BoJack Horseman Season Three: “We’re Just Tiny Specks That Will One Day be Forgotten.”

4 and a half stars
The tragic life of BoJack Horseman continues in season three, which is my favourite season of the series so far.
It all kicks off with BoJack touring to receive an Oscar nomination and, from there, the show continues to lay out its themes of depression and destructive behavior in both meaningful and tragic ways.
The season was not all sad, though, because there are a few uplifting episodes like “Fish Out Of Water”, which add some feel-good moments to the show.
However, when this season gets depressing, boy does it hit you hard.
This is because season three primarily deals with how BoJack’s self-destructive personality affects those around him like Princess Carolyn and Sarah-Lynn (Kristen Schaal).
This all leads into the final few episodes, which deliver an emotional powerhouse of an ending.

BoJack and Sarah Lynn
The final two episodes of BoJack Horseman season three are real tearjerkers.

The title to episode eleven “That’s Too Much Man!” was an accurate one because the ending to this episode actually had me crying.
Seriously, now everye time I hear someone say they want to be an architect I will probably get depressed as BoJack.
Then there was the ending to the final episode of the season, “That Went Well”, which looked to be going full speed ahead towards a dark and depressing end to the season before concluding on a somewhat hopeful and reflective note, just like the end of season one.
This all came together to deliver an emotional ending to a great season.
Along with this, the comedy aspects of the show is also done well but, once again, it is the emotional gut punches that make BoJack Horseman such a great show.
Season three of BoJack Horseman was the best season so far because of its fantastically delivered emotional moments and I cannot wait to watch season four because I have heard its just as emotionally powerful.

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