Chainsaw Man Chapter 110, A Ring in the Night Review: A Part One Callback.

When reading Chapter 110 of Chainsaw Man “A Ring in the Night” it was funny to see that one of my theories about what would happen in this chapter was correct.
This confirmation occurred within the first couple of pages of “A Ring in the Night”, when Yoru finally confronts Denji.
As I predicted in my review for Chapter 109, Denji is too distracted by Yoru being half naked to take her creating a Yuko Leg Sword seriously.
Then, Denji is distracted further when the bully girl he saved emerges from under Yuko’s guts.
Denji’s immediately prioritizes the girl, probably hoping to convince her to be his girlfriend by revealing himself as Chainsaw Man.
One thing that did confuse me about this moment was how Fujimoto seems to imply that the girl actually does not know Denji’s identity.
I thought that she saw him transform in the previous chapter but, looking back, the girl did close her eyes in fear before Denji shows up and the next time we see her with them open is when Denji has already transformed.
So Denji’s identity is probably safe for now.
As for Denji himself, he is typically too distracted by trying to reveal his identity to the traumatised girl to notice Yoru about to attack him.
It is up to Yoshida to save him, as he drags him away using the power of the Octopus Devil.
This frustrates Yoru, who yells at Chainsaw Man to show himself.
It is also quite darkly humorous to think about what the bully girl is probably thinking in this moment.
She just watched her friends get killed by a Devil, was nearly killed by that same Devil, was saved by Chainsaw Man, and now the girl she bullied is standing in front of her, half-naked with a leg sword, screaming about obliterating Chainsaw Man.
I would be questioning reality.
While this is happening, Denji is dragged into a classroom where Yoshida is waiting to remind him that he said he would stop him by force if he had to.
The last we see of Denji this chapter is him crying out in despair, “But that was such a natural reveal!”
It is a great comedic moment that immediately turns dark as Fujimoto details the public’s reaction to Yuko’s attack.
It is revealed that four students died, meaning two of the bullies and probably the student Devil Hunter who got impaled.
I am not sure who the final one is, though.
What is especially surprisingly, however, is the reveal that Yuko actually somehow survived and escaped.
I was so sure that Denji had killed her last chapter.
This reveal flows into the final scene, beginning with Asa having a nightmare, once again focusing around her guilt for killing Bucky, as she runs through an alleyway full of dead chickens.
After waking up from the nightmare, Asa goes get some water, only to be interrupted by a knock at her door from Yuko.
Asa goes to open it but, in what feels like a callback to Pochita telling Denji not to open the door in Part One, Yuko also yells at Asa not to open the door, explaining that she has become a Devil and does not want to eat Asa.
Asa opens the door anyway and we see that the horns of the Justice Devil have grown into Yuko’s face, as the chapter comes to an end.
Yuko’s appearance in this final scene honestly reminds me a lot of a Fiend.
However, the Fiends from Part One were all Devils who had taken over a dead body.
Yuko is still very much alive and seems to be in control of her body.
Maybe this has to do with some unique quality of the Justice Devil, like how Yuko said she only “recieved” from the Devil earlier, instead of exchanging something in a contract.
I am curious about what Yuko’s role will be in the future of this story.
In a prior review, I said that Yuko was probably too far gone, after killing so many people.
I am intrigued to see if Fujimoto will attempt to redeem Yuko or have her double down on her actions.
“A Ring in the Night” was a good chapter of ChainsawMan, with quite a few interesting reveals and funny moments.
Hopefully, the next chapter will go into detail about what exactly is going on with Yuko and maybe also the identity of the Devil who resurrected her in Chapter 108.

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