Hello from The Review Monster


Hello everybody, The Review Monster (also known as Kieran Richards) here. Welcome to my blog where I will review movies, books and video games to let you know my opinion on them. I hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Hello from The Review Monster

  1. How did you start blogging? I want to start one but I don’t know how to and I am petrified of anyone finding out, so how do you do it?


    1. Hello. It’s pretty simple to start a blog. The way I did it was just get a domain from WordPress to start it and begin setting it up. Although, maintaining the blog does come with a fee that can be around monthly or yearly. Also, if you don’t want people to know it’s you writing the blog, then you can easily just use a nickname you give yourself with a different logo. That way people who go to your blog won’t know who the person writing it is. Hope this helped.


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