Rocketman Review: Taron Edgerton is Oscar Worthy as Elton John.

4 and a half stars
Another year, another biopic.
Only according to Rocketman‘s lead star, Taron Edgerton, the film is not a biopic but rather a “fantasy musical.”
Well, having seen Rocketman, directed by Dexter Fletcher, I can firmly say that it is indeed a biopic but one that is different from the rest because of this “fantasy musical” status.
Following the life of the singing legend Elton John, the film details his rise to fame, substance abuse and recovery in a way that feels fresh and new compared to other movies of the genre.
This is helped by a magnificent performance from Edgerton who, while not sounding quite like the singer he is portraying, is still fantastic, especially in his vocals.
It makes me wonder if another biopic could be up for a Best Actor award again?
Last time, Rami Malak won for Bohemian Rhapsody now it could be Edgerton’s time with Rocketman.

Elton devil costume.jpg
Taron Edgerton is amazing as Elton John, pulling off his dramatic musical side perfectly.

It is not just him though because every actor and performer does an amazing job here.
Jamie Bell is great as John’s long time friend and lyricist Bernie Taupin, and he has great chemistry with Edgerton with both perfectly portraying the two’s friendship.
However, The real scene stealer, alongside Edgerton, is Richard Madden in his sociopathic portrayal of John Reid.
It is interesting to see the difference in his portrayal from Bohemian Rhapsody because in that film he seems like a normal businessman, while in this one he is as an uncaring sociopath.

John Reid
Richard Madden is unlikable in a good way as the abusive and cruel John Reid.

Along with the acting, the musical numbers of Rocketman are also great, being very energetic and fantasy-like, which separates it from other films.
Whereas previous biopics have usually felt realistic in their use of music, Rocketman’s usage is more fantastical and shows both the good and dark side to Elton John.
Edgerton’s portrayal of him is very sympathetic, relating the loneliness and depression he faced despite his fame.

Rocketman pool.jpg
The fantasy elements of this film causes Elton John’s success and internal struggles to come across to the audience perfectly. 

This does unfortunately tread Rocketman in with the typical biopic tropes we have seen time and time again but, thankfully, the fantasy element keeps it from getting stale.
As a result, Rocketman feels fresh and engaging throughout, with its fantastic performances and musical numbers keeping the viewers both emotionally engaged and entertained.
I can honestly say this is my second favourite film of the year so far.

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