Disenchantment, Season One review: meh.

3 stars

Matt Groening has returned with his latest animated sitcom Disenchantment, which parodies various fantasy movies and shows.
Set in the magical world of Dreamland, the series follows the adventures of Princess Tiabeanie, otherwise known as Bean (Abbi Jacobson), and her friends, Elfo the, well… elf (Nat Faxon), and Luci the demon (Eric Andre).
Coming in to Disenchantment I was expecting it to feel a lot like Futurama but in a fantasy setting instead of a sci-fi one and that is certainly what I got.
However, this does not mean the show was great or anything.
It has been a couple of days since I finished watching Disenchantment and I honestly do not think I will remember any specifics about it in a week or so.
That does not mean I am saying the show is bad because I do remember chuckling at about half of the jokes.
What I am saying, however, is that Disenchantment is an average show that is pretty forgettable, for the most part.
The characters are nothing special, with Bean being a stereotypical drunk and Luci having almost no character other than being a complete jerk.
Elfo is probably the only one of the trio that I found myself liking but even he had his annoying moments.

disenchantment trio
Although I did enjoy this trio’s antics, Elfo was the only one among them I actually liked.

The best character of the show would have to Bean’s father King Zog (John DiMaggio) who, although not a good person, did have plenty of funny moments.
Speaking of which, some of the comedy really did work in Disenchantment,
my favourite of which being a meta joke that stated how the magic of the show worked was not very clear.
However, while I did get a few chuckles out of it the humor never had me roaring with laughter or anything like that.
The story structure is also pretty clumsy, with a few plot points sticking out like a sour thumb, the worst of which would have to be in the final episode for me.
In the ninth episode there was actually a good twist but they followed this up in the final, tenth episode with one of the most obvious twists I have ever seen.
I was literally screaming at the screen for the show to get on with it and reveal the twist because I had called what it was as soon as it had been set up.

episode ten Bean.jpg
The final episode’s big twist is incredibly obvious and dragged down the episode with how drawn out it is until the reveal.

But by far the worst aspect of Disenchantment for me, had to be with its animation and sound design.
The sound design is particularly abysmal with sounds like footsteps, doors slamming and fighting being completely left out sometimes, drawing me out of the moment.
As for the animation, it was not bad but it did often feel like there was something off about it and there were plenty of clunky moments, one of which produced the most off-putting moment of the show, for me.
This came in the first episode when Elfo is eating dinner with a group of people he met.
The animation of Elfo eating is so clunky and terrible that I had to rewatch it three times to make sure I was seeing it correctly.
I know it may seem nit-picky to criticize the animation of a character eating food but just watch the scene and you will know what I mean.
It must seem like I am bagging on Disenchantment a lot, but, once again, I will state that it is not a bad show.
It does have some funny moments, one decent twist and a few likeable characters that save it.
However, I probably will have forgotten about this show in a while.
Give it a watch but do not expect anything special.


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