The Incredibles 2: Inventive Action Sequences and Great Character Moments.

4 and a half stars
The Incredibles
is probably my favourite animated movie of all time because of its fantastic appeal for both kids and adults, presenting a superhero story that had a great family drama at its heart.
Now, 14 years later, the sequel has finally been released.
Once again directed by Brad Bird, The Incredibles 2 picks right up from where the first film left off with the superhero Parr family attempting to stop on an attack by the super villain The Underminer.
However, this gets them into trouble because superheroes are still illegal but then a billionaire named Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) provides a way to make superheroes legal with the help of Helen/Elastigirl (Holly Hunter).
I was a little concerned coming into The Incredibles 2 that, after the 14 year hiatus, the film would struggle to capture the feeling of the first film but, thankfully, this was not the case.
Although I do think the original is better, The Incredibles 2 is still a great follow up that blends the family drama excellently with its super hero story.
The standouts of this movie were by far Elastigirl and her son Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile) who had many great scenes, with Elastigirl taking part in a very inventive action sequence involving a train.

Elastigirl was one of the standout characters of the film with great action sequences to boot. 

However, this does lead into my one problem with the film, which is its portrayal of some of the Incredibles.
In the first film it felt like every member of the Parr family had a chance to shine but unfortunately, due to the focus on Elastigirl and Jack-Jack, it felt like some of the other family members did not have much to do, especially Dash (Huck Milner).
Even though I did have a problem with this, the characters who the film did focus on were done very well.
The comedy of the film was also well delivered but even more so the action.
Along with the train sequence there were many other well choreographed action sequences that actually greatly improved on the original.
There is a new character in this film named Voyd (Sophia Bush) whose superpower Bird really had fun with by creating various ways for her to use it in the action sequences.
The family drama moments with Bob/Mr Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) staying home to watch the kids also led to some funny scenes like how he tried to fix his daughter Violet’s (Sarah Vowell) relationship with her boyfriend.
Both the action and family drama scenes were done very well and blended together seamlessly.   
One thing I have heard people criticizing about The Incredibles 2 was that its villain, The Screenslaver, was one dimensional but I honestly did not find this to be the case.
While not as great of a villain as Syndrome from the last movie, The Screenslaver was an interesting one due to the motivation for what they were doing and their inventive way of committing crimes.

Some say that Screenslaver was one dimensional but I disagree as I did find them to be a good villain.

Overall, The Incredibles 2 is a very fun film with a seamless blend of action and family drama that offers even better action sequences than the first and some great character focus.
I would not be opposed to seeing a third one but if there is let’s just hope it does not take another 14 years to come out.