Justice League is a “just” mess

The DC Cinematic Universe has been on the rocks for quite some time.
First there was Man of Steel, which was overall very forgettable, followed by the disjointed disappointment that was Batman V Superman.
Then there was Suicide Squad, which was a gigantic mess but is kind of a guilty pleasure for me.
Finally, there was Wonder Woman, which seemed to set the DC cinematic universe on the right track.
Now we have Justice League, which was supposed to be DC’s version of The Avengers and continue what Wonder Woman started, by continuing the DC Cinematic Universe’s greatness.
So, did Justice League manage to achieve this?
Well, in my opinion, no.
I actually think that Justice League is just as bad as Batman V Superman.
It might fix a lot of the problems seen in Batman V Superman but it generates entirely news ones that make the film just as bad.
First, let’s talk about what the movie did right, the characters.
In Batman V Superman the characters were all complete hypocrites so it was very hard to root for them, however, in Justice League this is completely fixed.
Batman no longer comes across as the hypocrite he was in Batman V Superman and neither do the other characters.
Speaking of which, I was afraid that the new characters Flash (played by Ezra Miller), Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher), would not stand out, due to them no appearing in their own film before Justice League.
However, thankfully I was wrong about this because these characters are all given their time to shine, especially Cyborg.
Ray Fisher did an excellent job playing him because Cyborg was by far the best character in the movie, although he was almost completely CG but we will get to that later.
All of the cast portraying members of the Justice League are great and their chemistry is very well developed.
By far, the best scenes in the movie are when they are talking or arguing and trying to figure out how they work as a team.
Also, some of the action was really well done.
My favourite action set piece was a fight between the Flash and someone else who can move at super speed (I will let you guess who that is).
A lot of the jokes are also really funny.
I particularly liked a joke to do with Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, which left the audience roaring with laughter.
However, this is where the positives end for me.
Where to begin with the mess that follows?
Let’s start with the story, which feels rushed.
It felt like at least several key scenes were missing.
This is probably because the studio cut down its run time to two hours.
This was a bad move on their part because the movie feels kind of disjointed because of it.
We can see that many shots and scenes from the trailers are gone, probably because of the cut run time.
If this movie had been at least 30 minutes longer it would have felt less disjointed and, maybe, I would have liked it more.
An increased run time could also have helped improve the film’s villain Steppenwolf (played by Ciaran Hinds).
Speaking of which, Steppenwolf is one of the most boring movie villains of the decade.
In my Thor: Ragnarok review, I criticized Hella for being a bland villain but, compared to Steppenwolf, she looks like Darth Vader.
Steppenwolf’s motivations are boring, he just wants to take over earth for evil reasons that are never fully developed.
He is completely forgettable, no joke, I actually kept forgetting he was in the movie until he had a scene and he looks like a video game character, due to the atrocious CGI.
And I wish I could say the atrocious CGI only affected Steppenwolf but, unfortunately, I cannot because the truth is this movie looks like a video game.
Had Justice League actually been a video game, I would be praising it for its visuals but for a big budget movie, this CGI is awful.
If it looks like a video game I’m not going to believe its actually there.
The CGI is not awful all the time though, because there are some times where it works, like when the Flash is running at super speed and with Cyborg, however the good far out ways the bad.
The worst case of CGI is in the final battle where, when fighting Steppenwolf, even members of the Justice League are CG.
This ruins the entire fight.
But, arguably the worst part of Justice League is that there is never a feeling of impending doom.
We are lead to believe that Steppenwolf’s invasion of earth is world ending but it never really feels like that for two reasons.
One, of course, is Steppenwolf himself ,who never comes across as an actual threat but just a bland, boring villain as I said earlier.
The second reason is that we do not see how the world is reacting to these events.
Say what you want about Batman V Superman but at least we saw how the world was reacting to what was happening.
We got to see what they thought of Superman and then his eventual sacrifice.
In Justice League however, no one really reacts to Steppenwolf invading earth.
When he and his forces invade a small Russian town no one reacts to it.
We do not see the world panic because of the alien invasion and we barely see how the people in the town are dealing with it.
The movie focuses on one family in this town and no one else.
Because of this it only feels like the family is in danger, not everyone in the town, or the world for that matter.
Worst of all, we do not even see how the world reacts to the Justice League.
I know I’ll probably be accused of being a Marvel fanboy for saying this but in The Avengers we got to see what the world thought of a team of superheroes.
At the end of The Avengers we see their reactions, through news reports, some praising, some condemning the heroes and it gives us a sense of the impact The Avengers have left on the world.
However, in Justice League, there is no such scene so we get no insight into the impact the Justice League has had and what the world thinks of them.
Justice League is a mess.
It may fix some of the problems from Batman V Superman, like the characters but there are still more problems that make it just as bad.
I now have no further anticipation for any film from the DC Cinematic Universe because of this… well, except for Wonder Woman 2 and Suicide Squad 2 (as I said, guilty pleasure!).



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