Bright: a fun yet flawed film.

3 stars
Netflix’s most expensive film yet, Bright has one of the most unique plots I have seen in a while.
It is set in a world where fantasy creatures like Orcs and Elves co-exist with humans but live in different social classes.
The Elves are the upper class, the human the middle and Orc the lower.
The film centers around human LAPD officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) and his partner Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), the first Orc police officer, who discover a magic wand, which they must protect from evil forces.
Since this movie is directed by David Ayer, who directed Suicide Squad and the movie seemed to have a similar feel by looking at the trailers, I expected the movie to be nothing more than fun garbage.
And it was… only without the garbage.
The best thing about Bright is the chemistry between Smith and Edgerton.
Will Smith in this movie is, well, Will Smith.
I honestly have not been able to differentiate between Smith and his characters for many of his films but Smith’s charisma makes up for it.
Then there’s Edgerton, who is the standout character of this film.
He is by far the most relatable and I could not help but root for him.

joel edgerton
Joel Edgerton’s Jakoby is the best character in the movie.

Also the make up effects to have Edgerton look like an Orc was very well done.
Seeing these two characters grow, especially Edgerton’s, throughout the film was great to watch.
The action is also pretty good and it will keep you entertained.
There was a really good slow motion sequence that was one of my favourite moments.
However, this is where my positives with the film end.
While I did love the concept of a modern day fantasy world, the ideas this world presented are half baked.
Then there are the characters who, aside from Ward and Jakoby, are incredibly one dimensional.
I cannot event remember the name of the elf character who Ward and Jakoby bring with them because she was so forgettable.
Then there is the villain who is right up there with Steppenwolf from Justice League in levels of a weak villain.
The only two other characters who were remotely interesting were a disabled gangster and the government agent elf sent to retrieve the wand but these two do not get enough screen time to flourish.

elf fbi
Edgar Ramirez as Kandomere, one of the few interesting characters in the film.

Also the climax of the movie is incredibly predictable.
I knew it was coming a full half hour before it happened.
So overall, this movie is a mixed bag.
Smith and Edgerton are great and the action is enjoyable.
But, on the other hand, the rest of the characters are completely forgettable, the idea and themes are half baked and do not come across well and the climax is predictable.
If they do make a sequel, which I find unlikely now since the movie is being slammed by critics, I hope they follow through on the ideas set up here a lot better.
Still, the movie is fun and I would encourage you to watch it.
Just do not expect anything special and you will have fun.

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