A Star is Born: Great Music, Depressing Movie.

4 and a half stars
Musicals are not really my thing usually, but A Star is Born has been getting some great reviews with some calling it one of the best films of the year so I decided to go.
To my surprise I found the film to be more like a romantic drama that just happened to have music in it and, while that is not necessarily my thing either, I had a blast with it.
Directed by and starring Bradley Cooper, A Star is Born follows the relationship between his character, alcoholic country singer Jackson Maine, and Ally, played by Lady Gaga, a struggling singer and song-writer who rises to fame with Jackson’s help.
The film features the incredibly high ups and incredibly low downs of their relationship, with both Cooper and Gaga giving fantastic performances.
Lady Gaga especially surprised me, joining an increasingly long list of singers who can act as well.
I think both of them will be ones to watch out for at the Oscars.
Their music is also just as powerful, with the first song they sing together on stage leaving me grinning from ear to ear.

The first time Gaga and Cooper sing together is the most inspirational moment of the film. Enjoy it while it lasts though because after this things quickly get super depressing.

However, it is not all smiles though because A Star is Born goes to some very dark places, especially near the end of the film.
This is once again driven home by the knock-out performances of not just Cooper and Gaga but others as well like Sam Elliot, who plays Bobby, the brother and manager of Jackson.
There is so much emotion in this film that it is difficult not to cry at and probably the only reason I successfully managed to avoid this happening to me was because I had been spoiled on what would happen.
So try to go into this film knowing nothing because it will really benefit the experience.
There were a few moments in the film, however, that came across like they were put in just for fan service, rather than trying to say something.
Other than this and a few other scenes though, A Star is Born was a fantastic remake.
I have not seen the film it is based on but I can tell just from watching the film that they knocked it out of the park.

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