The Walking Dead delivers a shocking twist with its latest Issue.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Issue 175.

4 and a half stars
Well, that just happened.
After much anticipation, in Issue 175 of The Walking Dead, we finally got to meet the members of the Commonwealth community.
Naturally, everything did not go according to plan, with the group being held at gunpoint at the end of Issue 173.
Two Issues later we see how these events play out with the group meeting representative of The Commonwealth Lance Hornsby, Negan’s skinny twin brother (I am kidding about that last part).
Lance seems like an interesting character and is not afraid to threaten violence, although this comes across more as being cautious than anything else.
Watching the confrontation between Lance and Eugene was very interesting because both had valid reasons for mistrusting each other.
Lance did not trust Eugene’s group because of the danger they posed and Eugene did not trust Lance because Stephanie was mysteriously absent from the meeting.
It will be interesting to see how this mistrust plays out in future Issues, especially with the huge twist we just got.
I think this may be the best twist The Walking Dead has given us because it is revealed at the end of the Issue that one of Michonne’s daughters is alive and living in The Commonwealth.

Michonne reveal
Michonne sees a note from her daughter, revealing she is alive.

Michonne mentioned her daughters all the way back in Issue 139 so to see it come up again like this was great.
I can only imagine what the future holds for Michonne and the Commonwealth storyline.
And, what’s more, I actually think we may have already seen what a member of Michonne’s family looks like.
In Issue 139 Michonne says her children were in the care of her ex-husband.
What if her ex-husband is alive and is the Officer Mercer we see on the recently released cover of Issue 177?

Officer Mercer
Officer Mercer on the cover of Issue 177. Could he be Michonne’s ex-husband?

That would also be an interesting twist and give Michonne even bigger involvement in the story going forward.
Issue 175 was a great issue that did a good job of introducing us to some of the people of The Commonwealth.
I cannot wait to see what happens next, especially after that great twist.