Chainsaw Man Chapter 115, High Schoolers These Days Review: Can You Eat Death?

Chapter 115 of Chainsaw Man, “High Schoolers These Days”, is a short one compared to others in Part Two, yet it is far from short on important character moments.
My biggest criticism of Chapter 114 was that it felt like we were retreading old ground with a repeat of the Eternity Devil Arc but this chapter offered plenty of interesting build up for the characters, which made me more interested in them.
The first of these characters is Haruka, as he is supposedly revealed to have actually been a red herring for the fake Chainsaw Man.
He reveals this to Asa in the opening few pages of the chapter, stating that the starter on his chest is just a surgical implant he got because he styles himself as one of Chainsaw Man’s biggest fans.
Back when Haruka first showed up, and supposedly revealed himself to Asa as the fake Chainsaw Man, I wondered if he was a red herring but I dismissed this after a bit because I figured it made sense due to his proximity to Fami.
Well, turns out my earlier insticts were right, unless Fujimoto is going for a double red herring, setting Haruka up to be the fake Chainsaw Man, only to reveal he is not, only then to reveal that he is.
Would not put that past Fuijimoto to be honest.
A character who is more interesting than Haruka, though, is Yoshida, who became even more suspcious with his dialogue in this chapter.
As Haruka screams and wails for Chainsaw Man to save him, Yoshida tells Denji that is his cue but Denji explains that he can’t kill the Eternity Devil without knowing where it is.
Yoshida then reveals that he has a flip phone like Asa but he cannot get a signal.
He then states that everyone has given up, although Akoku does seem to be training for a fight so I don’t know about him.
As for the Kobeni clone, he is licking the aquarium glass, much like Kobeni tried to drink out of a toilet in the Eternity Devil Arc, so Yoshida is right about most of them losing hope.
But then he says something highly suspicious.
Claiming that he has accepted death, Yoshida wonders aloud if Chainsaw Man could eat the Death Devil so they would not have to die.
Given the focus on the Four Horeseman in Part Two, with Yoru and Fami’s appearanes leaving only the Death Devil to be revealed, Yoshida’s casual mention of having Denji eat it makes it seem like he knows more than he is letting on.
This paints both him and the mysterious organization he is working for in an incredibly suspicious light.
The answers to the questions this scene poses will probably not arrive for a long time, however, as we then cut to to the final scene of the chapter, which sees Denji talking with a depressed Asa, who is resting in the the star fish tank.
Denji seems to think Yoshida has lost it, based on what he tells Asa, and asks how she is holding up.
Asa says she is hungry but cannot eat fish, before apologising to Denji for asking him on this date, even revealing that she wanted to turn him into a weapon, although Denji probably does not get what she is talking about.
Asa says she could not transform Denji into a weapon because she has no idea what’s right and wrong, as her life has just been one long string of attempts to avoid making mistakes.
She says this is why she is a bore, depressingly accepting Yoru’s criticism of her back in Chapter 113.
Instead of agreeing with her, however, Denji aims to cheer her up, jumping into the tank with her and offering her a starfish to eat.
This final act in the chapter is pretty important, not only because it shows Asa and Denji growing closer but also because it shows that, despite Asa admitting that she is a bore, her earlier boring lecture actually had an effect on Denji, since he clearly remembered her saying, “Fun fact, there’s an area in Kumamoto where they eat starfish.”
Another interesting connection to Chapter 113 is that Asa’s comment that she has, “no idea what’s right or wrong,” perfectly matches up with Fami’s description of Denji: “Denji’s someone who doesn’t know the first thing about right and wrong.”
The similarities between the two keep piling up.
Denji and Asa’s conversation serves as the chapter’s ending and it is definitley my favourite interaction of theirs yet, as it made me look forward to the two growing closer even more, although this will probably end in tragedy knowing Fujimoto.
Overall, “High Schoolers These Days” is a brief yet great chapter of Chainsaw Man.
It supposedly reveals Haruka as a red herring, makes Yoshida incredibly suspicious, and builds up Denji and Asa’s friendship/eventual relationship(?) perfectly.

Attack on Titan Chapter 116 Predictions.

Chapter 115 of Attack on Titan, “Support,”was an amazing read, with many explosive reveals that will have a lasting impact on the series.
From Levi’s uncertain fate, to Zeke’s resurrection, to Pieck ambushing Eren, the chapter had many moments that left my jaw on the floor, and wondering how these storylines would continue in Chapter 116, and beyond.
So, I decided to list my theories and predictions for the upcoming chapter, and others, to see if I get any right.
Let’s get into it.

What does Yelena plan to do and how does Onyankopon factor in?

It was clear right from the moment Yelena entered the story that she was untrustworthy and Hajime Isayama has definitely followed through on making her so.
She is essentially a crazy Zeke fan girl, who believes he is a god and will follow his every command.
This has me wondering what she and the other Yeagerists have planned for the military members who drunk the wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid, including Pyxis.
The chapter ends Yelena’s scene with her declaring that Pyxis and the others must be punished for going against Zeke.
I think this punishment will be turning him, and everyone else identified by an armband as having drunk the wine, into Titans with Zeke’s scream.
These Titans will then be used in the final battle when the world commences an all out assault on Paradis.
Sadly, this means Pyxis, Nile, and every other person in the military who drank the wine will die.
However, I do not think they will go down without a fight.
Pyxis has been getting a lot of scenes with Yelena and this has me believing he will play a central role in her downfall.
Then there is Onyankopon, whose loyalties remain uncertain.
He was helping Hange in prior chapters but in “Support” he was seen working with Yelena again.
However, I believe that Isayama laid a few subtle hints in this scene that he may actually betray her.
There is a panel of him glaring at her out of the corner of his eye and, when Pyxis asks her why Yelena is thinking of saving the world rather than the island, Onyankopon questions her, showing he has not been told the full plan.
Because of all this, I think Onyankopon will begin working against her, potentially helping Pyxis and maybe even releasing Mikasa, Armin and the rest of the scouts from their prison cell.
As for what happens next, only time will tell.

What will happen to Levi and Hange?

When Chapter 115 was released and everyone thought Levi died, a thousand fans screamed out in anguish.
But, upon closer inspection, it looks like Levi actually survived the explosion.
Otherwise, Hange would not have glared at Floch when he asked to check Levi’s pulse, and she would not have taken his body when she jumped into the river.
Finally, there is Levi’s new scar.
Isayama would not go to the trouble of giving him a battle scar if he was not still alive.
So, if Levi is alive, the question is what happens to him and Hange now?
Many people have speculated about where the river will take the two and most believe they are either going to Shiganshina or Historia’s home.
It honestly could be either, or neither, at this point.
This is the one question that I do not have the slightest idea what the answer is.
Arriving in Shiganshina may seem a bit too convenient, and the reason I do not think they will end up at Historia’s ties into my next prediction.
In all honesty, I think it could be a few chapters before we figure out what happened to them.
All I can say for certain is that if Levi is going to die then Hajime Isayama will be sure to give him a meaningful, and impactful, sendoff.
The crazy fan girls would attack him if he did not.

Where are Reiner and Porco?

The reason I do not believe Levi and Hange will meet up with Historia is because I believe two other characters are going to: Reiner and Porco.
We have not seen these two since Chapter 108, and this has created much confusion when Pieck was shown on Paradis without these two with her.
Since Reiner suggested an all out assault on Paradis in 108, it would be weird if Pieck was the only one sent to the island.
So Reiner and Porco must be on an important mission there that we have not been shown yet.
And, in my opinion, this important mission is to capture Historia.
This would make sense both for practical and story reasons.
Marley’s goal is to gain the Founding Titan power but, in order to do this, they need someone with royal blood.
This would make Historia and her unborn child vitally important to Marley.
As for the story reasons, Isayama could do a lot for the narrative and character arcs by having Reiner and Porco meet Historia.
Reiner had a crush on Historia when he was pretending to be a soldier, and made a promise to Ymir that he would save her.
These factors would put Reiner at odds with his mission, and could lead to more growth from him.
Personally, though, I am much more interested in Historia meeting Porco.
Porco ate Ymir, who was very close to Historia, and now has all of her memories, which means he knows a lot about Historia.
Not only that but we have seen how memories affect Titan Shifters, like when Armin inherited Bertholdt’s memories.
So, both he and Historia could grow so much from meeting and interacting with one another.
Along with this, their meeting could hopefully lead to some more revelations about Ymir with maybe a flashback with Porco’s memories from her?
In any case, I truly believe that not having Historia and Porco meet would be a massive missed opportunity.
Another thing to note is that this could finally let us know what is going on with Historia’s pregnancy.
If you have read any of my prior reviews, then you know I hate this storyline so am hoping for some kind of twist to make it better.
Maybe her meeting up with Reiner and Porco could provide this?

What is Pieck’s Plan?

After talking about Reiner and Porco, we now move on to their comrade, Pieck.
We spent five chapters wondering what she was up to after she appeared in Chapter 110, and “Support” gave us our answer.
In the cliffhanger of Chapter 115, Pieck ambushes Eren when he comes to talk to Gabi, stabbing his guard in the throat and then holding him at gunpoint.
On the surface, this seems like a stupid decision on Pieck’s part.
Her Titan is by far the weakest of the nine and Eren has three Titan powers, among them the two most powerful, the Founding and Warhammer Titan.
This puts Pieck at a huge disadvantage and, again, makes her look stupid.
But here’s the thing; Pieck is not stupid.
Isayama has shown her to be one of the smartest characters in Attack on Titan time and time again.
She managed to free herself and Porco from the hole Yelena trapped them in and, most recently, managed to sneak into Eren’s inner circle and ambush him.
Not to mention that Zeke constantly praising Pieck for her intelligence, with him proclaiming “that’s exactly right, Pieck”, has become a meme.
So, Pieck must have some sort of plan but what is it?
Coming back to my theory about Reiner and Porco going to capture Historia and her baby, this might tie into that plan.
One of Eren’s biggest motivations for turning against the military was because they planned to sacrifice Historia so he would want to protect her at all cost.
And, if the fanbase is right and Eren is the true father of Historia’s child, this would increase his desire to save her tenfold.
Therefore, maybe this is the ace up Pieck’s sleeve.
She could threaten Historia’s life if Eren does not cooperate.
Or, maybe Eren could convince Pieck to come over to his side, who knows?
Either way, if Eren kills Pieck next chapter I will be dissapointed, both because it would make Pieck look like an idiot, and because we know the least about her out of all of the warriors.
I really like Pieck as a character and what to know more about her, so maybe Chapter 116 will give us some insight into her backstory and what her true motivations are.

Who is the little girl who resurrected Zeke and what part will she play in the story?

Ymir Fritz… Seriously, who else could it be?
If the little girl who saved Zeke is anyone other than Ymir Fritz I will be shocked.
And, since Ymir Fritz has probably been introduced, then that truly shows that we are in the endgame of this story.
What I find to be the most interesting question right now is how the original Ymir will tie into this endgame?
She saved Zeke so he is obviously important to whatever her plans are.
This may make it seem like she is trying to make his euthanasia plan succeed but I think her goal is quite the opposite.
I believe she may actually be trying to make Eren’s plan come true because I am almost certain he is manipulating Zeke.
Whatever Eren’s true plan is, he needs Zeke to initiate it and Ymir Fritz saving Zeke shows she is in favor of that plan working.
Maybe she is even already in communication with Eren, since he has three of the nine Titan Shifter powers.
Whether she is or not though, I am almost certain she will play a pivotal role in the story’s conclusion.
I also have a number of theories about how she may be connected to this ending, and I believe it all comes down to Historia’s child.
If you look at Ymir Fritz, she looks almost exactly like Historia when she was a child, living on her mother’s farm.
Not only that, but she has a similar pose, holding a bucket just like Historia.
As for the baby, it would make a lot of sense for Historia to name her baby Ymir because of how much she had an influence on her life.
This would technically make this child’s name Ymir Fritz since this was Historia’s family’s original name before they changed it to Reiss.
My theory is that Historia’s child IS Ymir Fritz and that she is working through paths to ensure Eren’s plan works in the past.
Maybe the series will end with Eren sending his memories of her into the past, generating the legend about Ymir gaining her powers from the devil, which may be Eren.
Although if this theory is correct, then it does raise the plot hole of what created the Titans in the first place so I am probably wrong about this.
Still, I do not think I am wrong about Ymir Fritz playing a major role in the story’s conclusion as that is pretty much a given at this point.

So those are my predictions for Chapter 116 of Attack on Titan and beyond.
I hope you enjoyed them.
Be sure to check out my review for the chapter when it officially drops in April.