Chainsaw Man Chapter 118, Saying Goodbye Review: Control Incoming.

Chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man had one of the most intriguing cliffhangers of Part Two so far, as we were left wondering if Yoru would succeed in turning Denji into a weapon.
My theory was that she would and that this would lead to a comedic reveal for her and Asa learning that Denji is Chainsaw Man, when he manages to survive being decapitated and turned into a sword.
Another theory that was thrown around was that nothing would happen to Denji because it seems he is unaffected by Devil powers, like with the Doll Devil back in the International Assassins Arc.
This latter theory seems to have been the correct one because indeed nothing happens to Denji in Chapter 118, despite Yoru’s attempts to weaponize him.
Fujimoto definitley attempted to scare the readers into believing that this would be Denji’s end, however, as he titled the Chapter “Saying Goodbye”, and the first panel is of a murder of crows flying away in a moment that seems like sinister foreshaowing, only to cut to Denji staring at Yoru, incredibly confused.
What follows is multiple panels of an also incredibly confused Yoru screaming “Denji Spinal Cord Sword!” repeatedly.
In typical Denji fashion, he misinterprets this as some kind of weird goodbye from Asa, so places a hand on her head and shouts, “Asa Spinal Cord Sword!” before leaving.
Yoru is very confused about not being able to weaponize Denji and Asa speculates that it is because Denji does not have feelings for her yet.
I am curious to see if this is actually the reason or if it was because of Denji’s immunity to Devil curses, as I stated earlier.
If it is the former then there is still a possibility of Yoru weaponizing Denji in the future.
Asa, however, wants to focus on Fami but Yoru is dismissive, simply stating that her big sister is crazy and Asa should steer clear of her, before comedically flopping down onto Asa’s bed and falling asleep immediately.
Yoru falling asleep quickly seems to be a trend with her.
As for her relationship with Fami, I am curious to see why Yoru considers her to be crazy.
As Yoru lies sleeping, Asa thinks about Denji and seems depressed that Denji seemingly does not like her, before this depression humourously transforms into indignaiton.
Unfortnately for Denji, this leads to Asa acting rather coldly towards him the next day as he lays out a plan for their date.
Rather than agreeing to go on a movie marathon with him, Asa instead demands they use his VCR at home to watch movies.
Denji panics about this but in the end he agrees on the condition that Asa follow all of his house’s rules because if she does not then she could die.
Dear god, what kind of house is Nayuta running?
In all seriousness, I am now incredibly excited for the next chapter because we will probably finally be reintroduced to Nayuta and see how her personality has been reshaped from Makima after the end of Part One, and if Yoru will recognize her.
I am also curious to see why Haruka is now stalking Asa and Denji.
It is probably because he recognized Asa’s power somehow in the previous chapter but exactly what he recognied about it remains to be seen.
It’s going to be a long two week wait to see what will happen next.
“Saying Goodbye” is another great Chainsaw Man chapter which hypes up the return of Nayuta well.

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