Chainsaw Man Chapter 113, I Wanna See Penguins! Review: The Second Hand Embarrassment Devil is Real.

Chapter 112 of Chainsaw Man ended with Asa asking Denji out on a date so she could use him as a potential weapon to help Yoru take down Chainsaw Man, unaware that he is actually Denji.
Going into Chapter 113, “I Wanna See Penguins!” I am sure that many of us expected it would be Denji to comedically ruin their date, possibly with the help of Nayuta.
Thus, I was surprised at first to see that it was Asa who ruined it but this made complete sense given how she did it.
Asa actually looks pretty confident before the date, as the chapter begins with her getting ready for it, checking her outfit and reflection in the mirror.
Yoru wants her to add some flair to her appearance but Asa remains sure of her ability to get Denji to fall for her on their date at the aquairum.
Her plan?
To become a walking, talking wikipedia article on every single fish and animal in the aquarium.
The next two pages are of her monologuing to Denji on and on about sea anemones and star fish, to which Denji looks incredibly bored.
If there is such thing as a Second Hand Embarrassment Devil then I undobutedly made it stronger reading this chapter because I felt so embarrassed for Asa.
I will admit, it was impressive for her to remember all of those details after just studying about them at the library, however; one-way conversations are certainly not how dates should go.
Both partners need to have an equal standing for it to work and, most importantly, you don’t tell your date to shut up when they try to talk with you, which is exactly what Asa does after Denji constantly suggests they go and see the penguins.
Asa then states the worst thing she could have possibly said to Denji, “You don’t need to think about a thing.”
This statement obviously hits Denji deeply, when you consider his background.
In Part One, Denji gave himself over entirely to Makima, allowing her to think for him, and this lead to him opening the door, after which Makima killed Power.
Now free from Makima’s control, Denji definitley does not want to be under anyone’s thumb again and he tells Asa as much, stating that he has decided to think about stuff his own way.
He then storms off to see the penguins, since he has never seen them before.
Yoru wants Asa to go after Denji but Asa refuses, believing she did not do anything wrong.
This results in Yoru calling Asa “a total bore” for her prior rants, only making Asa angrier as she insists she did nothing wrong.
Yoru clearly does not agree but the mysterious girl who resurrected Yuko previously states that she does agree, appearing as if from nowhere.
As Asa stammers in shock at her appearance, the mysterious girl says that Denji is not someone who knows the difference between right and wrong, potentially hinting that she actually knows he is the real Chainsaw Man.
She then states that Asa is wrong to believe she could turn Denji into a weapon because she wants to do the right thing.
This made me wonder if Asa had actually purposefully ruined the date so she would not have to kill Denji.
Although, her being angry about Denji and Yoru not appreciating her monologues could contridict this, unless Asa ruined the date subconciously.
In any case, Asa asks the mysterious girl how she knows her power and the girl finally introduces herself as the Famine Devil, Yoru’s big sister, who perfers to be called Fami.
This confirms her to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, alongside Yoru and Nayuta.
That just leaves the Death Devil.
Yoru panics about Fami’s arrival, telling Asa not to listen to her, only for Fami to teleport them away from Asa with a snap of her fingers.
Fami then telepathically speaks with Asa, telling her she will not allow her to leave the aquarium until she turns Denji into a weapon.
Due to this, and Fami potentially suggesting she knows Denji is Chainsaw Man earlier, it makes me wonder if this is all some big scheme to kill him?
If Fami is also the Justice Devil then she may be able to read minds like Yuko, which could be how she learned of Denji’s identity.
Then she created her own Chainsaw Man, Haruka Iseumi, hoping to replace Denji with him, all for whatever end goal she has.
This is just a theory about Fami’s intentions, though.
Back to the chapter; after Fami tells Asa that she can only leave if she turns Denji into a weapon, the man himself appears with a problem.
He and Asa are now stuck in the aquarium, as the Eternity Devil appears to have reincarnated from hell and trapped them in a loop.
Thinking about it, it does make a lot of sense that the Famine and Eternity Devil are working togethor.
Fami herself says that, “any human should be capable of abandoning their morality when they’re starving,” and, in the Eternity Devil Arc, many of Denji’s squad were afraid of starving in the loop the Eternity Devil trapped them in; a fear which would have made Fami stronger.
So now Fami has likely enlisted the help of the Eternity Devil to attempt to take out Denji again.
How the Eternity Devil intends to do this when it got absolutley obliterated last time, I have no idea.
We will just have to wait two weeks to see, when we get Chapter 114.
As for “I Wanna See Penguins!”, it is a solid Chainsaw Man chapter, providing plenty of second hand embarassment for Asa, delving briefly into Denji’s trauma, and finally revealing the mysterious girl as the Famine Devil as many theorized.
It will be intereting to see how Denji and Asa get out of this situation in the coming chapters.

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