Ralph Breaks the Internet Review: Enjoyable but too many Advertisements.

3 stars
I love the first Wreck it Ralph but coming into the second film, Ralph Breaks the Internet, I had major concerns.
This came from the trailers, which revealed a focus on the internet and various sites and products available there especially those Disney related.
I was concerned that this film would just be an excuse to put in blatant product placement and we all know how a film which priorities that turns out (cough, cough The Emoji Movie). 
Thankfully, Ralph Breaks the Internet never stoops that low even though its product placement does get annoying.
Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnson, the film sees the titular Wreck it Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) travel to the internet to order a part for Vanellope’s game before it shuts down for good.
Shenanigans ensue as the two travel across the internet, with some great examples of humor.
Ralph Breaks the Internet has some truly fantastic inside jokes about the complications of the internet and even some great meta-humor with the Disney Princesses.
I thought they would feel forced into the story but they work great, delivering quite a few laughs.

Venellope and the princesses.jpg
The Disney Princess jokes are very funny, often highlighting the messed up side to these characters’ stories.

The film also has a few great emotional scenes too, like a surprisingly good song Vanellope sings about her new favourite game Slaughter Race.
Another part that delivers a lot of heart is how Ralph grows from his over reliance on Vanellope.
What does not deliver, however, is a sequence of jokes, where Ralph gets involved with the meme world of the internet, which fall flat on their face.
There is also a pretty big plot hole by the end concerning what happens to a virus.
Ultimately my main issue is that it feels like a big reason for making Ralph Breaks the Internet was to capitalize on advertisements and product placement.
This is not to say the movie is not good, as I said there are numerous funny and emotional scenes, but the feeling that these scenes are just used to distract from the constant advertisements of internet sites and Disney properties carries on across the film.
Still, the heart and good laughs the film provides does give it enough of an edge to save it for me.
Overall, I would say Ralph Breaks the Internet is an enjoyable film… although it probably should have been called Ralph Wrecks the Internet.

One thought on “Ralph Breaks the Internet Review: Enjoyable but too many Advertisements.

  1. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I completely agree with the sentiment that too many advertisements can negatively impact one’s enjoyment of a show/movie. And that when that happens, it can hurt the power of the marketing and product placement as much as the story itself.


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