Spider-Man PS4: As Good a Movie as it is a Game.

4 and a half stars
Coming into Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, I did not expect to like the story as much or more than the gameplay but that is exactly what happened.
This is because Spider-Man is not only the best game about the titular web swinger but one of the best movies about him as well.
If you were to just watch the cut scenes and not play the game it would be just as satisfying with its gripping and emotional story.
Developed by Insomniac Games, The game has, in my opinion, the best portrayal of Peter Parker (Yuri Lowenthal) and Mary Jane Watson (Laura Bailey) ever put to screen.
Even better than the ones in all the movie adaptations.

parker and mj
Lowenthal and Bailey are both fantastic in their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane with great chemistry to boot.

The basic story sees an older Peter struggling to keep his life as Spider-Man and Peter Parker separate as he works as a scientist, while trying to save New York from a series of villains old, new and familiar.
One thing that really surprised me about the story was how emotionally investing it was.
I did not expect to cry in a Spider-Man game and yet I did here.
The gameplay is fantastic as well, with the swinging mechanics being the true standout.
The game gives you the option to fast travel but I can guarantee that you will barely use it based on how fun it is to swing around New York.
Speaking of, the Big Apple itself is a fully realised open world that really feels alive with its structure, NPCs and numerous side missions, most of which are pretty good.
The fighting mechanics are also very enjoyable, being reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games but with a few tweaks unique to Spider-Man.

gameplay spiderman
The fighting and stealth mechanics in Spiderman are great with the various webbing attacking being a standout.

The game gives you numerous gadgets and suits to help in these fights, which can be upgraded in a good use of the system.
This all leads to some fun boss fights, especially during the last act of the game.
There are a few quick time events here and there but these are spaced out and do not break the flow of the gameplay.
A few criticisms I have of the gameplay though is that sometimes the camera did not work too well in the fight sequences and there were a few minor glitches.
As for the story, the only problems I had with that was that the characters seemed to take things like their friends becoming super villains a little too well.
Otherwise, Spider-Man is an amazing game with both a fantastic story and gameplay.
It sets up a sequel as well and I hope we get it.

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