Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Delay Shows Big Communication Problem.

For weeks I have been hearing rumors that Attack on Titan would be going on a break after the Uprising Arc wrapped up.
I did not want to believes these rumors but, as time went on, the evidence just kept piling up.
Sadly this evidence was correct because it has been announced that the second half of season three will be released in April of 2019.
While I do find this disappointing, I cannot fault the creators for the delay because they are clearly putting a lot of effort into the anime and I believe they would not be taking a break unless it was absolutely necessary.
What I do fault them for, however, is their absolutely terrible communication with the Attack on Titan fan base.
Had they announced season three would take a break half-way through before the third season started airing I would not have had a problem with this.
Many shows I watch take breaks, like The Walking Dead, and I do not have a problem with those shows.
However, this is because we know going into the show that there will be a break.
When watching The Walking Dead I know I am going to get eight episodes and then a break before the final eight episodes air.
For Attack on Titan season three, however, there was no such notification other than the rumors until the very last minute.
I came into season three expecting to get all the episodes so it is incredibly disappointing to suddenly realise we are not going to get anymore for about six months.
Had they just announced the break earlier, I would have been okay with this but they only released recently.
This shows a massive communication problem with the anime towards the show’s fan base that needs to be fixed.
To be clear though, I am not mad about this, just disappointed as I believe fans of the anime deserve better.
There is another reason I am disappointed about this break though but I do not fault the creators for this one.
I am also disappointed because of how long this break is, coming in at six months.
With this amount of  time the break takes up I will inevitably be spoiled by future events in Attack on Titan because I am terrible at avoiding these spoilers.
As a result, I have decided to read the manga so this will not happen any further, meaning I will see the rest of the series so far before it is animated.
While I would prefer to see the story told in anime format first, I prefer seeing things for myself more.
So you can expect to see my reviews for manga volumes from where the Attack on Titan anime left off.
As I stated earlier though, the timing of the announcement concerning the break for Attack on Titan season three part two shows a real communication problem with its fan base.
This break should have been announced earlier and hopefully the creators can learn from this.

Attack on Titan’s Spoiler Fueled Community is a Problem.

This is a rant.
I love Attack on Titan but I really dislike the community that is its fandom.
This is because the Attack on Titan fandom is one of the most spoiler fueled I have ever seen.
Never before have I been spoiled again and again before a twist was revealed or a character died.
I have been thinking about making a post about this problem for a while but I always held back because I did not want to feel like I was unnecessarily complaining about a few bad eggs.
However, I just had a “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment today when I looked at a comment on my review of Attack on Titan season three, episode 10, “Friends”.
In my review, I spoke about my curiosity as to who the Beast Titan could be, however, when I looked at that comment the huge reveal  surrounding his identity was spoiled for me.
The person who commented on my review was a troll who sought to spoil me and anyone who just so happened to read the review as they spoiled the Beast Titan’s identity.
This is not an isolated incident either because I have seen numerous instances of trolls trying to ruin future reveals and deaths in Attack on Titan by spoiling them for anime only fans.
One such case involved a troll posting a comment that contained major spoilers five times in the comment section of one YouTube video.
The reason I am so sick of this is because this is just one of many upcoming reveals I have been spoiled on.
This is the reason why I plan to read the manga after season three finishes.
To give you an idea on how bad this is, here is a list of all the major upcoming events in Attack on Titan I have been spoiled on.


  1. Bertholdt dies and Armin becomes the Colossal Titan.
  2. Ymir dies.
  3. There will be a four year time skip.
  4. Sasha dies.
  5. Historia gets pregnant.
  6. And the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, the Beast Titan is actually Eren’s brother… thanks a lot elia for spoiling that for me.

I am not saying that every single time I got spoiled here was because there was a troll trying to ruin the fun because sometimes it was due to a mistake or my own fault.
However, that being said, the number of trolls spoiling it for people is more numerous than any fandom I have come across.
I personally find it pretty pathetic that someone has to find fun in ruining the experience of the show for people but this is not going to stop me from enjoying the show.
Even though I have been spoiled on a lot of future reveals, I still do not know how these will play out and there are still many more reveals I have not been spoiled on.
I am going to enjoy Attack on Titan, spoilers be damned.
However, I would advise any fan of the anime, not currently caught up with the manga like me, to avoid the Attack on Titan community until they have done so because, with the state things are in, you will inevitably be spoiled.