition.
Watching Tenzin’s connection with his newly introduced siblings Kya and Bumi also helped improve things.
But my favourite of the new characters would have to be Varrick.
He stole the show in every scene he was in and I cannot wait to see what they do with him in Book Three.

Varrick is the best character introduced in Book Two and I cannot wait to see what he will do next.

But, there are still other issues I have with Book Two.
There are two main villains this season, Unalaq and Vaatu, and Unalaq is really forgettable, despite being Korra’s uncle.
And remember how I said that the love triangle was the worst part of Book One?
Well, it is back, unfortunately.
Thankfully it is nowhere near as prevalent as it was in Book One so it is less aggravating.
Still, they really need to drop the love triangle because it drags down the show every time it pops up.
However, there are still things that the show has maintained from Book One that were great, specifically, the animation and music.
Both of these are still incredible and help to draw me into many intense scenes.
The music was so good I even found myself humming along to it.
So for every bad thing there was this season, there was a good thing to counter it.
Book Two has as many good moments as bad moments.
It is definitely not as good as Book One but it is still enjoyable.
You just have to sit through a few annoying things to get to the good stuff.
Hopefully, Book Three will be more fulfilling.

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