Chainsaw Man Chapter 107, School Attack Review: Hello and Goodbye Devil Hunter Club.

Chainsaw Man has been on a roll recently, with Mappa releasing a new episode every week and Tatsuki Fujimoto now releasing a chapter every week.
Well, this week we got Chapter 107, “School Attack”, which continues the fight between Yoru and Yuko, AKA the Justice Devil.
If the school shooter allegory was not clear last chapter then the title “School Attack” definitley clears that up.
Fujimoto does not seem to be putting any problematic messages into this storyline, though, so it is working out.
The chapter begins with Yoru and Yuko fighting, which goes poorly for Yoru at first, as the Justice Devil easily knocks her into a classroom before fleeing to kill Asa’s bullies.
I will say, I did find some of this action to be a bit difficult to follow, although maybe that was just me.
After reading the chapter a few times, however, I did eventually manage to figure out what had happened.
Seeing the Justice Devil passing, the teacher presses an alarm, which sends a schoolwide warning about the devil attack.
This is another good case of worldbuilding, which shows just how widespread devil attacks are in this world, considering that the school has a built in warning system for it.
The class with Asa’s bullies begin evacuating, wondering if it is a drill, only for Yuko to pop around the corner and respond, “this is not a drill.”
Her response is actually pretty funny in a morbid sort of way.
Yuko then begins to systematically take out the girls who bullied Asa.
Yoru attempts to fight her, using Asa’s pencils as weapons but this is not enough.
However, Yoru unexpectedly receives backup in the form of the school Devil Hunters Club, consisting of a brawler named Seigi Akoku, the crossbow weilding Furio, and an unnamed girl with a sword, who looks quite similar to the whip devil girl Makima controlled in the final arc of Part One.
It will be interesting to see if this is the same girl or if it is just a case of characters looking similar, just like how Yuko looks similar to Kusakabe yet apparently has no relation to him.
What will be more interesting, though, is seeing if any of the Devil Hunters actually survive their fight with Yuko because, as soon as they gang up on her, Yuko sees them as bullies so begins to attack them at full strength.
Seigi loses an eye, Furio is impaled, and the unnamed girl is knocked out a window.
So long as Seigi and the unnamed girl remained unharmed next chapter, I would say there is a good chance of them becoming important characters later.
As for Furio, I would be very surprised if he survived this, considering he just got impaled.
One intriguing thing to note is that when Yuko is attacked by the Devil Hunter Club, she uses the word “again.”
I wonder if this was a mistranslation or if the Justice Devil has some kind of history with the Devil Hunter Club?
In any case, after mortally wounding the school Devil Hunters, Yuko warns Yoru to keep out of the fight, reading her mind to point out every single plan and trap she has.
Yoru then decides to go for her last resort, the “leave it all to Asa” plan.
She then allows Asa to take back control.
Yuko is glad to see Asa but, after reading her mind, is apparently horrified by Asa’s plan, saying that she absolutley cannot do that, bringing an end to the chapter.
As for what Asa’s plan is, I have no idea at this point.
What will be interesting, though, is to see if Denji or Yoshida get involved in this fight later.
I have seen speculation that Denji will kill Yuko, making Asa hate him, causing her to fully side with Yoru in her quest to kill Chainsaw Man.
Whether this happens or not, I once again am not hopeful for Yuko’s fate.
She seems too far gone at this point so her death is likely.
As for the school Devil Hunters, their fates are less certain.
Chapter 107, “School Attack” is yet another good chapter of Chainsaw Man.
With Fujimoto now releasing chapters week to week, we can now look forward to receiving a chapter alongside an episode every week on the same day.