Dead Space Remake Review: Best Video Game Remake Since Resident Evil 2.

If you were to ask me two months ago which game I was more excited for, The Callisto Protocol or Dead Space, I would have undoubtedly said the former.
The Callisto Protocol was created by the man behind the original Dead Space and seemed set to be a spiritual successor to it, whereas The Dead Space Remake was being put out by EA, and we all know how negative their track record is, what with them essentially putting the franchise on ice for a time because of their bad decision making.
This is why I was so disappointed to find The Callisto Protocol to be a frustrating experience that almost never scared me.
Well, over a month later, The Dead Space Remake finally released and I was happy to discover that I was more terrified in its first ten minutes that I was in the entirety of my time with The Callisto Protocol.
Dead Space 2023 is a truly fantastic game and easily the best remake of a video game since Resident Evil 2. 

Turns out the scariest version of Dead Space is still Dead Space.

Developed by Motive Studio, the game mostly follows the same story as the original.
We play as Isaac Clarke (Gunner Wright), an engineer sent to help fix the mining space station known as the USG Ishimura. 
Accompanying him are the chief security officer Zach Hammond (Anthony Alabi) and computer specialist Kendra Daniels (Brigitte Kali Canales), but Isaac’s reasons for traveling to the Ishimura are far more personal than theirs because his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan (Tanya Clarke), is aboard.
However, this supposedly simple repair mission is turned into a horrifying fight for survival when Isaac and his crewmates board the Ishimura and are almost immediately attacked by the reanimated and transformed corpses of the ships crew.
These terrifying monsters are known as the Necromorphs and, although horrifying, Isaac is suited to deal with them, as the only way to defeat the Necromorphs is to sever their limbs.
Using a variety of engineering tools to dispatch these monsters, Isaac both desperately searches for Nicole and a way off the Ishimura. 

Isaac explores a somehow infinitley more terrifying Ishimura than in the first game.

That is the premise of Dead Space in a nutshell, and the remake adapts it almost flawlessly, with numerous improvements to the original story.
For starters, Isaac now speaks, with Gunner Wright doing, yet again, a fantastic job as the character.
Many other characters are improved by rewrites in the remake, most notably Nicole and Challus Mercer (Faran Tahir), the latter of whom is quite intimidating in the remake.

Mercer’s introduction in the remake is a standout scene.

There is even an alternate ending that is unlockable in New Game Plus.
All in all, there are a lot of fun changes to the original Dead Space’s story.
However,, there are a few story changes where I felt the original did it better, especially in regards to a certain twist.
That being said, just because I found some of the original story to be better does not mean I consider the story changes to be bad.
I just like some of the original moments better and wish they were kept in. 
So, the story is mostly fantastic but what about the gameplay?
Well, the gameplay is pretty much perfect, with every weapon having its own uses in dismembering the Necromorphs.
It is hard to beat the Plasma Cutter, however, and upgrading this and other weapons across the game was a lot of fun. 

I never went anywhere without my trusty Plasma Cutter.

Upgrading certainly makes severing the Necromorphs limbs a lot easier too, which is much more gory this time around.
Necromorphs can literally be reduced to bone in this game, making for quite the horrifying sight as they advance towards you.
As if they weren’t already scary enough, with there being numerous examples of horrifying enemy variety.
Just as scary is the Ishimura itself, with it being incredibly atmospheric, thanks in large part to the incredible graphics and sound design.
You never know when a Necromorph is going to jump out of a vent or leap out of a floor grate to eviscerate you.
Certain gameplay segments aboard the ship are also much better than in the original game, mostly due to the update of the zero gravity sections.  

The asteroid segment is much funner in the remake than in the original because of how zero gravity gameplay has been updated.

The only problem I had with the gameplay is one glitch I encountered a few times.
It happened when I tried to resume my play through after finishing for the day.
The game would start but the camera would just stay in place and not follow Isaac no matter what I did, meaning I had to reload the game to continue.
This was not a huge problem, however, because it only happened twice, and each time the issue was immediately fixed when I reloaded. 
Overall, the Dead Space remake is already one of the best video games of the year.
It has interesting changes to the original story, fantastic gameplay, stellar graphics and sound design and, above all else, it is often terrifying.
I am highly intrigued to see what EA decides to do next with the franchise.
Will they remake Dead Space 2 or go off in another direction?  
Either way, I am now along for the horrfying ride.       


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