Attack on Titan Season Three Trailer: Thoughts

The Attack on Titan season three trailer is finally here!
Attack on Titan has quickly become my favourite anime and I have eagerly been anticipating any news about the third season so I was thrilled to learn about this trailer.
Before I get into specific details about what I loved about this trailer though, I have to say, the animation for this season looks absolutely stunning.
I was in awe from just watching the trailer.
Now for the interesting things, which for starters was our first look at a new character, named Kenny, who has a connection with Levi.
I have been spoiled on who Kenny is to Levi but I am not going to ruin it for you.
Season three looks to cover the Uprising Arc from the manga, which I have heard is very different from the rest of the series because it is more political and deals with human threats rather than Titans.
From the look of the trailer, this appears to be true, with numerous instances of human battles, including an epic shot where Levi slices right through two people with a look of absolute rage on his face.
If this trailer has had made anything apparent it is that Levi is going to be very important this season, which is great because I really want to see why people love him to the extent that they do.
It also looks like Historia will be important this season as well because, for some reason, it appears Kenny’s group wants both her and Eren handed over to them.
Historia really grew on me last season so I am glad to see her get more development and it looks like she will also be hanging out with Eren a bit.
Speaking of Eren, did anyone else think his Titan form looked a little strange in the trailer?
Eren’s titan form looks a lot skinnier here, especially in the arms, to the point that I wondered if it was a different Titan for a few moments.
Who knows, maybe it is just a redesign?
Also if you look at one particular shot of Eren’s Titan form, it looks like someone is hanging onto his back while Eren tries to shake him off, which is interesting.
We got a few shots of Hange and Pastor Nick, Mikasa beating up some guys, and another new character who is sitting on a throne.
If I were to take a guess I would say this is the king, since it was established in the first season that there was some sort of monarch.
The one who really takes the spotlight in this trailer though, is Levi, with the trailer ending when he screams Kenny’s name in fury.
Overall, this trailer was great and has me very excited for season three.
Hopefully I will not get spoiled any more than I already have about events that are to come.
Unfortunately though, many surprises in season three, including character deaths, may not thrill me as much because I have already been spoiled about it.
Still, this does not change the fact that I am excited and cannot wait to see what season three holds for the future of Attack on Titan.

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