Chainsaw Man Chapter 112, Between Cat and Criminal Review: Weapon Target Aquired.

Chapter 111 of Chainsaw Man appeared to introduce a Devil who was impersonating Chainsaw Man, with Yuko being killed by one whose shadow looked exactly like him.
I wondered how long it would take for Tatsuki Fujimoto to continue with this strange plotline and it seems like he has followed up on it pretty much immediately with Chapter 112, “Between Cat and Criminal.”
The chapter begins at the school, where Asa and Yoru are looking at the remains of Asa’s uniform sword, which she used to take Yuko down before she was revived by the mysterious girl, theorized by the fandom to be either the Death or Famine Devil.
Asa remembers this girl and how she called her “little sister.”
She then asks Yoru if she knows the girl but Yoru says she does not.
So Yoru is either lying to Asa or she really does not know, which would be strange if the Devil girl is Famine or Death.
Well, speak of the Devil and she shall appear because, as Asa is wondering if the girl could be the Justice Devil, she is approached by the girl and rest of the Devil Hunting Club.
The leader of the club is the student council president, named Haruka Iseumi.
He reveals that they lost two members of their club, with one dying and the other leaving, probably refrencing the guy who was imapled and the girl who was thrown out the window.
Akoku is the only one of those three to have survived and stayed, and has talked to Iseumi about Asa’s talents so Iseumi wants to invite her into the club.
When he asks Asa if she has any questions, Yoru takes over and once again refuses to be subtle, outright asking if Chainsaw Man is in the Devil Hunting Club.
This makes Iseumi laugh before he pulls up his shirt, revealing a rip cord on his chest, just like Denji, supposedly confirming himself to be the imposter Chainsaw Man who killed Yuko.
It does feel a bit too easy for Iseumi to be the imposter,  though, so I am wondering if he is a red herring?
Then again, Denji was stupid enough to try and reveal his secret identity to Asa so maybe Iseumi is dumb enough to do that too.
If Iseumi is the imposter, however; I definitley think his powers came from the Devil girl who revived Yuko.
Like Asa theorizes, it would make sense if she is the Justice Devil.
After all, the Justice Devil has been handing out power to students so she could have given Iseumi a power resembling Chainsaw Man.
Maybe she is a combination of the Justice Devil and Death or Famine Devils?
After all, death can be seen as a form of justice for those who deserve  it.
I am not sure how this would tie into famine, however.
Guess we will have to wait and see which of these the girl turns out to be, if any.
After Iseumi reveals himself to Yoru, she takes her leave and Asa questions why she did not fight him if she is so sure that he is Chainsaw Man.
Yoru states that she is not strong enough to kill Chainsaw Man yet, needing a stronger weapon to do it.
She threatens Asa to make a weapon again, and Asa agrees so she can get Yoru out of her body and will not drag anyone else down with her, probably thinking about what happened to Yuko.
This causes Yoru to smile like a little girl, as Asa says that she would even turn a person into a weapon to succeed.
When Asa says this, the panel shows her nightmare of stomping on a chicken’s dead body, once again highlighting her guilt for killing Bucky.
Later, Asa and Yoru are on a balcony, overlooking a crowd of people, as Asa debates which person to turn into a weapon.
A cat approaches and Yoru suggests making it her pet to turn it into a weapon but Asa would rather kill a person than a cat.
She and Denji have so much in common.
Asa wants to pick a criminal to turn into a weapon so she will at least be killing someone who deserves it but Yoru says this will not work because, in order for the weapon to be powerful Asa, has to feel guilt for weaponizing it.
Asa still refuses to weaponize the cat and so Yoru provides the suggestion of finding someone between a cat and a criminal, as the most powerful weapon probably lies somewhere in between.
The cat then moves and who else should Asa see but Denji?
He is walking the streets, picking up cigarette butts.
This causes Asa to think that Denji is a good person, despite being a loser, while she is thinking about murdering someone.
Asa is then confused to see Denji make new cigarettes out of the littered ones and follows him out of curiosity.
She then spies on him selling these worthless cigarettes to the homeless.
This is a terrible thing for Denji to do but he becomes more sympathetic when you consider he has Nayuta, Meowy and a pack of dogs back home to provide for.
Now with a negative view on Denji again, Asa thinks about how he perfectly fits between a cat and a criminal but she is still reluctant.
Yoru again pressures her, stating that she should think of it as a necessary evil to put an end to a nightmare, making Asa remember Yuko.
Asa then approaches Denji, questioning him about the cigarettes he is using to rip off homeless people.
Denji hits back that he’s doing it because, as a student, he is apparently not allowed a part-time job.
This once again makes him sympathetic when yout think about who he is providing for back home.
Asa then makes her move, asking if Denji is busy tomorrow.
Hostile, Denji yells that he is, until something clicks and he asks why she wants to know.
Asa’s sheepish face is pretty funny, along with the following panel where she actually asks Denji on a date.
She looks so nervous and embarassed, and her voice is clearly shaking as evidenced by the unnatural shape of her speech bubble.
We can also see that Denji is nervous about this as well because he is blushing in the final panel when he accepts the date, seemingly forgetting that he just said that he was busy tomorrow.
So, there you go; Denji and Asa are finally dating, although not because they actually like each other.
Denji is just desperate for some happiness in his life and Asa wants to kill Denji and turn him into a weapon.
That makes Asa, what, the third or fourth girl who has dated Denji with the secret intention of killing him, eventually?
Denji just cannot catch a break.
If Asa does eventually weaponize Deni, however; I think he will be fine.
Denji is immortal, after all.
In fact, we see Asa in one preview image for Part Two holding a chainsaw.
Maybe this is hinting at her and Denji working togethor in the end, with Denji allowing Asa to weaponize parts of himself to fight?
That would be cool.
As for Denji and Asa themselves, I could actually see a relationship between the two of them working.
They do have a lot in common and many parallels.
Although, Tatsuki Fujimoto is writing this so you can certainly expect him to put both characters through the ringer.
Either way, I am interested to see how the relationship between Asa and Denji progresses.
It should certainly provide some good laughts, at the very least, if Chapter 104 is any indication.
We will have to wait a bit to see such interactions, however, because it seems that Fujimoto is returning to releasing a chapter every two weeks, starting with Chapter 113.
“Between Cat and Criminal” is a great Chainsaw Man chapter that delivers on setting up a lot of interesting things with the imposter Chainsaw Man, the mysterious Devil girl and, of course, the beginning of Denji and Asa’s relationship.

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