Attack on Titan: Season three, episode nine, Ruler of the Walls review – Prepare to vomit.

4 and a half stars

Spoiler Free Review:

Another day, another fantastic Attack on Titan episode.
Season three has been killing it so far with numerous great episodes and the latest one “Ruler of the Walls” is no exception.
It had intense action, great character moments and by far the most disgusting scene of the entire series so far.
Seriously, do not watch this episode after eating lunch or prepare to vomit.
As for the intense action it was truly great to see the characters go up against Rod Reiss’ massive Titan.
This intensity was helped exponentially with the fantastic blend of CGI and hand drawn animation.
Not only this but the fantastic character moments also helped to improve the action, with Eren and Historia once again being the standouts.
Eren sure has grown a lot in season one and I am loving it.
I actually hated his character in that first season but looking at how he has grown I can see how his portrayal there really worked to build up his arc for the past two seasons.
Historia also had another great scene where she proved her worth both as a soldier and queen.
She is officially in my top five favourite characters now.
Then there was the music, which as per usual was amazing.
One particular score that was of note was a revamped version of “Barricades”, which stood out in a great way.
As for the ending, “Ruler of the Walls” ends on a typical Attack on Titan cliffhanger but one that has me intrigued for what has to come, especially with the preview for the next episode.
“Ruler of the Walls” was an almost perfect episode, but there were a few things that held it back for me.
There was one scene that did feel a bit out of place as it should have been shown earlier.
Along with this, during the climactic action sequence it felt like some of the characters were lacking urgency and too calm about things, which given the situation is pretty ridiculous.
But this does not change the fact that “Ruler of the Walls” is another fantastic episode for the series.

Spoiler Review:

“Ruler of the Walls” kicks off with Erwin and Hange’s plan to stop Rod’s massive Titan form from destroying Orvud District.
From there the story exploded into absolute insanity as the climactic final battle between Rod and the army began.
The extremely disgusting imagery that might cause people to vomit I mentioned in the spoiler free review came with the way Rod’s Titan form looked.
Due to this Titan being so massive, it could only drag itself along the ground causing it to rip its face off and belly open, exposing its brain and intestines.
While, this was incredibly disgusting, it also led to a great call back to the first episode of the series, “To you in 2000 Years”.
This was where three kids watched in horror as Rod’s Titan appeared, just like Eren, Mikasa and Armin did when the Colossal Titan first showed up.
However, as Eren pointed out, this was completely different because this time they had soldiers to protect them.
Speaking of Eren, I loved his growth this episode.
I particularly liked how he brought up that he had no problem realizing he could become a Titan in the first season.
This was one of the big problems I had with Eren in that season because he had no problem being a Titan, despite hating them.
However, this episode resolved that with Eren explaining he did not question it because he felt he was special but has since grown from that and accepted his true role.
This showed the extent to Eren’s growth from that first episode and I loved it.
Then there was Historia, who delivered the final blow to Rod, killing her own father.
This moment was not only beautifully shot but really showed who Rod was because Historia seemed to temporarily view some of his memories.
I really liked this because it shows that Rod was not a bad person, he was just doing what he thought was right… even though what he was doing was the complete opposite.
The episode ends with Levi confronting the fatally injured Kenny, who has stolen some Titan serum.
I really hope Kenny does not die because he is already such an intriguing character and very entertaining.
As for the negative aspect of the episode, I felt like the flashback where Eren tried to control Rod with his Coordinate power should have come in the previous episode rather than this one.
Still, “Ruler of the Walls” was a fantastic episode and potentially in the top ten best.


  1. Next episode it looks like we will finally get into the backstory of Levi and Kenny’s connection, which I have wanted to see when Kenny was introduced.
  2. It looks like the main focus though, will be on the friendship between Kenny and Uri Reiss, Rod’s brother. Based on Kenny’s flashback in this episode this looks to be very interesting because it looks like Kenny was trying to kill Uri because he had a knife in his hand.

Float down to the theatres to check out IT


In 1990 Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise The Dancing Clown made a generation of people afraid of clowns.
Now 27 years later a new cycle has begun with Andy Muschietti’s latest adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel IT.
But does this movie live up to the hype it presented, with the most viewed movie trailer on YouTube in the first 24 hours, and even King himself praising it?
Yes, yes it does.
For you see, IT is not only one of the greatest horror movies of the year but the greatest coming of age story since Stand By Me. (Ironically another one of King’s works)
The film revolves around a group of kids known as the Losers Club, who realize children are being taken and killed by a demonic entity that takes the form of whatever you fear the most, Its favorite form being that of the sadistic Pennywise played terrifyingly by Bill Skarsgard.

smiling pennywise

Skarsgard’s performance as Pennywise is both unnerving and frightening, easily exceeding Curry’s previous performance.
But the real star of IT is not the crazed, killer clown but the children of The Losers Club as you will have become attached to each and every one of them by the end of the film.
We spend the entirety of IT watching these kids grow and gradually lose their innocence due to the horrors they experience.
The standout actors are without a doubt Sophia Lillis as Beverly and Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie.
These two really knock it out of the park with their performances, especially Lillis who had a much darker storyline than I expected.

the losers club

Speaking of dark, if you are a person easily offended by violence against children then this film is definitely not for you.
This film is constantly filled with dark and disturbing imagery, made even more disturbing by the fact that these things are happening to children.
However, while this film is very scary it relies a bit on CGI, which is very noticeable and really takes you out of the moment.
The infamous storm drain scene where Georgie meets Pennywise was almost ruined for me when a noticeable case of CGI took me out of the moment.
But other than that there really isn’t anything else wrong with the movie.
The only other problems I had with the film was from the perspective of a fan of King’s original novel as some storylines were switched around or abandoned, which I didn’t like.
However, if I look at this solely from a filmmaking perspective then this is an almost perfect movie that will make this generation terrified of clowns.
Go float to the theatres and check it out.