Vinland Saga Manga Review: Not What I Expected but in a Good Way.

After finishing and loving the first season of the Vinland Saga anime by WIT Studio, I jumped right into the manga by Makoto Yakimura, and was surprised by the direction the story goes, to say the least.
I have heard a lot of fans say that many people who loved the first season of the anime, like me, may drop the series during or after Season Two because of the direction it goes.
This is not to say I am one of those people, no, I quite enjoyed the direction the manga took, but I am saying that people need to be ready for something quite different in the future of the anime, at least for Season Two.

Be prepared for a lot of farming in Vinland Saga‘s second season.

This season will adapt the Farmland Arc, a storyline that has much lesser scale battles than the first arc, choosing to focus mostly on the character development of Thorfinn, Canute, and many of the new characters.
Speaking of Thorfinn, wow, was I impressed by his development, especially after the first season, where I honestly was getting a bit tired of his angsty revenge phase by the end.
After reading the manga, however, I completely understand why that was necessary.
To be honest, his arc reminds me a lot of Eren from Attack on Titan and Shigaraki from My Hero Academia, at least in my initial perceptions of these characters.
All three of them start off as immature, before their character development justifies them starting off this way, eventually propelling them to be among the best characters of the series.
This is the case for Thorfinn, whose character development in the Farmland Arc is stellar.

Thorfinn’s journey to become a true warrior is gripping.

His character development is the focal point for Chapter 71 “Oath”, one of the best chapters of Vinland Saga.
The rest of the character development for new characters, like Einar, and old ones, like Canute, is also fantastic.
Overall, I loved the Farmland Arc, even if I would place it behind the War Arc because of how amazing of a character Askeladd is.
As for the two arcs that follow it, this is where some of my issues begin to pop up.
For starters, Vinland Saga becomes a much more comedic story after the Farmland Arc.
To be fair, a lot of this humor is very good, however, some of it feels quite unnecessary, especially one Shining reference that was so out of place it pulled me out of the scene.

This gag felt very unnecessary,

There is also a timeskip that is quite poorly executed, in my opinion, and it left me a bit unsure about the most recent arc, until one of the latest chapters, which is fantastic. 
All of this said, though, I want to be clear that I still like these later arcs.
I just don’t think they live up to the standard of the first two.
This could change, however, considering that the series is still ongoing.
And even if it never reaches those same heights, Vinland Saga is still a great story that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.
I cannot wait for the Second Season, where we will see the fantastic redemption arc of Thorfinn begin.    

One thought on “Vinland Saga Manga Review: Not What I Expected but in a Good Way.

  1. Vinland Saga is a very good manga, and I have read it before it became an anime. I took a huge pause from reading the manga when the time skip happened because, as you said, the story took a different turn.

    After I decided to pick the story again, I appreciated the direction the story is going.

    Great review!

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