Uncut Gems Review: Wait, Adam Sandler is Actually Fantastic Here?

4 and a half stars
“God damn it, Howard!”
I lost count of how many times I screamed this at my laptop screen as I watched the character of Howard Ratner, who is played brilliantly by Adam Sandler, screw himself over time and time again in the Safdie brothers’ film, Uncut Gems.
What’s that, you ask?
“Adam Sandler actually delivers a brilliant performance in this film?”
Why yes, he does.
I know it sounds hard to believe; after all Sandler’s performances and movies mostly earn collective eye rolls these days but not in this movie.
Uncut Gems follows Howard, jewelry store owner and problem gambler, whose addiction to making bets and making them big causes his life to spiral out of control.
If I could describe the film in two words it would be an adrenaline rush because that both perfectly encapsulates the ride Uncut Gems takes you on and also how the movie firmly puts you in the mindset of Sandler’s character.
Sandler lifts this movie up to another level with his performance, making you understand and even sympathize with Howard, even though in hindsight he is not a very likeable person.

Sandler got snubbed
Sandler definitely got snubbed at the Oscars. His performance is one of the best of the year, alongside Joaquin Phoenix in Joker and Adam Driver in Marriage Story.

He is not the only one giving a great performance, though, as Julia Fox, Lakeith Stanfield, Eric Bogosian, Keith Williams Richards, and even Kevin Garnett all do amazing jobs.
The film is also very well shot and conversations feel natural and hectic, applying to the adrenaline rush of the film.
A rush that culminates in an ending that literally made me shout out in shock.
This ending was perfect for the film and it also blew me away with how realistic it all felt.
Uncut Gems is another fantastic movie from 2019 that will hopefully begin a return to quality with the films Adam Sandler is in.

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