Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review.

3 and a half stars
Created by Akira Toryama, The Dragon Ball series is still going strong, decades after its initial conception.
Now, with the new series, Dragon Ball Super, recently coming to a close, a movie has been released as a continuation, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.
Directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, the film introduces the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly into the Super universe, retconning all of the prior films he has featured in.
The movie also retcons various other stories to suit the film, like that of Bardock, Goku’s father.
Picking up 41 years before the epic battle of the film, we see the new beginning of the series, with Broly being exiled, instead of almost killed, and his father, Paragus, following him.
Along with this, Dragon Ball Super: Broly also changes Bardock’s backstory, having him send Goku away to protect him, rather than Goku just being sent to conquer earth.
Personally, I do not really care for this retcon because it in no way affects the film.
On the other hand, I think Broly’s changed backstory is a great improvement for his character.
In the earlier films, Broly was a very one dimensional character with terrible motivation.
He literally wanted to kill Goku because he cried too loud when he was a baby.
In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, however, he is a well developed character who we actually sympathize with.

Broly is a very relatable character in this film. A stark contrast to prior ones where he was a one dimensional, but incredibly strong, idiot.

What also helps in this is the addition of two great side characters, Cheelai and Lemo, who come to care for Broly, causing us to relate to both him and them.
Moving past the backstory now and onto the main focus of the film, which is the battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly, it is very enjoyable with many intense sequences.
But, I still have problems with this fight, like the implementation of CGI, which does not always work.
Sometimes the regular animation looks a little off too.
Also the soundtrack during this fight could be really distracting at times, with it being someone annoyingly shouting the characters’ names.
Aside from this, the epic battle of the film is very enjoyable, mindless, fun.
The comedy that is implemented works as well and there is a lot of heart to some of the scenes, especially with the ending.
Overall, I would say that Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a very enjoyable film.
It may have a few problems, but the big fight sequence and the great changes to Broly’s character more than make up for them.

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