Choujin X, Chapter Seven, Broiler Review: Where Does the Story go From Here?

In the previous chapter of Choujin X, the cliffhanger was of Tokio about to use his Full Bestifaction transformation for the first time.
There was quite a lot of speculation about what he would look like but the general consensus was that it would be something like the very first panel of the story.
As opposed to that, what Tokio transforms into appears to be a different variant from his initial Choujin transformation at the end of chapter one, only much stronger.
Chapter Seven of Choujin X, Broiler, centers around the aftermath of Tokio’s first transformation, with him using this power to take on the Snake Choujin Nari with Ely in what is both a well drawn and quite funny battle.
The first gag comes right after Tokio deals a good blow to Nari and lunges at her again, naturally assuming that his second punch will have the same effect… only for him to injure his hand in the process, forcing Ely to temporarily take over, but her smoke attacks have no effect.
She is saved by Tokio, who jumps in to save her from getting crushed by Nari and appears to temporarily float, making me wonder if Tokio could grow wings like an actual vulture later on.
He is inexperienced with his beastification form, after all, so there are a lot of areas he could grow in.
Back to the chapter, Ely convinces Tokio that it would be better to fight rather than flee, and Tokio suggests broiling Nari from the inside, hence the same of the chapter.
Running right at her, Tokio has a pretty cool moment for him as he takes on the Snake Choujin with some quips, saying that if she’s still testing him then she should give him his score.
Well, I would think she should score him pretty highly considering how easily he gets the best of her, grabbing a hold of her Medusa hair to fling himself to her mouth and then yank it open, yelling at Ely to broil her.
It was a good plan, if it wasn’t complicated by the fantastic comedic gag of both Tokio and Ely’s powers failing at the exact same time.
Thankfully, the two are saved by a Choujin with incredibly powerful knife powers arriving on the scene.
It’s not clear if this Choujin is a man or woman yet but they make an intimidating first impression as they march towards the badly wounded Nari, telling her they intend her to tell them everything about who hired her.
This knife Choujin user also seems like a very official person, used to rules and regulations, unlike Hoshi, who seemed quite a bit like a super hero when he was introduced back in chapter two.
It will be interesting to see if there could be some conflict between the two.
After capturing Nari and lecturing Ely about escaping from her teacher Monoma, who I assume is the woman Ely was wirth at the beginning of last chapter, the knife choujin then demands to know who Tokio is.
Tokio, however, can only get out his last name before he remembers he has been poisoned by Nari, only being able to say “the ven-” before collapsing.
This causes Ely to think his name is Zaven Kurohara, although I’ve been informed that a more accurate translation may be Dokuga Kurohara, but it’s only one person who I’ve seen say that.
We then get a quick look at a Choujin facility Tokio has been taken to following the battle with Nari, which has a flag with three arrows, possibly refrencing an earlier moment in the chapter when Tokio brought up a story about three arrows before being cut off by Ely.
Waking up, Tokio deleriously shouts that he has to go to school in an exaggerated panel.
Being met by Hoshi, the Choujin explains that they gave Tokio some serumn to deal with the poison and that the Choujin facility he is at is called Yamato Mori, then offering Tokio some apples.
Tokio narrates that this is the sweetest apple has ever tasted while Ely and supposedly Monoma, whose face is still hidden, sneak a peak from outside, brining an end to the chapter.
Broiler is another good chapter for Choujin X, with some great action and especially funny moments.
The question is, where does the story go from here?
Well, I think Sui Ishida has perfectly crafted a situation where Tokio could begin to live a double life.
The Choujins now think his name is Zaven Kurohara, so this could allow him to go back to being Tokio Kurohara at times, without his family figuring out he is a Choujin.
This would make Azuma only person from his true life who knows he is a Choujin , however this could have plenty of unforseen consequences for Tokio.
Many have speculated about Azuma’s potential darker side, which could become more apparent as Tokio begins to move further away from him.
Tokio may state how much he wants to be like Azuma at the beginning of Broiler but by taking action without relying on him he has already taken his first step to seperating from him.
This could eventually push Azuma into the clutches of the masked Choujin who sent Nari after Tokio.
Think of it as a darker version of the friendship between Kaneki and Hide from Tokyo Ghoul. 
Other than these predictions, though, I’m fairly clueless about where the story is going to go from here on out, so it will be interesting to see what Ishida has planned for subsequent chapters.