Berserk Chapters 368, Devourers Review: A Punch in the Guts (Pun Intended).

On May 6, 2021, mangaka Kentaro Miura, the beloved author of Berserk, passed away.
Along with the mourning for his passing, there were also many questions about the future of his iconic story.
Would it end with Miura, or be finished by another?
Whatever was going to happen, many did rightfully conclude that Miura’s wishes had to be respected.
After many months of wondering, it was announced that Miura’s longtime friend Kouji Mori, and Studio Gaga would be continuing his legendary work.
Personally, given that Mori was a close friend of Miura for over 40 years, I believe that Miura is being respected with this continuation and the chapters we have been gifted with since Berserk started again have proved that to me.
Sure, the art does not exactly match Miura’s amazing style completley but did any of us expect it to?
It was clear there would be some differences between Miura’s Berserk and Mori and Studio Gaga’s continuation of it.
Still, some of the differences did leave me a bit concerned, most notably Guts’ lack of dialogue in the past few chapters after Griffith reappeared.
It kind of felt like Mori and Studio Gaga were playing it safe by having Guts only yell, maybe because they’re still trying to figure out how to write him.
On the other hand, I could be misinterpreting this and Guts only screaming at Griffith could be because of his murderous rage directed towards, which is certainly justified.
Either way, I cannot deny that the most recent chapter of Berserk, Chapter 368, “Devourers”, is the first chapter in the manga’s continuation that has truly wowed me the way Miura’s Berserk did.
“Devourers” begins with Guts in the chasm he fell into in the previous chapter, now surrounded by countless of the restless spirits that appeared in the Conviction Arc, which is really bad news for Elfhelm.
The chapter then continues by showing how the other central characters are dealing with these spirits.
Isidro, Serpico, Isma and Danan are surrounded but rescued by the Skull Knight, with Isidro deciding to fight beside him, despite the Skull Knight’s insistance, which is definitley not the best idea.
Yet, Skull Knight does ponder that man’s will to resist may also be a part of fate so that could be a good sign.
Meanwhile, we finally get our first look at Roderick in the continuation, who is preparing to evacuate Elfhelm because the mermaids warned him of the incoming disaster.
Magnifco, however, wants to stay and honestly I would not really mind that because I find him to be pretty insufferable, so he would be no loss.
Before anything can happen, however, the spirits converge on their location and brutally consume some of Roderick’s men, ripping the skin off their bones.
Roderick and his men are then surrounded but his main concern is Farnese, who last we saw was with Schierke, near Guts, when the ground caved in.
I hope this is not hinting at Roderick getting a heroic sacrifice to save Farnese because it would be a shame to lose him.
We then cut back to Guts in the chasm and it is here that the moment which truly wowed me like the classic Berserk occurs.
Before Guts can deal with the spirits around him, he looks up and sees Guts carrying Casca away on Nosferatu Zodd.
All Guts can do is look on in horror and despair as the woman he loves is kidnapped by the man who betrayed them.
What makes it worse is Griffith’s hand is on Casca’s breast when he is taking her away, a detail that I am sure was intentional by Kori and Studio Gaga.
I am not saying that Griffith will assault Casca again (god, I hope not) but it certainly brings that disturbing image to both the reader and Guts’ minds.
It made me feel absolutley devestated for the both of them and it feels just like Miura would have written it.
It honestly would not surprise me if Miura had made specific notes about this scene, that is how good it is.
As for why Griffith is kidnapping Casca, I think it’s pretty clear that he does not want to be drawn away from his kingdom when he transforms into the Moonlight Boy, so has taken her to prevent that.
Unfortunately for him, this will once again put his fate on a direct collision course with Guts, as he and his friends go to rescue her.
However, I do hope that Casca’s kidnapping does not rob her of her recently returned agency.
It will be extremely traumatising for her to be in Griffith’s presense but I have my fingers crossed this will not make her a damsel in distress just there to be rescued.
Give her a big moment where she stands against Griffith, please.
Back to Chapter 368, after the impactful moment of Casca’s kidnapping, we get the ending cliffhanger, which sees Puck witness the ground around the Spirit Tree begin to collapse.
I hope Puck being one of the focuses in the cliffhanger points to him having a bigger role going forward because, in my opinion, he has become a caricature of his former self in the last 100 chapters or so.
As for the Spirit Tree being about to fall, this points to the end of Elfhelm itself.
It’s just a matter of how many characters will survive it, before Guts begins what will probably be his final journey to save Casca and kill Griffith.
Overall, “Devourers” was a fantastic chapter of Berserk, and the first one from Kori and Studio Gaga to have a moment that devestated me like in Miura’s writing.
That moment of horror when Guts sees Casca being carried away by Griffith will stick with me for a while.

Berserk Chapter 364, A Tear Like Morning Dew Review: The Final Chapter(?).

When I first read Kentaro Miura’s Berserk and reached Chapter 363, I remember excitedly going to read the next chapter, only to realise it was the last one released before Miura’s tragic passing.
I was sad to see that I and many other fans would not know how Miura intended to continue the story, especially after the cliffhanger of the Moonlight Boy meeting Guts again.
This is why I was very excited to hear that there was one final chapter Miura completed that would be released, Chapter 364, “A Tear Like Morning Dew.”
After eagerly anticipating the chapter for a while, I finally read it and am pleased to say that what may be the final chapter of Berserk we ever get did not disappoint.
Picking up from the end of the previous chapter, “A Tear Like Morning Dew” begins with the first of many father and son antics, with the Moonlight Boy instantly climbing atop Guts’ Berserker Armour to rest on his head.
Guts brings him inside so he can be with Casca and what follows is a humorous sequence where Schierke mistakes the child for a disguised Danann.
The face she pulls when she realises she was wrong is so comically out of place with the rest of Miura’s artwork that it heightens the comedy of the moment.
After this scene, we get our reunion between Casca and the Moonlight Boy, only now Casca has all of her memories.
The connection between the two is obvious and Danann quickly picks up on it, along with the boy’s connection to Guts.
The following panel of Guts sitting outside while everyone reunites with the Moonlight Boy is both beautifully drawn and also highlights his purposeful distance from Casca, due to her trauma, as illustrated by the bottom panel of Casca lying in bed with the Moonlight Boy, seperated from Guts.
Once this distance is illustrated, we get many more wholesome moments between the seperate parents and their child, as Casca continues to bond with him while Guts trains.
This training does not last though because the Moonlight Boy quickly interrupts, sneaking into Guts’ Berserker Armour in a downright adorable moment.
After helping the boy out of the armour, Guts then leads him back to Casca, telling him to go be with them, once again keeping a respectful distance from Casca.
Their relationship is truly tragic and it is a sad thing we may never know how it ends for them.
Even sadder is the scene that follows, the final scene of this potential final chapter, which serves to punch us all in the gut.
This is Berserk after all, so we all knew there just had to be a catch to the numerous wholesome scenes with the Moonlight Boy in this chapter.
Turns out that catch is the brutal confirmation of the theory that the Moonlight Boy and Griffith are connected.
As Casca has a dream remembering her connection with her mutilated ghost baby and how this saved her during the Conviction Arc, she seems to awaken with a realization and runs outside to see Guts standing before the Moonlight Boy.
The child begins to speak, however, as he does so, their body begins to change.
“I had a dream. Under the fool moon, I was a child embraced by a nostalgic warmth. But when I wake from the dream, only a vague sense of longing remains… that too, will soon disappear… with a single tear like morning dew.”
With these fittingly poetic lines, the speaker turns, revealing the Moonlight Boy to have transformed into a Griffith, tears spilling from his eyes, bringing the chapter and potentially the story of Berserk to a close.
This was a fantastic chapter, full of both wholesome moments and gut punches.
If it really is the final chapter of Berserk, then I think it is a fitting one.
Is it frustrating for it to end on such a massive cliffhanger?
Certainly, however, it is important to take into account whether this story should continue without Miura’s guidance.
What were his wishes concerning the future of the story in case of his passing, if he had any, and will anyone be able to take over the story until its conclusion?
It is not unheard of.
For example, Brandon Sanderson took over the Wheel of Time after Robert Jordan’s unfortunate passing due to a terminal illness.
Maybe there is someone who could take over Berserk and end it for Muira.
Again, though, Muira’s wishes do need to be considered here first and foremost.
He is the creator of Berserk and his wishes for his series should be respected.
Whether this magnificent story ends here or continues, “A Tear Like Morning Dew,” is yet another brilliant Berserk chapter and Muira deserves all the thanks for gifting this great story that has influenced so many other creators.