Five Ongoing Webtoons I Recommend.

Over the past few months, I have got into reading webtoons and found plenty of which I believe to be interesting. 
From horrors, to comedies, to adventures, to dramas, there’s plenty of great stories that you can find on Webtoon.
So, I decided to post a brief discussion about the five ongoing ones which I have found the most enjoyment in reading.
It must be noted though that this list may not be encapsulating the best webtoon stories out there because I might not have found those ones yet.
These are just the ones I have read so far and find to be the most entertaining. 

5. The Wendybird by WmW. Illustrated by Thabfu. 

We all know the story of Peter Pan.
A young girl named Wendy wishes for adventures, and then the magical Peter Pan shows up looking for his missing shadow and takes Wendy and her siblings to Neverland, where they go on adventures with the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, and fight Captain Hook.
Well, what separates The Wendybird from the other Peter Pan stories out there is how it not only focuses on Wendy more as a character and her growth, but also goes into the darker aspects of Peter and the Lost Boys’ characters.
If you take the time to think about Peter as a character, his actions can be pretty messed up, so it was a nice change of pace to start reading this story and see Peter and the Lost Boys’ less than heroic actions being called out.
This does not mean that Peter is completley bad, though, because the webtoon also focuses on his insecurities, which cause these negative traits, really well.
Then there’s Wendy, who is a very active character in this story rather than just being along for the ride in the adventures.
It is interesting to see her slow growth from an inexperienced girl, naively excited for Neverland, to slowly becoming disillusioned with both Neverland and Peter.
It looks like things are going to become even messier between her and Peter as the story goes on and I am all for it.
The other characters are also pretty good, with Tiger Lily being a much more active character, like Wendy, and also a genderbent Captain Hook, who looks to have an actual interesting motivation for being so villanous.
Overall, The Wendybird is an intriguing new take on the Peter Pan story and I am interested to see how both Wendy and Peter’s characters will move forward in this story. 

4. Finding Wonderland by WmW. Art by roousuu.

The second and last story by WmW on this list, Finding Wonderland is one of their more recent works but it is the one I found the soonest and became the most invested in.
I was drawn into the story pretty quickly, what with its numerous quirky characters and interesting take on Wonderland itself.

Finding Wonderland follows Alex, a soldier and executioner for the Red Queen in Wonderland.
However, this changes when a rabbit by the name of Lucky infiltriates the castle.
Lucky works for the Black Knave, a supposedly evil prince who can create and control monsters known as Nightmares.
Realizing Lucky’s trust in Alex, the Red Queen sends Alex on a quest to find Lucky and take down the Black Nave once and for all.
As Alex meets up with Lucky and begins their journey, she encounters a number of eccentric characters and starts to realize the situation in their world may not be as clear cut as she first thought.

This is in regards to a certain reveal that happens early on, which makes the story much more interesting for it being there and has me curious about how it will continue to play into the narrative.
I won’t spoil what this reveal is though because I think it’s better if you see it for yourself.
There is a lot of mystery in this story and I have my fingers crossed that WmW can wrap the questions to these mysteries nicely.
As for Alex herself, her journey is similar to Wendy’s in finding out the dark truth about the world she inhabits, and I have been quite enjoying her growing bond with Lucky as the story has gone on.
Pair this up with the interesting twist to the story and I often find myself having quite a lot of fun with Finding Wonderland, which is why it is ranked as the fourth most interesting webtoon I have come across. 

3. Shotgun Boy by Carnaby Kim. Illustrated by Hongpil. 

With the webtoon ranked at number three on my list, we go from fun to terrifying.
Carnaby Kim is definitely the most accomplished writer on this list, because their stories have been pretty popular and one of them, Sweet Home, even got a Netflix adaptation.
Shotgun Boy is the prequel to Sweet Home but so far you do not have to had read Sweet Home to understand it, although some characters from that also great webtoon do show up. 
The story follows Gyuhwan, a teenage boy who has been facing some pretty reprehensible bullying for years now.
Everything comes to a head during a school trip when, chased into the woods by his main attacker, Seongbin, Gyuhwan comes across a shotgun and makes a spur of the moment decision to use it to kill his bullies and everyone who ignored his suffering.
However, upon returning, he finds his fellow classmates under attack from brain eating monsters and now he has to defend the very people he originally sought to kill.
So, yeah, not gonna mince words, the main character of this story does plan to commit a mass shooting.
This is naturally a very disturbing topic to cover and could even be seriously problematic.
Even after reading up to where the story is at, I’m not sure how I feel about it, considering the city I live in also suffered a mass shooting, when a guman attacked two mosques, tragically ending 51 innocent lives.
At least I can say that the circumstances surrounding this fictional planned attack and some of the real life attacks that have sadly happened in the real world are very different, and Gyuhwan is learning how terribly wrong he was to plan such an evil act.
As for the rest of the story, it is very well written, and quite horrifying, with various likeable characters you want to get out of this situation, and a few, like Seongbin, who you would not mind seeing getting their brains eaten.
Even some of the brain eating monsters are interesting, with a recently introduced one named Samshik having an fun yet creepy personality that has me wanting to see more of them.
I’m also quite curious to see how this ties in with Sweet Home, which I have also begun to read and am having a great time with so far.
If you like horror action stories, then I would definitely recommend Shotgun Boy.
Just know that it does deal with heavy subject matter, especially in regards to its main character’s intentions. 

2. Hero Killer by Kkulbeol. Illustrated by Beolkkul.

There are so many superhero stories out there nowadays that it’s hard to find one that is not influenced by another.
This is the case with Kkulbeol’s Hero Killer, which wears its inspirations on its sleeve, obviously being heavily inspired by My Hero Academia.
Not only are the character designs of Rachel Sinclair and John Nash dead ringers for Himiko Toga and Dabi, but the main character’s villain name is Hero Killer, the exact same title that the villain Stain is given in Kohei Horikoshi’s story.
This is not a criticism though because Hero Killer owns its status as a work clearly influenced by other superhero media, as it uses its influences create something new and interesting.
If I could describe it through other works, it would be as a mixture between the My Villain Academia Arc and The Boys. 
The story follows Ihwa, a young woman out for revenge against the Hero Clan for the murder of her sister.
As she uses her Gift (this story’s version of Quirks) to kill multiple corrupt heroes, she is eventually recrutied by the villain organization known as the Nameless, lead by the ruthless and mysterious Engen, the Smiling Man.
What follows is, so far, an entertaining story with some great action and character exploration.
We still need to go a bit more in depth with Ihwa’s backstory but she’s still interesting, as are the rest of her villainous compatriots and the “heroes” who they fight.
Whatever side they fall on, the characters the story chooses to focus on are all fun with their own unique personalities, which should make for even more interesting conflict between them in the future, wherever this story decides to go.
Hero Killer may have numerous similarities with other super hero stories but it uses those similarities to create something that feels fresh and unique, and I would suggest it to anyone who likes this genre. 

1. I’m the Grim Reaper by GRAVEWEAVER.

The number one webtoon I have read that I would suggest you should is I’m the Grim Reaper by GRAVEWEAVER.
It is a story that I binged rather quickly up until where it left off because of how great I found it to be. 
Since then, I have been consistently reading the following chapters, everytime it updates.

I’m the Grim Reaper tells the story of Scarlet, a woman who recently died and finds herself in hell with no memory of who she is, only to be met by Satan, who says that she is his favourite sinner and offers her a deal.
Either she can be sentenced to the ninth level of hell, where she will suffer for all eternity, or she can become a Grim Repear for him, returning to earth to kill one sinner a day.
Faced with eternal damnation, Scarlet makes the obvious choice of taking Satan’s offer.
Teaming up with a former detective named Chase, who is extremely dissatisfied with the unjust reality of their world, Scarlet eventually finds herself trying to discover who she was, why she died, and why what she did was bad enough for her to be sentenced to hell’s ninth level. 
All of this while she has to deal with Satan’s demands, other Grim Repears, and even angels.
I am The Grim Repear is by far the longest webtoon in this recommendation list, yet I finished it in just a few days because of how much I was enjoying the story, the characters, and mystery surrounding Scarlet.
Speaking of these characters, many of them are likeable and their interactions are great.
Scarlet and Chase have a great bond and I like how the feelings they have slowly been getting towards one another has been built up.
There is even some tragedy involved with many of the characters whose lives Scarlet interferes with.
Hell, even Satan himself is an interesting character with a tragic backstory, making him a great antagonist.
It’s also cool to look back on some of the earlier chapters and then look at the more recent ones to see how the quality of GRAVEWEAVER’s art has become even better over the years.
I’m the Grim Reaper is definitely my favourite webtoon that I have come across so far, with its great story, characters and mystery, all of which I am eager to see how they will be wrapped up in the future, which made it a sure pick for number one on this list. 

So, there you have it, the five webtoons that I would recommend, although there are many more that I have started reading, which I am enjoying quite a bit.
There are so many great stories on Webtoon and whatever kind you like I bet they will have the one for you.

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